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    AlexTrinder96 reacted to crevice in Jinni.Tech vs. RED Part 4 (1hr long)   
    We have cameras that are unable to shoot internal RAW literally because of RED. You want to stop animosity against a company that is completely screwing everyone else over and suing people left and right? A company that made it so Blackmagic had no choice but to create their own RAW format and made companies like Panasonic, Sony, and Nikon all have to figure out ways to make raw external instead, which in turn makes the rest of us have to buy expensive external recorders and expensive SSDs? Seriously, no offense man - but you should probably quit telling people what to do and how to treat companies, especially companies that are making our work life more difficult and more expensive. Also, dont forget where you are - this is EOSHD, where the creator of the site is very critical of companies - which in turn pushes them to be better and to quit their bullshit. So in conclusion, please get off your high horse and realize that we shouldn’t bow down to big bad RED and let them push us around with their bullshit patent. And this “animosity” is very much warranted.
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    AlexTrinder96 reacted to webrunner5 in Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera 4K   
    Jesus @Emanuel is one of the biggest owners, boosters on here for the PK4. He probably knows about 50 times more about video than you do. And Hook is on here all the time. You are a silly bastard.
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    AlexTrinder96 reacted to JordanWright in Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera 4K   
    Pocket 4k with Metabones XL and Zeiss CP.2 shot in BRAW 5:1 

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    AlexTrinder96 reacted to Shirozina in Lenses   
    Xrite i1 display pro IME is best cheap calibrator but the stock software lets it down and you can get much better results with DisplayCal.
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    AlexTrinder96 reacted to IronFilm in ARRI Alexa cheap enough to own now?   
    Exactly what I've been talking about in the past!
    Arri Alexa Classic + Affordable Glass
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    AlexTrinder96 got a reaction from IronFilm in Z Cam's Super 35mm 6K camera for under $3K: the "Z Cam S6"   
    Unfortunately it looks like they have cancelled plans to release the S6 in MFT mount. The MFT mount would allow a speedbooster to be used -  also certain mirrorless only lenses (meike cine, fujinon zooms, slr magic primes) would have been mountable. 
    A damn shame!
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    AlexTrinder96 reacted to androidlad in I WILL be getting a Fuji X-T3!   
    Overall I do prefer HLG, but in this case I was mainly testing the GHalex LUT and it works better with F-log material in terms of skintone.
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    AlexTrinder96 reacted to androidlad in I WILL be getting a Fuji X-T3!   
    Shot a water sports festival with X-T3, hugely empowered by the enhanced face detection in the latest firmware, face select also came in handy when switching subject.
    F-log, HEVC 400Mbps LongGOP, sharpness and NR -4,  custom WB.
    Graded with GHalex LUT, simple contrast/saturation adjustments
    A couple observations:
    1. Face detection does not work at all with sunglasses, would be great if it could.
    2. To get the purest colours from X-T3, custom WB is the way to go! Use a proper white/neutral grey card to set a custom WB to the key light.

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    AlexTrinder96 reacted to Andrew Reid in Panasonic FF L-mount Cine camera coming   
    And the people left out would still moan anyway!
    RED has no PDAF or flippy-tilty screen, are they out of touch with cinema market? Arri?
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    AlexTrinder96 got a reaction from Emanuel in Panasonic LUMIX V1   
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    AlexTrinder96 reacted to newfoundmass in Panasonic FF L-mount Cine camera coming   
    There's an awful lot of people that rely on Lumix cameras for their professional video work and businesses, so I'd have to disagree. 
    "Serious video work" shouldn't be based on the size or scope of the work. Certainly wedding filmmakers are doing serious video work? Or the indie filmmakers that shoot their films with Lumix cams. 
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    AlexTrinder96 reacted to Oliver Daniel in Panasonic FF L-mount Cine camera coming   
    You’re right. 
    I know countless people using the GH5 for serious video work. I’m one of them and everybody is fine with it, and never questions it. I use it alongside the EVA1 and the GH5 performs brilliantly, every time.  
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    AlexTrinder96 reacted to Mattias Burling in Speed-booster for Electronic Aperture lenses   
    Metabones didn't invent focalreducers.
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    AlexTrinder96 reacted to JordanWright in Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera 4K   
    A few stills using the BMPCC 4K for a corporate promotional video. Shot in DCI 4K ProRes LT with the Tokina 28-70 2.6, Speedbooster XL (maybe a Tiffen VND on some of the shots.)

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    AlexTrinder96 reacted to kye in Made In China vs Made In Japan - Perception Of Quality   
    Trees are:
    Do not exist Only exist in a parallel universe DBounce:
    Is a robot Is an alien This thread:
    Doesn't exist Is invisible Everyone is:
    A murderer A mass murderer etc...
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    AlexTrinder96 reacted to Andrew Reid in Made In China vs Made In Japan - Perception Of Quality   
    I detect a lot of anti-Chinese bias!
    It's reasonable enough to raise the topic but save us the old "China makes junk" cliche, it's no longer as simple.
    China is a developing economy and all countries go through eras of churning out cheap products during this phase. Japan did it. Even the US did it to some degree, but in a very different technological era. Looking at the camera companies - Sigma did it - made very cheap lenses in huge quantities for a LONG time before they started to do the high-end quality stuff we all respect so highly.
    What is going on at the moment is Chinese home-grown technology is cost competitive and technologically becoming on an even par with western stuff, so that combination makes it a huge threat to US businesses like Intel and Qualcomm. There are political reasons for smearing Huawei.
    There is also a distinction between IP, design and assembly / manufacturing. Most of China's developing economy has been based on assembly and manufacturing but now they are becoming big on original designs and products, which is another threat to the US economy. Especially in chip design and telecoms.
    As for quality, perceptions and stereotypes always vary... You're entitled to your views. I find them outdated. RED cameras and iPhones are hardly poorly put together products - both made in China. Foxconn. No doubt if they had been made in an American factory by American hands you'd think they were better made, but that says more about prejudiced opinion than the actual facts or the skills level of the Chinese workforce. Across Asia there are a lot of people highly educated and dedicated to their work otherwise they wouldn't do the things they are doing. And Chinese space programme is another flagship advancement, whether we can agree on their politics or not, the writing is on the wall. The US is no longer top dog.
    "There will be nobody left in China to do business with. Very bad for China, very good for USA!"
    Of course when you have this twat starting trade wars, you're bound to get people whipped up into a sinophobic frenzy.
    Let's look at the facts.
    It's hard to imagine a President so out of touch with US businesses, who have benefited massively from cheap Chinese labour and manufacturing.
    There isn't a single major US technology or camera company around today that doesn't need Chinese manufacturing or parts supply.
    And yet Trump thinks attacking that is very good for the USA, because he has a simple world view - "we can make stuff here... it's easy... just build a factory"...
    For a start, if you look at the quantities of natural resources, rare metals and energy required to make mass produce fundamental parts for modern technological devices and appliances, the US doesn't have any of it easily to hand like China does and digging them up at the scale required would cause massive pollution right on your doorstep. Is that would you want?
    If smartphones were all made in the US they would cost 10x more at retail and wouldn't sell a single unit vs cost effective competitors.
    The technology doesn't even exist at the required scale in the US to build the stuff, like it does in China, Japan and South Korea. We're talking here about the machines that make machines. Vast majority of the equipment is Asian.
    We are talking vast scale of manufacturing, where a single factory is the size of a small city and employees over 1 million people. Add up the cost of those people with US wages vs doing the same thing in China and you start to realise what a fucking amateur Trump is when it comes to business and why he has made enormous losses and write-offs in every one of his business ventures.
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    AlexTrinder96 reacted to MrSMW in Made In China vs Made In Japan - Perception Of Quality   
    Also C, none of the above. Last time I checked , it was 2019.
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    AlexTrinder96 reacted to Kisaha in Made In China vs Made In Japan - Perception Of Quality   
    C. None of the above
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    AlexTrinder96 reacted to androidlad in Z-CAM quietly announce 8k and 6k FULL FRAME cameras - no joke!   
    They are indeed using the same sensor IMX410.
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    AlexTrinder96 reacted to Django in How I got scammed through "Ebrahim Saadawi"   
    i see kid giving fake advice all the time on canon forums over there. one day he's an EOS R owner, the other a 5DIV expert.. when we all know he's probably still on his Rebel 500D.. SMH
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    AlexTrinder96 reacted to Mako Sports in Davinci Resolve 16   
    I bought these just a few hours ago, work quite well. I would also subscribe to his YT channel as he is one of the few that make Resolve/Fusion tutorials. 
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