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  1. I have used both GH4 and G7, and in my experience the G7 is cleaner in low light
  2. When I say 7K I mean: I exported it at 4k settings in Premiere, so what you see on youtube is not 7K, but when you stack two 4k 2x anamorphic images on top of one another within a 16:9 frame, you effectively get a 7k resolution. This only works with 2x anamorphic lenses because once squished down in post it equals exactly half of a 16:9 frame (hence the 2x). It would be really cool if somehow two separate G7/GH4's could be rigged on top of one another and combined in post to create one 7k image. Pretty much impossible with anamorphic because of the characteristics/distortion of the lenses but an interesting idea, nonetheless. I hope that made sense!
  3. To anyone who hates rap music, or doesn't have a sense of humor, I am very sorry.
  4. I saw this too and immediately wondered what it was shot on. Beautiful imagery and message. RIP Eric Garner.
  5. Ah, I see. Yeah that didn't seem like something you could do with household tools haha. Thank you for the detailed description. Yes I've read the threads about using a helicoid, might be worth a try if I could find someone here in the states to do it.
  6. @jbCinC_12 Thank you! Nice video, it looks like it's still a little bit stretched vertically? Maybe not interpreted to 2x anamorphic pixel ratio?
  7. Spgreen65 thank you! I've been using my Bell & Howell 2x in 4:3 4k photo mode and slowing the footage down to 80% to match 23.976 fps. I wish Panasonic would just update the firmware and allow us all to shoot in 4:3 mode @ 23.976. Maybe when the GH5 comes out and the price/feature gap between the G7 and GH4 becomes less relevant... wishful thinking.
  8. Gabriel, how difficult was it to sand down? Did it require simply removing focus unit by unscrewing the two screws? And finally did you put some sort of stopping screw to make sure it doesn't fall off at closest focus? Thanks!
  9. grindmind, I can almost guarantee that 58mm is too wide to use on a full frame sensor. You'll get a good amount of vignetting with anything under 85mm. The Century Optics 1.33x will allow you to get a bit wider with your taking lenses.
  10. It's an unmodified version, so rack focusing is difficult to near-impossible (Because it takes 5 turns from closest focus to infinity). To focus though all you need to do is set taking lens to infinity and focus the anamorphic lens.
  11. For anyone looking for more footage of this lens in action:
  12. You can still get pretty solid results with this lens sans modification. I've been reading this thread and plan to mod or hire someone to do it evenutally. Of course rack focusing is out of the question, but for some applications in stock form it serves as a useful lens, especially when you factor in that you only have to focus the anamorphic. B&H 2x video shot on Panasonic G7: Anamorphic Boxing
  13. Here's an quick video I put together with the configuration I listed above: Bell & Howell 2x Anamorphic
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