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  1. it amazes how many people are suckered into buying a V1. This is something where one should judge the book by its cover. the title of thread should be ''Nikon V1 - shooting 4K 60fps raw for .5 secs for a misleading $200''
  2. Either way, crop factor theory and actual practice of different lens circle coverages are only beneficial exercises.
  3.   meanwhile at the Sigma Pro marketing and sales division we have the fully memorized ''pro'' presenter/speaker... wait for it...   http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_klkz5GVycM
  4. Usually people that build Hackintoshes are blunt with using pirated software! Too risky investing on official software on non certified systems because they usually run into problems. :P
  5. had the same problem with B&H when I got the AG-HPX170 and then a week later they dropped it a grand. I told them to honor the change or I else I would ship it back within the return period. They credited me back the difference. It's up to the retailer I guess.
  6. DPX is nothing new.  But in this recorder sense a nice convenience since you can just duplicate another master copy without doing the traditional long ass render.  just give the duplicate to the colorist or VFX head.  all that aside while you work on the proxy and then EDL it.  either way there's still yet another (final) DPX to film scan. 
  7. what Digital Bolex creators have said:     The Mini camera is interesting, I will admit I might buy one just to have as a point and shoot instead of the point and shoot I have, but I'm not going to shoot a movie on it. And if you look at it as a point and shoot that has the possibility of future raw, but currently doesn't offer it, $995 is actually pretty expensive.   vegetableman, I'm not sure there are any nails being thrown around this NAB, we talked to a lot of people at our booth today that were still really excited about the D16. I think as long as we get these things working really soon and can deliver soon too we will be OK.   so which company atm deserves to be at the forefront for digital S16 fun?  
  8. but we're not all hypothesizing here unless we choose to not acknowledge the playback/broadcast devices for future 1st world protocol. We're talking about relevant circumstances. i was in favor for 4k tv because eventually we'll be heading for that native eased Codec workflow anyway. im just saying its all important and relevant, all aside from 4K 2k cinema or NLE cropping/zooming
  9.   it's all obviously related.  As I've stated before and remembering HDTV sales and Plasmas, it took about a year for massive exaggerated price drops that you felt bad for the first buyers investing in the sets.  A year from now 4K sets will start to be at Best Buy's in popularity for NFL or NBA frenzy, easily.
  10. yes you should find a way to redeem yourself because you were suckered into purchasing a 1 sec gimmick that has nothing to do with industry 4K capture. :P
  11. most of you guys saying 4K is/was a failure blah blah, but when you see a price everyone changes their mind!
  12. I hope Nikon continues venturing into XQD for their next line of high end DSLR's and implement CinemaDNG or alternative codec captures to compete against others.
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