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  1. its looks really nice, i will always interested on samsung color profile, i can never dowload or create any profile with the pro suggest market.
  2. no one but nx500 users deserve this
  3. so... no 120fps on my nx500 for my :v?
  4. this cellphone + dof adapter and carmera rig would banggg
  5. Daniel Galli

    NX2 rumors

    hope this work for nx500
  6. i will post soon some results with a nx500 on 720@ 120p with a flat profile made be kinoseed and some luts, work really well!
  7. anyone got a c-log s-log o any lut like gammadr2slog from andrew for nx500?
  8. what i do in the past with my nx1100 was to make a hot shoe rig and put my tascam dr-05 attached to it. the size is similar to a rode mic so i dont have mutch problem and audio sync is easy with some programs so i dont think it would be a problem
  9. just analyze the story, the characters, what you have and try to make little sequences that help to construct what you want to tell on you story.
  10. but what are the bennefit of get a current gpu? memory, clocks night? i dont really know what specs of gpu adobe use, only cuda cores and vram
  11. my new favourite lens is the vivitar 28mm f2 wide open its get soft on the corners and sharp in the center, creating plus the wide angle fov the examples are not the best cause the light and focus, but you could have some idea of what im talking about xd
  12. Hi, i want to know what hardware handling preview in timeline on premiere. i work with large h265 nx500 files on 720p at 120fps, with 10 to 18 video tracks simultaneous and i want to get the best fluid playback possible. i currently got a fx8320, 8gb ddr3 1333mhz ram, and a gtx650 and i want to upgrade the cpu or the gpu, i got on mind get a gtx660ti or a gtx690 or change to ryzen 7. what would recommend you? i can only upgrade 1 piece of hardware on a long time.
  13. Hi guys, anyone has tested this lut on nx500? with what thing would have they care on exposure? blacks? highlights? mids, red blue etc??
  14. exactly, i was never hostil to luca.
  15. how its work with fd mount? you have to get and fd-eos adapter with that shitty glass?
  16. niceee!!! want to see more!
  17. Hi, i have recently have issues with after effects tracking, all my camera files cant be tracked, getting "analysis solved failed" as error message. First i think it was the 120fps, then i re interp footage, and nothing, tried to convert to prores, using another files with native 24 fps, full hd, hd, all resolutions and nothing, then tried with a a7 file and work perfectly. Anyone with the same problem? i use adobe after effects 2017 first release with the hevc update and nx500 120fps and 24fps files.
  18. anyone have download or create color profiles ? i would be interersting to create and share new color profiles.
  19. Excelent video! nice to know you enjoy the landscape of my country
  20. how works 12mm on speedboster? they have vignette? im interest on rokinon 12mm t2.2 but i dont know if worth it the extra cash over the 12mm f2.0
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