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RX100 VS GH3 How much better is the dynamic range in video mode on the GH3?


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There's something different about the movement feel that I can't place. The GH3 movement reminds me a litle of the smooth-motion TV thing in places, it looks as though there are more interpolated frames there, which is weird since it's I-frame and 25p. It's definitely got more resolution though.Odd...

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I'm a fan of the new Toshiba APS-C sensor so I don't think those tests were done correctly because I'm seeing more detail in both the shadows and the highlights of the GH3.  The GH3 is definitely sharper without a doubt, the odd thing is that the GH3 footage overall looks underexposed compared to that D7100 footage but I swear I can still see more details in the GH3's shadows, but I think that is because of the better sharpness from the GH3 though.  I do however prefer the color from the D7100, but that's easy to fix, and I notice the clouds are moving better on the D7100 compared to the GH3, the clouds on the GH3 are moving kinda blocky; I guess it's like what JG said, almost like that "smooth motion" tv crap, but not as bad.

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Haha it is indeed, just playing ;)


I use PMC myself, Focals are to bright for my tastes, but I like the Opals.


The Focal SM9 sounds different from the usual Focals - very smooth, neutral, clinical and flat.

Extremely fast transient responce and full frequency responce range. They go deeper than the Opals and higher. Well it does cost 2x more....

Headphone style bass due to no ports, just a passive radiator on the top

And a switchable sealed 2 way mode, for checking what things sound like on small "home" systems


Opals sound more exciting and vibey, more 3D and wider, but less accurate, hence why I currently have both


Both are good "movie" watching speakers though - deep subsonic bass booms come through and wide soaring strings


Getting a bit off topic now :lol:


RX100 "Scanner Darkly" photo effect B)

If only it could be applied to video....!



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Here is a D5200 vs GH3 comparo


Nikon D5200 - 18-55 VR Kit, Portrait, sharpness +2, contrast -5, WB cloudy
Panasonic GH3 - 12-35 Kit (-4-3-0-2) WB cloudy


not seeing a big difference in resolution like the other video

GH3 has a bit more moire



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Hmm....i've always considered the RX100 as a supplement more then a replacement or direct comparison to GH2/GH3. Its asking alot for it to have DR like BMC but nothing is impossible and the new toys just keep amazing us. I bypassed the GH3 cause i think it would be better suited for the next GH5 or cinecam to look at with 4K. I mainly shoot landscapes and i love the hacked GH2 look. You could buy that used and save money and then later get the next incarnation which might be announced monday. GH3 is better for stills for sure but i can't say its at the MkII level. It just seems like one more gen is the right time. I would definitely keep the RX100. Its a fun cam

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GH3 has about 9+ stops of dynamic range it seems...


But very good rolling shutter specs as per the link :)



GH3: 15.5ms (three measures: 15.4, 15.7, 15.4)

That puts it clearly ahead of the DSLR pack, with a shutter that is as fast as those from the video and cine cameras. Impressive. Pity about the DR, which still seems a lot worse than the competition.


On the neutral setting with everything dialled down to -5, Samuel measured it at 9.3 stops. I've done some real world comparisons to the 5D MKIII and D5200 and it's apparent that the GH3 has less dynamic range. The GH3 noise level/pattern is much better than the 5D and D5200 up to 1600 ISO, there's no fixed pattern noise.

The saga continues.

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