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    Thomas Hill got a reaction from IronFilm in Which microphone\recorder setup to use for hidden camera type of recording?   
    I second the DR10L. I've used them as regular lavs and as plant mics. You could crank the gain to hi+ for the interviewee and have the -10db safety track for the interviewer. Or better, yet, use two of them.
    As far as ethical worries: Impractical Jokers, What Would You Do? and Candid Camera. Nothing new there.
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    Thomas Hill reacted to homestar_kevin in Small camera advice   
    I have the gx85 and love it as a travel camera. Went on a trip with the gx85, g7, 12-32mm, 45-150mm, 14mm, 25mm, and more all in a smaller/light backpack. Had a great time.
    The kit zooms are slow, but they really are nice and compact. Definitely worth having around IMO
    But I also have the nx1 and nx500.
    It doesn't make sense for most people to buy samsung nx stuff at this point, but you might be an exception.
    The nx500 is pretty sweet. It doesn't have all the feature of nx1, but feels very similar. It has the 16-50 PZ lens that is super tiny. It's slow, but it's a good kit lens. You could also get some of the NX Prime lenses, which are faster, but with slower/noisier AF. 
    The nx500 also has a pretty crazy crop in 4k. It is hackable, but out of the box the 4k is really zoomed in.
    Again, it might not make sense for most to buy more NX gear, but it depends on how you like the nx1 and how long you plan on sticking with it, and also what samsung lenses you currently have. If you keep an eye out for a good deal, the nx500 may be a worth while addition to your NX gear
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    Thomas Hill reacted to bjohn in SIGMA FP with ProRes RAW and BRAW !   
    This is why I think it's worth seeing what Sony comes up with this year for its A7 line; there are lots of rumors of new cameras to be released soon but regardless if you're not in urgent need of a new camera it might be worth waiting to see what Sony has to offer; if the video specs are improved it could tilt the balance toward Sony.
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    Thomas Hill reacted to Andrew Reid in SIGMA FP with ProRes RAW and BRAW !   
    So does the ARRI Alexa 
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    Thomas Hill got a reaction from Alt Shoo in JVC GYLS300 In 2019   
    Congrats! And the doc looks great.
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    Thomas Hill reacted to Alt Shoo in JVC GYLS300 In 2019   
    I’m very grateful to be connected with JVC! They posted an interview they did with me on their IG profile talking about my film Marcy Made and how it was filmed with the JVC-GYLS300!
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    Thomas Hill reacted to docmoore in Canon 1D X Mark III Review // Filmmaking, video and cinema camera. Get the Fuji X-T4 instead?   
    I have been using the A9ii for a number of months ... filming a podcast, and services for my local church while in lockdown. Multihour sessions without
    any heat issues just works ... record to a Video Devices PIX-E5 with a PIX-LR to get around the 4:2:0 internal spec ... but the times I have used the internal
    100MB/S codec it has looked good enough.
    Color is very good, skin tones accurate and DR acceptable. I rarely use AF ... mostly use Zeiss Loxia lenses but for stills outdoors it is perfect and video
    with the 70-200 GM is very good. Here is a booring look at the garden ... lockdown not rigorous in Texas but too hot to do a lot of outdoor filming after 800AM. Watch in 4K ....
    It looks like the AF speed is a bit faster here than necessary ... and I will use a slower setting in the future.
    This camera makes me want Sony to give us the specs for the A7SIII and the FX-6 ... 10bit more robust codec and I would have nothing to complain about ...
    the new Venice colors work for me.
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    Thomas Hill reacted to bjohn in Video is difficult   
    Agreed. I'm a relative newcomer to video (~3 years) after almost 5 decades of photography and I got into it reluctantly because I like keeping things simple. But as a creative outlet I don't think anything else can match it. I get to conceptualize and tell a story, compose my own music, solve lots (and lots) of problems, and learn new skills like color grading. The technical details and nitpickery can be overwhelming, but it's good to remind myself that I don't shoot videos for cinematographers and colorists. They're not my audience.
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    Thomas Hill got a reaction from Márcio Kabke Pinheiro in Fuji X-T4   
    Except for the static wide shot at the beginning, this was shot handheld with the 18-55 kit lens on the x-t2 (pretend that it's a Marvel movie and watch through the credits).
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    Thomas Hill reacted to BTM_Pix in Sigma Fp x Canon Dream Lens 50mm F0.95   
    Desperate for any excuse to actually use my fP again, I've just gone outside to shoot this very quick, non-scientific and, indeed, slightly not focused on the ColorChecker test to show you the different profiles.
    I actually quite like the Portrait one as a flatter profile myself.
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    Thomas Hill reacted to MediaMan in Sigma Fp x Canon Dream Lens 50mm F0.95   
    Now there's a phrase you don't hear every day.
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    Thomas Hill reacted to PannySVHS in Panasonic S1 V-LOG -- New image quality king of the hill   
    A little vignette I fiilmed last week with the beautiful Canon FD 20mm and the awesome Vivitar 90mm macro lens plus 50mm 1.4 SSC for the slomo at the end.
    First shot is in BW and colored in Davinci, filmed with GX85. Arrow shots at sunset between 12800 and 25600 ISO, which worked impressively well in 4K, not so well in slomo of course. I am very, very impressed by this camera. Battery life is good. With two original batteries one should be happy for the day. Sorry for the sound quality and lack of sounddesign. All shot in L monochrom and portrait with manual color temperature, 8bit 4k and 125fps HD at the end. High shutter speed for the fans of motion cadence. cheers
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    Thomas Hill reacted to Andrew Reid in Idolise Trump? Goodbye!   
    No, we are not censoring ourselves because of some fuckwits.
    Politics are allowed.
    Wankers aren't.
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    Thomas Hill reacted to paulinventome in Alternate Leica M Digital wide angle body   
    Fixed in current firmware.
    It is very good with M lenses so far. No OLPF but don't know about the thickness of the filter stack. I need to get hold of a 28 cron to test with but others seem fine
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    Thomas Hill got a reaction from BTM_Pix in Sigma Fp review (part 1) and interview - Cinema DNG RAW internal recording!   
    Sony to the rescue! But with the one BIG ASS caveat that it's rumored to cost about $1200 US.
    "Sony Xperia Pro is a 5G-enabled smartphone encased in a rugged case that features HDMI direct camera connectivity and a massive 6.5-inch CinemaWide display with 4K resolution. A triple lens camera is included too (12MP+12MP+12MP), an 8-megapixel front-facing camera, 8GB RAM and 512GB expandable storage (up to 1TB)."
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    Thomas Hill reacted to BTM_Pix in Sigma Fp review (part 1) and interview - Cinema DNG RAW internal recording!   
    File this under "Just checking it works/Isolation Cabin Fever" but just had a quick go with the UVC output function to see if a makeshift external monitor can be deployed if you need one but aren't carrying one.

    The short answer is yes it can.
    You'll need an Android device (its doable on iOS but only with a costly adapter last time I checked) and with older devices such as mine you'll need a USB OTG cable which are only a few quid and useful anyway to connect USB drives etc to the phone.
    You'll also need a viewer app and there are a myriad of free and paid ones on the Play store so just search for combinations of "uvc" and "usb webcam". I haven't tested enough of them to draw a conclusion so best to use your own judgement based on whatever downloads/review criteria you normally use. 
    When you have the software installed, its a simple case of connecting the USB-C of the FP to your phone (either directly if your phone is USB-C or via the OTG adapter if not) and the default setting of your FP is to auto-detect what you have connected to the USB-C port so you will see a prompt telling your to switch to Cine mode.
    So, is it useful?
    It could have been and might still be if you don't mind the caveats.
    The first caveat is that it will only work in Cine mode.
    The second one is that you don't have access to any of the menus (not even the QS) when it is in UVC mode and won't be able change anything, although if you have a lens with manual aperture, set the mode to shutter priority and have Auto ISO set you can some minimal non-optimal control.
    The third one is that on my phone (which is only USB2 on the OTG port) the performance isn't great or even approaching not that great in terms of lag and frame rate. On better devices this should be less of an issue.
    With those sort of caveats, the question is whether its of any use whatsoever and again the answer for me is still a very frustratingly "almost".
    The biggest boon is that with a cheap 1/4" 20 mounting mini ball head and phone grip attached to the FP you can have the elusive tilting monitoring solution which I find invaluable without an EVF. It can also be fully articulated to be front facing if required.
    Would you use it to actually do meaningful monitoring with ?
    Its performance doesn't make that viable on my device at least but for framing when the camera is not at eye level then its perfectly fine and also for focus checking as most of these apps have a finger pinch function to zoom in.
    Do I need that all the time ?
    No but as my phone is Android anyway, its far more convenient to have a cable and adapter in my bag to press it into service when I do rather than having to carry a real monitor and all the additional power and mounting stuff that goes with it.
    The fourth caveat of course is that it takes up the USB port so no external drive and if you are thinking "well if I'm recording on SD thats not an issue" then welcome to caveat number five which is that you can't record internally either !
    So you can frame with it but have to unplug it every time you want to record anything.
    Oh well at least it passed a bit of time while we are confined to our house !
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    Thomas Hill got a reaction from mercer in Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera 4K   
    The movie is Captain Marvel and it's not the Pocket but

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    Thomas Hill reacted to newfoundmass in Panasonic GH6 rumours   
    You can do that?! 
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    Thomas Hill reacted to Video Hummus in Panasonic GH6 rumours   
    Totally agree. It's more about how well the person behind the camera is operating it then the deficiencies of the camera its being shot on because most modern cameras are very good. We mostly nitpick...except for Panasonic not adding PDAF, thats just annoying as hell.
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    Thomas Hill reacted to MeanRevert in Panasonic GH6 rumours   
    "It even has 'de-focus' in the name!"
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    Thomas Hill reacted to Oliver Daniel in Fuji X-T4   
    This is the problem we have with Slog2, VLOG etc. The internet says it's crap but they don't know how to use it properly. 
    Very compelled by the X-T4 to use as a general all round purpose cam, but then again, it maybe worth waiting to see how that R5 stacks up. Or a new GH6 for that matter. 
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    Thomas Hill got a reaction from sanveer in Fuji X-T4   
    Same with the em1 mark iii. It has some nice features but it doesn't have anything that justifies $100 more than the rumored price of the x-t4.
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    Thomas Hill reacted to mat33 in Poor Olympus E M1 Mark III video specs   
    Shot on EM1x, looks very very nice.  They used 17mm 1.2 and 25mm 1.2 with segments on the 12-100f4 and 300mm f4 according to the comments.  Love the handheld tracking shot using a wheelbarrow at the end.
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    Thomas Hill reacted to mercer in Camera owning plans 2020   
    Sorry I posted the wrong link in my last reply. It's still a good article about TWD... and apparently I was wrong, they shoot TWD on 16mm, not S16.
    This is the article about FTWD...
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    Thomas Hill reacted to Mako Sports in Camera owning plans 2020   
    Just another Sunday night of fucking around 😂

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