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First DSLR for Filmmaking. 60D, D5200, or D7000?

Nanashi Studios

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Typically I have been shooting DV on my Panasonic DVX-100B, but since more and more people(potential clients) have asked me to shoot DSLR I figured it might be time to buy something for those times. I'm not looking to break the bank just yet, just a good all around body that I can start getting some great lenses for.


It appears to be coming down to 3 choices: the Canon 60D, Nikon D5200, or the Nikon D7000. If anyone can share their experiences and thoughts on each it would really be helpful. I've practically spent the last week looking at reviews and screen tests, so I just need some opinions to go along with what I've read so far.


So with that in mind I would really appreciate everyones help with this decision. Thanks.




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I use a 600d and own a d5200 as well as prosumer camcorders like the XF305. First I would say the flip out screen is invaluable to budget video production. So that might negate the d7000 for you. However really what this might come down to from your choices is how much shooting you'll be doing in low light? If a fair bit then the d5200 is better with the new Toshiba chip. If you have the budget (and aren't worried about the flip out screen) get the new d7100, which has the same chip as the d5200. The other big issue is 'usability' and this is where IMHO canon wins hands down. For video the logic of the interface is better. Then there's the fact that on the Nikons you can't alter the aperture in Live View. This isn't as big an issue as some make out since in most cases (whatever the DSLR) you decide on your preferred aperture and then use a variable ND on your lens. But Canon's ace in the hole (although they didn't develop it) is Magic Lantern. This makes the Canons so much more video friendly. So in a nutshell the 60d with Magic Lantern is your most versatile and video friendly camera. But if you want the best low light camera, then right now the d5200 is the way to go. But Canon will be hot on Nikons heels and the new EOS 100d may be a cracker.
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non of those ........get a Panasonic GH2 it kills all the above

add a Nick Driftwood hack to it and you have a stunning cinema quility camera

I cannot stress how good this camera is

blow the Canons and Nikons out the water


I like the GH2. I've seen some of the test footage and it looks very nice. But at the moment, I have the ability to get one of these 3 cameras at ridiculously reasonable prices for a new one. I'd have to hunt through eBay and other used sources for a GH2. And based on what I've seen on eBay, the prices can vary widely.

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I read that you have an offer for those 3 cameras. Still i agree with Andy Lee. You will be a lot happier with a hacked gh2. Overall its the better camera plus you can put all kind of old legacy glass (cheap and very good) with an adapter to it. So on the long run you even save money.


The Nikon d5200 seems to be a decent camera aswell although you are restricted to nikon glass unlike with the gh2.


The Canon would not really be my choice. Canon is very popular, but it lives more of its name than anything else.

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there is a banding issue with the Nikon d5200 so please to your research and read up on this before you buy one!! beware!


I shot with the d5200 for a couple of days, and watching the footage today I also discovered some banding in the shots - this is frustrating. The banding appears in low contrast areas such as nearly white sky or white walls with almost no detail, but sometimes also in dark shadows ...

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who cares about banding.  just be creative.  hence ''dslr filmmaking.''  if it's random shooting of locations of course you're going to get banding and therefore judging image based on randomness won't make you happy and steer you off course.

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