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    sudopera reacted to terozzz in Happy halloween - Europe to introduce Article 13 - Making filming and photography in public illegal   
    I am sure this will never go through. At least in Finland, filming and photography in public places is shielded by constitution.  
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    sudopera reacted to graphicnatured in Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera 4K   
    Regardless of how this topic went, and yes, frustration can do that to any of us I'll still be visiting your site often. I really do appreciate what you've built here. Thank you, Andrew.
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    sudopera reacted to Jim Giberti in Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera 4K   
    A dignified and reflective response Andrew.
    We all act small too often. Acting big is what we need more of.
    My unsolicited advice: Delete the anti BM article - it doesn't reflect your intellect but, as you say above, it's the result of a perfect emotional storm.
    I'd offer JB an olive branch privately - he's a good man and a valuable voice for any creative community.
    A lot of your members look up to you and it's a good opportunity to show them the value of thoughtfulness.
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    sudopera reacted to Andrew Reid in Just a quick thank you for supporting EOSHD over the years   
    Looking back I owe everyone a big thank-you for using the forum and taking an interest in the blog, it is amazing what it has turned into with so little effort on my part  I think this place must be the only website on the entire internet without adverts. Long may it continue like that.
    Got a GX9 arriving tomorrow... about time I did a review of something cheap with the big shift to high-end stuff. Let me know what you'd like to see in the review of it.
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    sudopera reacted to Anaconda_ in Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera 4K   
    I just found a Q&A with a 'Black Magic Design Expert'. Let me know if there's a better way to display this. I'll try to add to it as more information comes.

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    sudopera reacted to mercer in Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera 4K   
    I’m looking at something like this for the P2. It should fit comfortably right next to my beer...

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    sudopera reacted to sanveer in Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera 4K   
    I almost bought 2 GH5 cameras (or perhaps 1GH5s).
    I would have posted a suicide video live somewhere if I had.
    Thank God I didn't. Hehehe
    I hope Blackmagic Collaborate with Foxconn and Target 30,000 Camera Sales for the first year (first 365 days, not a calender year).
    Bye bye A7siii (dead on arrival), GH5s and so many others. 
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    sudopera reacted to Don Kotlos in Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera 4K   
    Since almost all of use are going to have this soon, I believe it's time to rename the site  
    It even has phantom power. 
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    sudopera reacted to Kisaha in Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera 4K   
    Carbon hybrid body! I believe this is a first, amazing! miniXLR and the FIRST ever hybrid, with video first in mind. That is brilliant, I am excited after a long long time!
    USB C to a Samsung T5?!!?!!?! WTF?!!
    This seems like a very well thought video hybrid camera. Bravo!
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    sudopera reacted to Cinegain in Canon M50 mirrorless camera features 4K video   
    Have you seen the video with Gordon Laing? This is even useless for vlogging in 1080p... they seriously need sensor stabilization... I mean, Fuji has come around and Canon is still playing the segmentation game. But the real ones to blame are the people that will still buy this crapgh.
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    sudopera reacted to Tim Sewell in Fuji X-H1. IBIS, Phase Detect 4K beast?   
    I think that people who want the image Fuji X series cameras give will overlook or work around the ergonomic shortcomings of this new camera, while those who don't will continu to happily shoot with their preferred camera. 'S all good, man.
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    sudopera reacted to Robert Collins in NX2 rumors   
    You know when Samsung exited the ILC market, I thought it was a precursor to teaming up with either Nikon or Canon. In my view Sony enjoys a competitive advantage in cameras because it is an electronics company in a business where cameras are rapidly turning into electronics products (a bit like telephones). And Samsung has shown (and certainly has the tech) that it is the one company that can easily out Sony, Sony.
    I still think that say a Samsung/Nikon partnership makes so much sense. Samsung would bring Nikon all the bleeding edge sensor, sensor af, processing and Nikon would bring its optics, camera infrastructure and commitment. The NX1 showed that even with the best tech in the world, Samsung couldnt make a meaningful (and especially meaningful to a company as large as Samsung) dent in the market. 
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    sudopera reacted to Brian Caldwell in GH5s Anamorphic Mode Question   
    I've built prototypes of an iscorama-style single-focus adapter, but its really only suitable for shorter focal lengths in the 35mm to 75mm range.  Also, its a bit large, and the front element moves during focusing, which may cause some issues with matte boxes.  I'm also building a second type better suited for longer focal lengths in the 75 to 200mm range.  I'm still debating whether to modify these for internal focusing, which would be good for heavy-duty cine use, but would make the adapters larger, heavier, and more expensive.  To be honest, I've put the adapter project on hold until I get a few focal lengths in my anamorphic prime series completed.

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    sudopera reacted to tomekk in Why YouTuber Logan Paul can't put his camera down   
    Hmm, my techniques for avoiding certain social media's content must be working. I've never heard of him before your blog post.
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    sudopera reacted to Germy1979 in Why YouTuber Logan Paul can't put his camera down   
    If you've ever suffered 5 minutes of Youtube Kids, your "algorithm" statement is completely correct.  Watch Sonic the Hedgehog drive Lightning Mcqueen off a skyscraper 1500 feet onto a farting velociraptor with breasts and Don Johnson loafers...  while "Daddy Finger" repeats in the background. 
    I kind of hate that social media has given literally everyone a voice when I see Logan Paul as an example.  -Since feeling special and accepted is an ingrained part of every human being's natural make-up, social media, Youtube, etc.. - keeps us buried in our phones, constantly seeking value in "likes" and whatever trivial bullshit virtual currency there is.  It's a breeding ground for ill-advised priorities and narcissism.   Even if it’s just subscribing, you’re piggy backing a sense of community for the almighty motive - attention.  Everything is literally based on attention.  It drives the motive of most media "outrage" these days with a voice that says "Judge this motherf---er.  It's trendy."   or some idiot's default response to go full LiveLeak on a dead body.  
    F'king Nightcrawler.  He's done. 
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    sudopera reacted to IronFilm in Your New Years Resolution   
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    sudopera reacted to webrunner5 in Does anyone shoot in B&W?   
    Really interesting that all these B&W films were at 720p and they look great. I think it adds to it more than takes away. Now if these were all in Color I think they all would suffer at 720p.
    It is nice to know you can use a lesser camera in B&W and still project the feeling you want to achieve. Cheap thrills in a sense. Well done. Food for thought.
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    sudopera reacted to kaylee in Does anyone shoot in B&W?   
    YES!!! what a good topic
    i LOVE b&w photography, thats how i started, shooting 35mm black and white film  ive made many b&w darkrooms in closets and bathrooms lol
    frankly, dealing with color is WAY harder than shooting b&w (so many variables!) – b&w should be really freeing~! i think most ppl will find a HUGE amount of room to play in post, since you can fuck with hues and exposure like crazy to get a cool b&w image. although id love a dedicated b&w camera, having the color data to play with in post can be quite interesting
    i would love to make a b&w feature! anyway heres a few shots i took the other day that i ~chose~ to treat as b&w bc the color was so meh... much better!
    *i would recommend listening to the song low desert by r.e.m. while viewing these pics

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    sudopera reacted to Fritz Pierre in Panasonic seems to be announcing something "BIG" on December 15   
    Though you feel you don't need or want 4K, perhaps the article I copied from Reduser will explain why 4K to you....it has as much to to as anything that (although not to you) to most people the holy grail in digital cameras is to get to the look of S35....this is in both the image, and the projectibilty....where no digital camera can BE the same image as S35 film, camera makers and users can aspire to get as close to that image as possible....so perhaps to those who don't want or NEED 4K, this article somewhat clarifies why to others 4K matters...in simple terms, they are perhaps hoping to get closer to that holy grail!
    No matter how it is cut – film material always 
    possesses the same performance data:  
    the smallest reproducible detail (20 % modu* 
    lation) on a camera film negative (up to 
    200 ASA) is about 0.006 mm. We can 
    think of this as the size of film’s “pixels”, a 
    concept that is well known from electronic 
    image processing. And it does not matter if 
    it is 16 mm, 35 mm, or 65 mm film: the crys* 
    talline structure of the emulsion is indepen* 
    dent of the film format. Also, the transmission 
    capability of the imaging lens is generally 
    high enough to transfer this spatial frequency 
    (0.006 mm = 80 lp/mm) almost equally well 
    for all film formats. 
    The film format becomes relevant, however, 
    when it comes to how many such very small 
    details are to be stored on its surface – that 
    is the question of the total available storage 
    capacity. In the table below the number of 
    “pixels” are indicated for the image’s width 
    and height. 
    Based on the smallest reproducible detail 
    of 0.006 mm the table gives an overview of 
    the storage capacity of different film formats. 

    S16 2058 × 1237 pixels
    S35 4153 × 3112 pixels
    65 8746 × 3835 pixels

    this is taken from a very detailed article about sharpness and resolution from Arri.
    +100!....I have never sat in a single production meeting where a DP has said, I can't get this shot  because it's too dark or I can't get that steadycam shot because AF is not good enough...lol...the director wants answers in that meeting then and there...if the DP did not know, they would leave the meeting rather rapidly to be replaced by someone who did and  could...there are no shortcuts to excellence...someone  who rolls 200 takes on a digital camera just because the media is so cheap, is not accomplished....they are hoping for a fluke...and if they did get the shot, it would not be repeatable for them, because they'd have no idea what they did...again, there are no shortcuts to being good at something....and the camera can't do that for you either....it's easy to luck onto a shot that lasts 20 seconds and to post it on a forum and to receive lots of ooohs and aaahs...the expert can do that throughout a 21/2 feature and in that lies the major difference!
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    sudopera reacted to Oliver Daniel in “The Middle Path”: A Lumix GH5s Short   
    I'm pretty excited to see what this new GH5 model has to offer. I'm happy with the GH5 and see the prospective GH5 "S" very intriguing. 
    My favourite modes are the 1080p 200m All-I in 25p and 50p. The quality is exceptional for "lowly" 1080p, haha. 
    Been shooting a traditional Christmas video this week, all in V-Log 1080p 50p All-I....

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    sudopera reacted to Raafi Rivero in Kinefinity Terra 4k has landed   
    Pretty sure I'm the first person outside of China who has the new Kinefinity TERRA 4k. I've been a bit of a ghost on this forum since going all-in on the Kine pre-order, but here's an unboxing video by way of saying hello again:
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    sudopera reacted to Roberto Tolin Sommer in Can you shoot the international space station with a Micro Four Thirds camera?   
    5 years ago i made a photo of the ISS with my GH3. I made it in photo mode with a old russian 1.000mm catadioptric lens. It was incredibly difficult to find the tiny point in the viewfinder and mantain the hight speed across the sky. I made a few dozens shots and one was sharp. It was pure luck at 1/125s. This is a 100% pixels crop.

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    sudopera reacted to Cinegain in Leica Q, mind-blowing for stills   
    Leica is always good for premo schtuff... both quality... and pricetag.
    Needless to say... I won't be getting one anytime soon.
    Did buy my Voigtländer 17.5mm from a guy who switched to the Leica Q as well, so, I guess there's still a sunny side to it for those whose collection won't have a Leica camera init for the while.
    Of course I'm a wannabe, so I'll still chase the dream... Huawei P10 Plus has the Leica collab going on, got that MFT Leica 15mm f/1.7 and now the 12-60mm f/2.8-4 that came with the GH5. Two Summicron-R E55 f/2 primes in 35 & 50mm flavors to adapt. But then again, neither of these are even close to £1500 a pop and offer me a bit more versatility. For the lifestyle stills shooters, the Q however is definitely about as good as it gets. There's something about Leica snaps... those cameras capture the emotion of the moment, as if it feels... and intensifies it... connects you to it, where most other cameras can only see and observe, kinda lacking that kind of immersion. I also like the idea of having the very basics covered in one of the most purist forms. That's something that I really appreciate about shooting with the LX100 (oh, another thing with a hint of 'Leica'). Don't have to think about what to bring with you, you just bring your camera and that's it. Would've even been better with a single focal lenght perhaps, that would've simplified it even more. That's why I'm really hoping Ricoh would make a GRIII and hopefully one with a tilting touchscreen and weatherproofing (dustproof!). That's about as close as analog shooting with a digital camera you're going to get perhaps. Surely Fujifilm is doing great things too. And at more of an price for anyone to enjoy it.
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    sudopera reacted to Andrew Reid in Shooting 5K on the Panasonic GH5 with the new 'Open Gate' mode   
    Yes, going to be good for warp stabiliser. With Dual IS, 5 axis IBIS and Warp, maybe we won't need that £1000 tripod Flowtech 75 after all
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    sudopera reacted to Oliver Daniel in Panasonic GH5 Review and exclusive first look at Version 2.0 firmware   
    Well this sounds bloody fantastic. 
    Just this week I sold my FS5 + Inferno and ordered a GH5, which cost £1319 brand new. 
    I also got the Olympus 45-150 2.8 Pro for £639 brand new, along with some specialised lenses (macro, fisheye etc). 
    Bought a Sandisk UHS-II to test out, very expensive cards. Anything cheaper that works? 
    I really really really want to do some anamorphic stuff, Im a big fan of the look however I've never done it, and I'm not too sure how to enter it nice and smoothly. (I'm not into big rig stuff and too much messing around with workarounds). 
    Anyway really excited. Lots of GH5 videos coming this way! 
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