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  1. 1080p 120fps, 4k no crop, 2.5k 24p, log, raw, mpej 10bit, custom cropmarks, crop video mode, nr disable.
  2. thanks a lot dude! i activate it and works, but is possible to record 2.5k in 24p?
  3. How you use 2.5k? i active it in the menu but i dont know how i can recording with it.
  4. hi guys i have a question, what is the minimum kb/s needed for recording 4k 180mb bitrate?
  5. Hi i finally own mi nx500 for 441 dolars, so there no option to change luma range now? and i update the body and i install the kino seed hack version, i activate the vga to 2.5k, but i dont know how i can record with that. Bye guys, i appreciate so much this site, i have learned a lot :D! cheers from chile.
  6. thanks man! now im gonna get my nx500 :D
  7. Thanks John for your answer, but i have only 3 question remains. My nx2000 in manual mode has al exposure control fully manual control except what i said, the metering problem, someone can test it if change te exposure on light changin situation on th e frame even if you are on manual mode? or if i can disable it. the nx500 got some s-log, cine like D, cinestyle or something like that? bye and thanks!
  8. Hi guys, im looking for a new camera, and i have been watching for nx500 and g7. i have some question that i cant really find a concrete answers on the topics. Has been fixed on nx500 the framing problem with 4k video? whats the deal with the 2.5k mode? its the bitrate finally increase and work stable? is there any option to get work and speedboster? (maybe with an m43 adapter idk) i have been owned an nx2000, and i sell it because the metering mode control the exposure automatically on recording, and there are no option to disable it, only change on the 3 diferent types. so, in nx500 the metering mode can be desable? or they dont change automatically the exposure on recording? bye guys, sorry my bad english. cheers from chile!
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