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GoPro Karma


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Karma is now available. I think I am gonna get one since I have 40% coupon. 

IQ is incredible

message from the video author in the comments:

Honestly I almost left the shots untouched. Some I didn't touch at all such as the 2.7 linear shots. No noise reduction, no sharpening, didn't do any external color correction!

With a modified 3x zoom lens on a hero 4 on Karma you see how the stabilization is: 


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33 minutes ago, jase said:

Looks really awesome. If i hadnt such negative experiences with drones (ok given, it was a DIY project 6 years ago) this video would make me buy the Karma.

Does anyone know to which FOV this 2.7k linear mode translates to? 

Linear mode on Hero5 is a defished medium FOV, so expect slighty smaller FOV than medium. Maybe close to 30 mm focal length? I am guessing here...

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True that. Although I've got to admit... it does show that DJI really has some experience with their Phantoms, Inspire, Zenmuse, Ronin & OSMO. GoPro seems a bit more like 'uh, what can we do that makes the Hero5 more interesting to buy?' and in turn putting a system together from scratch to go with that camera. That ends up me kinda liking the Hero5 for what it is... then again, action cams is their field... but liking the Mavic for just about everything else. Maybe one of the companies should buy the other already. For the time I'm still not convinced by any of it, so... I'll just wait 'n see what the future holds. Maybe there's a third party (Yuneec, 3DR or something) that will come out with a smart 'n compact HERO carrying platform. Or maybe Xiaoyi/YI having a go at a m4/3 aerial platform.

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Well...it kind of was to be expected that the Karma wouldn't be as stable in the air or have all the flying features DJI has developed over the years.
But the point where GoPro totally dropped the ball imo is by not having improved the codec and overall IQ over the 2 year old GoPro 4...

That was the one thing they had going for themselves and they chose to leave it completely untouched..shame.

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3 hours ago, Emanuel said:


"As a filmmaker", the reviewer says. haha

19 hours ago, Viet Bach Bui said:

I looked at the video's thumbnail and saw the Karma fully extended sitting next to the Mavic completely folded so I can already guess which one the author is biased towards.

No worries, gopro has another biased review to praise their product now.... ^  ;) They had some other to compare with at least.

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