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  1. Hey IKSLIM, had I needed to buy a new one for this update I probably would have sold you one, but Luca's kind offer is keeping both with me for now. Upon closer inspection the Apurture design version doesn't have the contacts I need camera side, so unfortunately you're out of luck unless I end up acquiring a 3rd one.
  2. I have been working with a digital logic analyzer and an Arduino nano. Via this setup I can set the aperture and move the focus to min and max so far. So the setup is For gathering data: Canon Camera + EF extension tube with AF contacts + lens, I have wired the extension tube to sample the data via a USB digital logic anlyzer. For testing my control: Arduino Nano + EF extension tube with AF contacts + lens (no body for now). So the aperture and focus max and min are working as controlled by the nano. Next step: NX camera + NX extension tube with AF contacts + Arduino Nano and use the digital logic analyzer to find the focus commands from the camera, also spoof the lens data. Here is where ihkim's work will be a big help with the lens initialisation, to hopefully successfully spoof the lens in a way the camera accepts. Final case: NX camera signal to contacts on close end EF -> NX adapter, these wired to the nano, then from the nano to the contacts on the other side of the adapter, then to the lens. Then replace the adapter with wired NX-L for focal reduction. Stabilization seems to work automatically for the lenses I've tried, but I think the EF-M mount lenses don't have physical switches, but these are not among the lenses we're adapting. My 10k offer still stands for anyone that can provide native-like camera driven AF. The Apurture DEC does not do this, as I understand it doesn't listen to the camera half at all, in which case I'm only a few buttons away from doing the same with the nano (add button to repeat change focus command one way, another the other way, same for aperture). Wifi would be a bunch of work though, but while nice it isn't on my own wish list. The nano will allow more programmatic control, 2,3,4, etc... focus locations could be toggled, it's mostly a matter of adding physical inputs and writing logic into the nano code to handle them. As I look back to your image of the upcoming system, the contacts are going to go just from the Apurture to the lens, I also need to get to the camera contacts somehow. What I need is camera -> Apurture and Apurture -> lens (but with my nano instead of the Apurture). With the current NX-L design I'm not sure how to get at the camera contacts, running wires even with a hole drilled through isn't great because of the rotating design, so they can be stressed or break if it rotates too far. Solutions that come to mind would complicate the design quite a bit further (e.g. concentric rings for each contact on that part that rotates). That would be great, can you PM me the address, I didn't keep the packaging they arrived in so I lost the return address.
  3. Hey Luca, you've sabotaged yourself :P I'm holding out for the electronics now that I know they're coming. Even if there isn't AF working yet, at least so I can attach my chip in between without trying to machine my own holes or something. You've probably leapfrogged me by a lot on the electronic control, but if there's anything I can do to help let me know.
  4. Just need to use a Nikon to Canon adapter with it and you can use Nikon lenses. Of course some of the newer Nikons have the same annoyance as the Canon EF lenses in that aperture is controlled electronically, but if I recall correctly Nikon lenses will have the aperture closed all the way in that case while the Canon lenses are a somewhat more workable wide open in that situation. For Canon lenses you can use a trick to get the aperture you want if you also have a Canon body, what you do is to put the lens on the body, set the aperture you want with the camera on, hold down the DOF preview button and remove the lens from the camera while it is on (do make sure IS/OS/OIS/etc.. is off for this, I haven't heard of damage from this but all the lens instruction manuals warn about removing or putting on the lens with this on), that aperture will then stay set until put back on another Canon body.
  5. Well, moving money to the smartphone department should be good for the cameras, since they've been in the same merged department since 2013 http://www.theverge.com/2013/12/13/5206560/samsung-merges-camera-and-mobile-divisions But I assume that they have also been putting the money towards phones even within the department :P
  6. Giving -200 error when I try to upload my jpeg, trying to use a lower jpeg quality to see if the smaller file size lets it upload. Hmm, no luck, says "There was a problem processing the uploaded file. -200" I have no idea what the problem is. Other files from the 5DSR also don't seem to be working. Well, just uploaded a 400mm f/2.8 shot to DeviantArt, no appreciable vignetting: http://ttbek.deviantart.com/art/Tiny-Rocket-658531277?ga_submit_new=10%253A1484922555 Hmm, now two Samsung files are having the same problem with uploading, weird, at least the first two here worked though. What I'm showing here is the slight play in the rotating section, it can be pulled slightly out or be slightly more in, first shot is out (5725) and the second is in (5726). My Samyang 12mm's back element does something similar, not sure if it is supposed to be like that, maybe I'll open it up and see if I can tighten it. It seems to be the same on both NX-L adapters. I don't know if it is optically of concern or not, I think probably not, unless maybe if it shifts on you after you focus or something?
  7. Sorry for the delay, good to hear you have a solution, if you know anyone with a longer lens or a store that has one, maybe you could please test on a 600 or 800 lens. Here are the images with the 1st version NX-L attached. 5707:Canon 400mm f/2.8 IS L version one, 5708:Sigma 150-600 Sport @150mm, 5709:Sigma 150-600 Sport @600mm, 5710:Tamron 75-300 Vi DC?...mumbo jumbo the latest one @75mm, 5712:Tamron 75-300@100mm, 5713:Tamron 75-300@135mm, 5714:Tamron 75-300@200mm, 5715:Tamron 75-300mm@300mm, 5716:Canon 400mm f/5.6 L. 5722:Sigma 50mm f/1.4 Art glassless adapter, 5723:Sigma 50mm f/1.4 Art with NX-L Focus is on front edge of the door, sharpness is retained quite well. Vignetting is much worse in the NX-L shot, but in this case it is in my opinion just from seeing more of the image circle here, though I should double check against a FF body just in case. It's just vignette, not so much like the total corner blackout on the telephotos. Hmm, having trouble uploading my shot of the 400 f/5.6 on the 5DSR. Maybe file/size limit per post, will retry in a separate post.
  8. Double checked again without the lens hoods, it doesn't start suddenly but starts becoming noticeable around 150mm on my Tamron 70-300. By 300 it is clear and obvious, on the 400 f/5.6 the corners become almost completely dark. Different lens designs may make it show more or less, for example it definitely shows less on the 400 f/2.8 than on the 400 f/5.6. I'll try to post sample pics sometime later today.
  9. Hey everyone, I'm mostly quite happy with the NX-L, but it has a problem with telephotos >~100mm. I'm not sure if it is something avoidable with the design or not (probably not without using something other than glass?), but it has very strong vignetting in the corners, with my 70-300 (not really noticeable <100 but definitely there by 150), my 400 (5.6), my other 400 (2.8 and the issue is a bit less severe), my 500, and gets worse of course when used with a TC. Sharpness is actually rather good. I know I should still give you guys a more full review, we'll see how my time in the next few days. One thing that I'm not sure if it has any noticeable effect yes is that there is some play int the part that rotates, the rotation is essentially fine I think, but I mean it can be move in and out ever so slightly, is the same on both copies. Found a few interesting flares, but that lens may flare like that anyway, I haven't done a side by side sort of flare test (NX1+NX-L+lens vs. 5DSR+lens) yet.
  10. Well... some bad news, the source I got 29mm from seems to be a typo, it seems the flange is only 20mm, which is still more than M mount, but that is very little space for the adapter. It will definitely have vignetting, lots of it ^_^. Maybe not too bad at some focal lengths though, not sure on that. When I'm back home I'll check out the protocol as best I can, no need putting in any time until I do that. Maybe the chip won't even be working, the camera shop I got it from had nothing to try it out on. The NX-Ls have arrived ^_^. Unfortunately they came through Q-post on this end, but luckily my brother was still home and was able to pick them up for me, only made it by like two days as he is flying here tomorrow. I asked him to bring one with him so I'll get to use it on this vacation ^_^.
  11. No, the VL Eos adapter goes the other way EF lens -> adapter -> XL1 or XL2 camera I mentioned it only in regards to the XL cameras apparently using the same EF lens protocol for lens/body communication. What I'm looking to do is VL lens -> apparently non-existent adapter VL to EOS M with electrical contacts -> EOS M camera In fact, I can't find a VL adapter to any other mount, not even C-mount, probably because VL aperture is set electronically (just like EF... probably exactly like EF). . Even in this case, results will not be very good, because the lens has a very small image circle, for like a 1/3" sensor or something. I would try it but I don't have the machining tools to make the physical adapter. I did go ahead and buy the lens as it was quite cheap. I'll try wiring it up and see if it talks back to the Arduino just like the EF lenses or not (it's possible Canon did something more than just a pass through connection in that adapter).
  12. Hey Luca, I have the chance to pick up an 8-120mm Canon CL VL lens (for their film/analog video cameras). From a cursory look it seems that the mount has the same pinout as EF, and at one point Canon sold an adapter to put EF lenses on these film cameras. Now, it makes no sense to try to go from these CL/VL lenses (29mm flange) to EF mount, but it seems like going to EF-M mount should be very possible and with the electrical contacts it might just work without any chips needed in between. I'm aware that the image circle is much smaller than APS-C for this lens, but with the new M5 at 24 MP a pretty good crop is more feasible than it once was. I'm curious if you would be interested in making a one off adapter for that, PM with a rough price if you are.
  13. No need for that in my case, Qatar has no tax on received items like this, lol.
  14. Hmm, registered is usually pretty quick, I think it will make it, fingers crossed. ^_^ And I think it end up through Fedex or DHL then as well on this side, probably Fedex.
  15. Hey Luca, I don't know, depends what kind of shipping. If Fedex handles it once it reaches here they will come to the house. If it is DHL, then probably as well, but if it is coming through the main post office they will send it back if I don't pick it up in like 2 days, so in that case it still works if it arrives before I leave, but otherwise be checking the return mail. I guess we'll just hope for the best and I'll give you an update if they arrive or before I leave if they don't.
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