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    sudopera reacted to Tim Naylor in Last chance to order your early 4K raw AXIOM Beta - a Linux based open source camera   
    This sort of modular build is reminiscent of Red where I can say as a former Epic  / R1 owner, the body is the cheap part. To be functional on a pro level costs a fortune (my package was about 150k USD, the "brain" was a fraction of that) .
    But let's start with the basics a semi-pro needs to be functional.
    Axiom Body (2or 4 grand at retail).
    4k recorder
    On board Monitor
    Media (whatever it uses)
    AB or Vmount Battery system (four batts, charger, batt plate)
    Baseplate and rods
    Canon Adaptor (the semi pro won't be buying PL glass)
    ND IR Set (Axiom has no built in ND)
    SDI Module (Price?)
    Hand Held Rig
    Put in your estimates, add it all up and tell me does it cost less than Sony's proposed price of an F7s? Will it be as functional without built in ND's? Will you be using or buying more lights with its less than stellar ISO? Will you lose set up time lugging a battery system instead of small internal mount batts that'll get you till lunch until you have to change? How well will it talk with Canon EF Lenses? Is your Alphatron or Zacuto EVF driving you nuts already? Are you better off buying a used Red 1 MX with better ISO, IQ and established workflow?
    How much do you really save?
    Things to think about before pulling the trigger on any system.
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    sudopera reacted to andy lee in Budget diffuser filters?   
    Formatt make a great diffusion filter - same quality as Tiffen but cheaper
    Formatt Super Mist 1/4 is a nice filter less harsh than Tiffen Promist 1/4
    I only ever use these filters when shooting close ups for girls/actresses faces or it can end up looking like 1970's Penthouse porn if you are not carefull!! beware!! haha!
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    sudopera reacted to andy lee in Budget diffuser filters?   
    you can make your own diffussion very cheaply - stretch nylons over the back of the lens - this is an old Hollywood trick that works a treat - they have been doing it for years - how tight you stretch it effects the amount of diffussion.
    Janusz Kaminski’s work with Steven Spielberg uses this alot , as well as Joe Wright’s Atonement, shot by Seamus McGarvey,
    have a read of this !
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    sudopera got a reaction from dahlfors in Nikon D750 review - initial thoughts and real-world footage - ladies and gentleman we have a contender!   
    It seems that this really is the best stills/video hybrid on the market right now. Just found a great review from England No.1 Wedding Photographer Ross Harvey: http://www.rossharvey.com/reviews/nikon-d750-review
    He says that he will use D3s as a backup body for stills from now on.
    EDIT: Btw Andrew, it would be nice to see some anamorphic footage from D750 if possible.
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    sudopera reacted to Nick Hughes in Nikon D750 vs D810 - guess who wins?   
    What is it about new cameras that has such a magical power to transform professional filmmakers into arrogant, bratty children? It's incredible, really.
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    sudopera reacted to Inazuma in Nikon D750 vs D810 - guess who wins?   
    BTW lafilm, what lenses do they use for porn?
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    sudopera reacted to hmcindie in a7s + 5d raw musings   
    Here's a little weird-o thing we shot with the 5d raw III and the A7s. Sorry about the language. Also shot a bit of 60fps raw to gauge the sharpness. Works ok!

    80% 5d raw and rest a7s (all the night shots in the forest and the stars).
    5d is still usability wise higher than the A7s. A7s is just more fiddly and everything takes a bit more time. Raw is absolutely astounding. It's quite close to Alexa arriraw (though I'm not very critical) except with the banding in low light and not as good highlights. Colors are great.
    The a7s is also mindblowing but in different ways. It's mindblowing in lowlight. Being able to see stars (even very noisy ones) opens your eyes. It's also very clean at lower ISOs. I'll be using both from now on forwards. 5d raw when I have the time and luxury of raw (mostly doing my own little projects) and a7s when I have to deliver to clients and I'm not attached to the material.
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    sudopera got a reaction from Jimbo in First Panasonic VariCam footage   
    Beautiful image but the price not so beautiful.

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    sudopera reacted to jgharding in Guess the camera: FS700|GH4|A7S   
    Nokia 3210
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    sudopera got a reaction from utsira in ImpulZ Film Emulation 3D LUTs with the GH4?   
    I saw your post earlier and thought maybe there is some way to have an adjustment layer in fcp. Then I googled it and here it is, great stuff :)
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    sudopera got a reaction from utsira in ImpulZ Film Emulation 3D LUTs with the GH4?   
    Just found a way to use an adjustment layer in FCPX, used it with VisionColor LUT-s and renders much faster this way. Also you can make your primary corrections directly on the clip and put LUT on the layer. Here is the link for the custom made adjustment layer: http://www.rippletraining.com/using-the-adjustment-layer-title-in-final-cut-pro-x.html
    Really like these ImpulZ LUT-s by the way
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    sudopera got a reaction from Inazuma in Tiffen filters video demonstration   
    All I can think of is that the bulb is dimmed or lower wattage, maybe some milky coating on the glass. Probably someone has a better explanation.
    Edit: Also I suppose that everything is placed further away from the black background, so light from the bulb doesn't spill on the background.
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    sudopera got a reaction from nib187 in No GH4 coverage from NAB on News Shooter and Cinema5D   
    How did I let myself to become a fanboy, I'm going now to throw myself under the train and that's on you.
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