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  1. I actually have never bought an IPhone and this 6C is the one i am considering mainly for the camera. Would you say it something that is of comparable of quality to a Sony RX100 Mk I or what pocket cam? Is it a viable 'B' cam? That video looks really good. I also have an LX100 but its not pocketable.
  2. I like the LX100. Its fun and has the feel of a fllmmaker cam. I would get the LX100 (over the FZ1000) to couple with a future GH5.
  3. Unbelievable camera...... Looking forward to the review and curious how it compares to the GH4. Its close to ideal but if it could be possible to add a higher frame rate/SloMo in the firmware, it would be perfect.
  4. I agree with Kadajawi. 7DMkII will be a small notch above the T5i. I personally would not be interested if it does not have at least 4K.
  5. Hopefully going to NAB2014

  6. Saw the movie earlier today. It may have been the last day too at the theater. Impressed with the overall look on the big screen with the hack. The story is more psychological thriller to me but it takes you on a journey of confusion. Its pretty far out there and it does it well. 
  7. Patience has paid off. :) I think we can assume it'll be just a matter of time for MFT on the 4K cam as well. The 7-14 lens will be in demand. Wish Panny would update that.
  8.   4K RAW has arrived at 4K price. Patience has paid off.  It'll be a good while though before it becomes available but at least we know where to go. So, i'll guess it should be available in a year time to most of us. Like you said Sanveer....this just exposed all the weak marketing and pricepoints of the entire Canon line. 
  9. Hmm....i've always considered the RX100 as a supplement more then a replacement or direct comparison to GH2/GH3. Its asking alot for it to have DR like BMC but nothing is impossible and the new toys just keep amazing us. I bypassed the GH3 cause i think it would be better suited for the next GH5 or cinecam to look at with 4K. I mainly shoot landscapes and i love the hacked GH2 look. You could buy that used and save money and then later get the next incarnation which might be announced monday. GH3 is better for stills for sure but i can't say its at the MkII level. It just seems like one more g
  10. My fave cam is the RX100 this year. It allows you to go anywhere/everywhere. Such a relief not to carry anything. It brought a new dimension and is a nice sidekick to hacked GH2. I decided to skip the other offerings till its all 4K.
  11. A few Q's i have and am looking for as the cam becomes available and tested. 1) Is the Low-Light ISO ability now more comparable to MkIII? 2) Is the Stills-quality/ability on par with OM-D? If not, how close? Stills comparisons to MkIII/MkII as well. 3) What areas of the cam are hackable? Will be looking forward to learning about these. I love the body and pro-quality cosmetics of the GH3. Very nice. The release of the GH3>release of MkIII. Better newer product from previous version. Thank You for 1080/60! Not considering the BMCC till v2.0. I think the GH3 is more up my
  12. Interested in the stills-capability. I know the video will be incredible. The 'high iso-performance'....are we talking MkII or MkIII level for lowlight? Will it be similar to OM5 for stills imagery? If so, this definitely would be dSLR of the year.
  13. I would love to see a full-frame point/shoot. ;)
  14. [quote name='dreams2movies' timestamp='1344500192' post='15176'] Hey guys and fellow GH2 owners.. I'm trying to decide between the Pancake 20mm F1.7 or the Leica 25mm F1.4... I know right, I don't owner either of these two lovely lens.. I may end up getting both in the end, but because have to buy one at a time, I ned to choose between them.. I'm slightly leaning towards the 25mm Leica, because of it's name, the nano lens that 20mm does not have, and F1.4 vs. F1.7... However SO many more people own the 20mm F1.7 and it may be because its chea
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