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Film shot on Olympus E-m5 mark ii


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Love the grade.  Reminds me somewhat of late 80's to mid 90's film looks, which I love.    I've been trying to replicate the look by grabbing stills from Ferris Bueller, Planes, Trains and Automobiles, Breakfast Club etc..and trying to match.   Any luts used as a starting point?

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As always...great work!  Congrats to you, the director-writer, and the crew.  I like the bit about fish-sticks.  

Also, that Puzzo guy is a pretty good voice actor.  Does he get a credit as camera-op too? ;-) 

I really enjoy the theme of short films I've seen from you here on EOSHD.  The inner dialog narrative stories are a lot of fun.  Good creative opportunities.

So...do the Olympus PR guys visit this website!?  When the NX1 came out with their goofy "Yvonne" product film I seem to remember it getting slammed and people here actually said, "Hey, just give a real filmmaker a camera and let him do something!"

Not sure how you got connected, but glad you did.  It's encouraging to see the potential of the EM5II, regardless of it's limitations.  The fact that you were able to hold down the highlights is nice to see.

Also, the camera arm/body rig, did the mount arm go out behind his crotch?  Also, who built it?

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thanks guys - the other Olympus pieces are pretty amazing - couldn't believe the look the other filmmakers got out of that camera.

We used the 1st person rig thingy from some Sweedish person - 3rd Person View camera mount (ALL SPORTS PRO version) - it was pretty good - our thing was making it as far as we could from the person.

the other olympus video was closer.

Olympus paid paul the director to make a video - the only catch was we had to use their camera and lenses.

the idea was all his.

and funnily enough his idea was my idea at the time too - which latter became my film chatterhead - which is just the thoughts of someone walking thru the city.  I turned mine into a political piece because it was consuming me a lot at the time and i wanted to make a film for bernie.  little did I know the film would make me question him and the entire political situation.

Oh well.

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Thanks for giving the lut/grading info you had.   I have yet to see any films shot on digital cameras replicate the look from some of the classic mid 80's to late 90's films.  Extremely smooth highlights, pinkish Caucasian skintones, neutral, well lit look with natural looking saturated colors, plenty of detail/texture, yet soft/smooth, with beautiful grain to top it off. 

  Also, have you watched your cult leaders new release?


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3 hours ago, Ed David said:

the grading was based on a fuji lut paul did in after effects.  

The lens was the olympus 9-14mm or something like that.  Pretty crappy lens, but we were forced to either use that or another zoom that was a 12-12mm or something.  With the micro 4/3 crop factor, we had to go as wide as possible.

Thank you very much Ed!! Precious informations!

(I just saw Paul was the director that also made "NYC streets frozen in time", another video I loved!)

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