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Would You Perhaps Be Interested In A Different GX80/85 Colour Profile???

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OK So for anyone wanting to try this, I have made a really simple method to do it. I have tested this numerous times on my GX80 and it has lived to tell the tale but obviously do this at you

So, as some of you may know, I've been "experimenting" with having little chats with different Panasonic cameras over WiFi and after whispering in the GX80s ear last night, I may have come up with som

I have upgraded your forum profile to a Super Member so you can edit your original post and generally have mod-like access to the forum. Thanks for all your efforts so far on the project.

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Did not tried in my GX9, but this could be interesting: a guy in Personal View forum made this post:

"Hey guys,

not sure if this was known yet, but I thought this might be useful for some people.

I found a way to enable recording video to a *.mov file format using higher bitrates on my Lumix GX9. Specifically recording 1080p (up to 60p) in either 50 Mb/s, 100 Mb/s (or even 200 Mb/s, which is not very useful though since the GX9's UHS-I SD interface only supports write speeds up to 104 Mb/s).

The method I used is very similar to the Cine-D trick for the GX80/GX85 back then. It shouldn't break your camera since it is only accessing hidden settings implemented in the camera anyway.

I did not compare the footage against the standard MP4 4k or 1080p modes provided by the GX9. In theory this should enable up to 4x higher bitrates when shooting 1080p, which I could confirm after analysing some test footage. The documented options from Panasonic only include 1080p recording up to 28 Mb/s.

Here is a html tool that you might use to try it yourselves. https://pastebin.com/mHG1T5Ph Just copy the code into a *.html file and open it using any browser.

I posted this on reddit already, but I thought its maybe better put here 🙂 Enjoy."

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