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Samsung NX Speed Booster

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After much work and many sleepless nights, I have almost finished my work and I think I have brought the lens NXL to the point of being sold to the public. I thought if the test this week will be po

Thanks everyone for support. I would like to clarify that I have not started working on NXL adapter to make money. I decided to invest my time and my money for the love of NX1 camera. I am a ex us

First 10 NXL adapter, before the matt black anodizing  

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The EF mount that can then also be adapted to Nikon is a wonderful idea, in my opinion the best of both worlds really (that way I don't have to switch out all my FF rokinon EF glass for Nikon!) 

So @lucabutera what's your current thinking on a production-run of these babies? Is some sort of crowd funding campaign necessary in order to scale up production and secure orders?  

Let us know whatever we can do to help! Exciting times for Samsung-abandoned NX-users everywhere. 

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1 hour ago, Daniel Galli said:

Im follow your progress a lot but i get a little confused.

for use the speedboster would be need to modify the body camera?

if i get the nikon adapter i can just put a cheap m42 adapter the iris control will work perfectly?

this is something i was expecting so much, count me with one purchase!


No, you do not modify the body camera. If you get a speed booster EF, you can use all full frame lenses: Canon EF, Sigma SA, Praktica (baionet P/B),Minolta AF/Sony Alpha, Exakta, M39 ( ZM39), M42, Pentax k, Contax/Yashica (C/Y), DKL mount, Yashica MA,  Olympus OM, Nikon G/F , Leica R, Arri STD-B-PL, Mini T - T - T2 mount, Novolfex A mount.

One speed booster for all lenses! Are you happy?

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9 hours ago, shanebrutal said:

Awesome work Luca!

Will it also work on the nx500? Should bring it closer to super 35 crop in 4k mode.

Thank's, yes! It will work on all samsung nx cameras, my tested it on nx1 and nx100. The crop is more to s35, it's same full frame 35mm dslr.



2 hours ago, Marco Tecno said:

What about konica hexanon? They have some nice lenses, easy to find cheap.

Sorry, konica is short mount. it's impossible. 

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3 hours ago, lucabutera said:

Thank's, yes! It will work on all samsung nx cameras, my tested it on nx1 and nx100. The crop is more to s35, it's same full frame 35mm dslr.

The nx500 4k mode crop is more than the nx1. It's closer to super 16. I believe 2.5x? So it will be interesting to see how it performs with the speedbooster.

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2 hours ago, sandro said:

I just realized that if an electronic adapter could be made this will open the NX mount to all lenses made for Canon and Niknon with AF as well (maybe even OIS?). 
For video a speed booster is more exciting though. 

Yep, that's why I want the intelligent adapter. I'm more a still shooter, after all.

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