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C100 mkiii

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Given the decent lowlight performance and high quality noise reduction in the C300 II and 1DX II, the C100 III, with a flip out screen, very low RS, native Canon AF support, and of course, Canon color, perhaps there's not really a letdown the A7S III won't be released any time soon. Probably 8-bit 420 for 4K to differentiate from C300 II 422 10-bit (would think they'd need to release a FW update for the C300 II for 4K60 to offer 4K60 in the C100 III (differentiator would be 10-bit 422 vs. 8-bit 420)).

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13 minutes ago, Jimmy said:

Hypothetical question to pass the time:

Would you buy this?

C100iii with the c300ii sensor, but 1080p only (10 bit 4:2:2 internal) 1-120fps. Maybe 4K to external.

This would suit most C100 shooters needs far more than giving 4K 8 bit 4:2:0


I'd imagine many would want 4k internal as well. The beauty of the C100 is the ability to shoot high quality material in camera that doesn't bog down your computer for a quick turn around as well as the ability to up the output quality by using an external recorder.

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2 minutes ago, DaveAltizer said:

All I heard is from a canon rep that there is a c100 mk3 that is 4k and it will be released soon. I thought we'd see it today but Canon rumors guy told me on twitter we won't see any more canon cinema stuff until later this year. So now all we gots to do is wait. 

I'm curious why they would release a C100 MK3... 

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I just had an "on the record" conversation with the a canon rep today on the show floor and brought up the whole "lack of 4k across the board" issue. They told me that the Japanese corporate people just don't get it but now are seeing some serious impact from Panasonic and Sony. He said their philosophy is that people who buy 77d and t7i don't need 4k but I said the 80d is a great video camera and they should add 4k to that model. He said a 90d with 4k would make sense but not to get our hopes up. 

I also spoke to a Panasonic rep today who told me that he was on the airplane sitting next to a Canon rep and the Canon rep told him "you and Sony are eating our lunch in the lower end and the a9 is a serious hit to our high end." The Panasonic rep said this is the first year that Canon reps have the humility and lack of ego/ pride that they normally do. 

Also, I spoke to the Canon rep about the c100 mk3. He said it does exist. It's just not here and he couldn't tell me when we will see it. He couldn't confirm any specs. I'll try to dig more on them tomorrow :) 

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3 hours ago, DaveAltizer said:

. They told me that the Japanese corporate people just don't get it

The Japanese market is very different. I had discussions with Panasonic at the release of the VaricamLT and there are definitely features in that that are there due to other markets' persistence that the Japanese just didn't think was important.

Interesting to see what transpires. Panasonic and Sony obviously get it now, and 'got it' a lot sooner than Canon

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