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Panasonic G85 review - is there any need to get an Olympus E-M1 Mark II for video?

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2 hours ago, Cinegain said:

but nobody was like: ooh, I have to get it anyways (not even you fuzzynormal)?

I'm gas'ed out for the moment.  Truth is, I'm going to be selling off most of my cameras and lenses.  Around March I'll look closely at the Oly offering, but right now I'm not eager to pick anything up.  I'm not really ever that eager to buy brand new cameras... (somehow I manage to do so though)

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You're not wrong about Oly.  And I shoot Fuji as well, so all these things are part of the mixed bag.  The thing is, when we're talking price, when we're looking at cameras within similar classes, the

Micro Four Thirds is increasingly going up-market and into pro territory, but unfortunately new Panasonic and Olympus cameras are getting more and more expensive by the day. Thankfully the G85 is

I'm currently NOT eating paella  I'm eating tapas It does the same on the G7 so I'll look at it when I resume work on Monday I have an idea that will probably work 

Posted Images

Same here. I think I will be playing the waiting game for now. Most cameras are good these days, but I want to see where the industry is heading as a whole. 

I have a complete APS-C mirrorless kit with 3 different form factor cameras (28mgpxls, 4K, H265), lenses and all.

Maybe I want to see what's the next Canon C100 will be, or a similar Pana, or the JVC LS300 mkII (very underated camera, a good tool for budget orientated productions).

2017 will be a defensive year, trying to do small steps and probably invest more in marketing and accessories (lights, maybe a bit more on sound) than cameras and lenses(ok, maybe the G80/85 after the first substantial price drop!). Also, HDR is going to be big, and it is for real.

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3 hours ago, kidzrevil said:

Just picked up the g85 and man the image out of it is beautiful ! Its like a GH4 but better :-D

will have samples up once I get in my new lens set

Yes, baby! Cannot wait to see your footage! Great, that not everbody is healed from gas:) So footage should be the same as gx85 then? I did a 2 camera setup of gx85 and g6 two weeks ago. Cams matched pretty well. 

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4 hours ago, PannySVHS said:

Yes, baby! Cannot wait to see your footage! Great, that not everbody is healed from gas:) So footage should be the same as gx85 then? I did a 2 camera setup of gx85 and g6 two weeks ago. Cams matched pretty well. 

I haven't used a gx85 but if its the same sensor then they both produce a damn good image. Highlight roll off looks good, sharpness at -5 looks organic with the M42 lens I used. I love it, if the gh5 looks better than this then God help us all cause the G85 ticks alot of the checkboxes for me

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11 minutes ago, Kisaha said:

Hi, @kidzrevil , what about the low light performance. In general, do you have any comment Vs the NX1 ?

Pana seems to do all the right things lately!

I just hope for all the rumored GH5 insides, on a C100 type Panasonic!

Haven't tested lowlight yet. When my speedbooster & lenses get in I will test it that way. I only have very soft m42 lenses on hand right now so it wouldn'T be a great test :-(

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Shot this yesterday with G85, kit lens. Still not sure how I feel about it, I like many aspects, but frustrated by others. (And yeah, I know my color treatment here could use some work, did this very quickly. Also did this before I bought Andrew's Pro Color LUT yesterday).

The stabilization is really great. My choice now is to whether keep this and sell my A6300 and my Gimbal, or return. 

Did some low light tests between the two last night in my living room at ISO 1600 and 3200, A6300 defitinitely won, the noise was much more grainlike than G85, but the G85 did better than I expected, it wasn't a huge difference.

But man, Panasonic's focus tracking sucks. I used to never care about things like this, because I used to focus manually for everything. But once I got A6300 and saw how awesome it was at tracking while shooting video, I got lazy and started using it quite a bit. Now, trying to on the Panasonic, its hard, its probably the biggest thing holding me back from ditching the Sony, besides the IQ difference, which again is close enough. The Contrast detection is just so wishy washy- even when it does seem to track decently, even once I've stopped moving, it will, all of a sudden, rack focus before coming back, and nothing in the scene changed.

Also did some extreme panning to test the rolling shutter; when done to an extreme level, the two cameras show a similar amount. But with just typical panning, what you would actually do in real life, way less on the Panasonic, which of course is expected, its the worse part of the Sony.

Its just frustrating- the best part about this camera (compared to A6300) is the stabilization and lack of RS, worst part is focus; the best part of the A6300 (compared to G85) is awesome focus, but worst is lack of stabilization and god-awful RS. If only the two could make a Pany-Sony baby. 


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I can understand Brian's frustration, some autofocussing systems have become so good that in particular situations, like when shooting with a very shallow dof on a steadicam or just a shot of a person walking towards the camera, will be much easier to achieve with a a6300 or any Canon camera with dual pixel autofocus. There is a reason why professional and expensive camera like a c300 have a good autofocus, it's not a amateur function anymore if it is well implemented.

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How often do these situations demanding autofocus appear in your work ? @dantheman

1 hour ago, Kisaha said:

ok @kidzrevil 

I am very interested going the Pana way,

G85 (even GX85 for the right price) and GH5, it makes sense as I am using the LS300 already (EF lenses here), 

and as you had an admirable NX reputation(sic) I am eagerly expecting your thoughts!

Hopefully by the end of the month I will have something to show ! :-D

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