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  1. On 12/2/2019 at 9:51 AM, Paul Jonathan said:

    This thread seems to be getting waaaay off-topic, this is about video editing on the new 16" MBP, not the old windows vs mac or laptop vs tower discussion, smh..

    So if anyone is actually in possession of the new Macbook Pro and can share some experiences regarding workflow in FCP, Premiere and DaVinci that would be very interesting, in particular in regards to the different configurations offered.

    Mine arrived early today.  So far its great.  In premiere 2020 i can multicam edit non choppy 4 streams on a 4k sequence.  c100mk 2 upscaled, uhd braw converted prores, xc10 4k, and bmpcc original up scaled.  Before on the 2018 560x this would choke up after a few secs of multicam editing.  All smooth now.

  2. 37 minutes ago, Dimitris Stasinos said:

    Hi Paul. Yep this works on every affected unit. Actually what it does is keeping the internal audio interface in standby mode as the popping occurs due to aggressive switching. The only drawback of this workaround is that the battery life is affected as the switching was there in first place to prevent fast battery drain.

    smh...once mine arrives i will test and possibly return if i have this issue.

  3. 34 minutes ago, EthanAlexander said:

    @jpfilmz Thanks for sharing. Can you take FF stills with the speed booster on so we can see how big the image circle is? And have you been able to test DPAF performance?

    The vignetting is horrible in FF photo/video mode.  Totally unusable and the only way around it is to set photo and video to crop.  Keep a standard canon adaptors for any full frame use.  DPAF seems fine but i need to test it more.  

    Headed to a shoot, will post pics later!

  4. On 10/23/2019 at 12:53 AM, Snowbro said:

    Sent that piece of crap back. Wonder when i'll get banned from BH and Adorama. I've never seen quality vary so much in a Canon product, even the G7x, powershots etc haven't had this lack of QC. I never checked the camera, made in China?

    Last week I picked up and EOS R and it have a ERR 070 message on it that would not go away no matter what I tried.  Ended up taking it back and swapping out for a working model.  It was really strange coming from canon.  The swapped model has been flawless. 

    I've run a few test with the it now and compared it to the BMPCC 4K, C100 MK2, XC10 and the 5D Mark 3 using magic lantern crop mode.
    Lens = Canon 50mm f/1.8 stm
    ISO = 400
    f-stop = 2.8
    C100 = EOS Cinema Standard Profile
    EOS R/5D Color Profiles = Netural
    XC10 = Customized Standard Profile
    Pocket 4K = UDH Prores with Video Profile/ f2.8/500 ISO

    My findings say that the HD cropped modes on the 5D and the EOSR match the image quality coming from the C100 MK2 in detail.  The non cropped mode is business as usual with canon but the cropped mode produces a great HD image.  The XC10 HD image can match the C100 and the EOS R crop mode but only a few cases (well lit interiors or day time exteriors).  The same goes for the 4K images between the cameras.  

    Surpassingly counter to what ALL the "YouTubers" have been saying about the EOS R in 4k being soft I have found that not to be the case.  I was able to produce a nearly identify image match between it and the Pocket 4k by tweaking a few setting in a custom neutral profile. Sharpness set to 4 and contrast set to 0.  Also a work on rolling shutter.  It's definitely there.  With wide angle lenses like the Tokina 11-16 it's not much of a problem.  It becomes a much bigger problem when you have tighter focal lengths on a a subject.  I've very pleased with the performance from the EOS R so far.  

    C100 MK2 (HD) (forgot to adjust color temp here)

    5D MK3 Magic Lantern Crop Mode (HD)

    EOS R Cropped Mode (HD)

    XC10 (HD)

    EOS R (4K)

    XC10 (4K)


    EOSR 4K - Tokina 11-16


    Pocket 4K - Tokina 11-16

  5. 5 minutes ago, thebrothersthre3 said:

    The issue is you sold that video to a client and used music that isn't your own. Which I am sure probably breaks some law.

    I dont sell wedding trailers with music.  I sell full docu cuts of full wedding days that are to big to put online.

  6. 1 hour ago, TheRealOG said:

    ok dude. I am glad you are making money off of someone else's intellectual property. lol

    I could just as easily had uploaded to youtube and let youtube give the credit to the artist with no issue and the video is demonetized either way.   

  7. 9 hours ago, IronFilm said:

    I strongly disagree.

    But with a smartphone from 2035? Wellllll.........



    I suspect the first major disrupting will happen on the editing side. 

    However... we'll see it happen on the capture side as well. Imagine crowdsourcing your wedding footage from all your dozens/hundreds of wedding guests? You'll get coverage that one professional can't even manage on their own. 

    Yes, cellphones can't do that now (neither the capture quality level, or the easy access to dump them at the end of the night. Although the later is much closer than the former). 

    But do any of you remember how bad cellphones were in the early 2000's? I was a big time mobile phone camera geek back then! But looking back now they were rubbish compared to what we have in 2019!! Start guessing what we might have by 2035 in the pockets of every guest?

    I imagine we'll also see before then a middle ground happen as well, when a mix of robot cameras / crowed sourced and a human videographer gets used. Imagine this scenario, which doesn't sound that far fetched to me at all:

    All guests download an app which at the end of the night uploads all their footage from the wedding to the cloud for the AI editor. The wedding videographer arrives and installs half a dozen robot cameras on stands with have hundreds of thousands of weddings experience built into their AI. The wedding videographer (initially in the early years of the hybrid approach the human would need to be very skilled to fill in all the gaps and carefully fine tune the placement of the set up, but in later years the human "videographer" would need  to be no more skilled than the minimum wage grunt who brings in the PA system and plugs everything in) then focuses on capturing moments which: a) he knows from experience either the guests or the robot cameras tend to not be great at getting & b) key shots 

    Then the AI software spits out a few edited video options to choose from, created from a mix of the guest smartphone footage + robot AI cameras + the one human videographer (who installed the robot camera at the venue, although at permanent wedding venues they won't even need this person as they'll have their AI robot cameras set up all the time). The married couple can pick the one(s) they like the most, and give feedback to the AI editor which can further improve the result for both this couple and all future couples. 

    Might not be that many years away until with this hybrid approach a $500 videographer is matching the quality of $2K wedding videographers. 


    17 hours ago, webrunner5 said:

    I fail to see ONE shot that could not be done with a Smartphone in your footage. I think you are living in a dream world.

    That just speaks to your experience level.  Good luck with hawking irobot, eagle eye and cell phone wedding shoots.  I'm good on my side and not worried about it.


  8. 1 hour ago, webrunner5 said:

    The wedding part is about half way trough. It is not only that Robots Can do it, it is that more and more people are not going to pay ANYONE to shoot it. Keep your day job is the take away. Young people just don't have any money with Student Debt, Credit Card Debit. And a Smartphone on average with 50 people shooting them gets the job done well enough in this day and age for a lot of people that go down to Wal Mart and get them printed. Bingo.


    People will always pay for someone to focus in on that aspect of a wedding if they want it done right no matter what the picture/video capture taking box is.  My focus is documentary style wedding production and cell phones or fixed ceiling cams cannot make it through 8 - 10 hrs a day of video recording through different environments and locations. Even taking photos would't work.  Imagine someone with a cell gimbal phone invading the alter the space of the bride, groom and pastor just to get a close up of the wedding rings.   I'd slather that type of customer experience competition every time.  By all means have at it....more differentiation for me.  

    It's like to see AI and Robots endure following a bridge and groom around for 8/10hrs a day in multiple locations indoor and outdoor on weddings shoots.  



  9. 3 hours ago, IronFilm said:

    Spent less than two minutes on google and it looks like they've got cameras built in (that security camera looking thingy on the top right):




    Certainly a low budget wedding! 
    (although I don't spot any robot cameras in that video)

    Im not sure many here actually shoot many weddings.  In my market its laughable to think robots and fixed security cams can match what I can do with other humans. Today or anytime soon in the wedding video market.

  10. 12 hours ago, UncleBobsPhotography said:

    The first step will be for automation to let 1 person do a 3 person job. If they really put the resources into it, I don't think it would be difficult to make AI track subjects and cut between frames better than we do, but the videography/photography industry is not as attractive as self-driving cars, so I'm not certain how much real innovation is going to happen in the short term.

    It's going to take alot more than a fixed camera in the sky to accomplish what I described.  Further more wedding venues like this will never install cameras around the property.




  11. 12 hours ago, UncleBobsPhotography said:

    I am not sure if you're sarcastic or not... In South Korea they have wedding halls that run one wedding every 30 or 60 minutes. The whole thing is so repetitive and since the same format is used 10 times each day, it would easily be worth the investment to put cameras on rail in the ceiling for every viable angle. I haven't been to a wedding in 6 years, so they might very well have implemented it already.

    Western weddings are a bit more disorganized, but I still think a large portion of the shots could be automated.

    I'm not worried about automation at all.  For AI to displace me it would need to be able to hold a camera and follow a bride and groom around on foot through different environments (indoors, outdoors, hotel to venue, up elevators, rooftops patios, etc) from the start of the day through the ceremony through the reception.  Fixed cameras in the ceiling in one venue will never be able to do that nor will they be able to track or cut to different subjects (brides maids, grooms man, family) with any level of confidence.  Ai won't know what's important to focus on  if something impromptu happens.  Being able to read human cultural nuances like an actual human and respond with emotion intelligence to choose a particular shot/subject focus is not something Ai will be able to do anytime soon. 

  12. 6 hours ago, zerocool22 said:

    Well I feel like ART is one of the only jobs where robots will not catch up too that easily.

    Yes, it will be quite sometime before a robot can move about places with a camera as a floating shooter getting shots and tracking a subject in a dynamic enivornment like a wedding.  Way to many variables.

  13. I've been really wondering lately.....where exactly is all this 4k/8k high resolution stuff supposed to be consumed?  Seriously there are not many places at all for it.  With mobile taking over everything thing I'm starting to feel we are wasting time chasing higher resolutions.

    YouTube (bitrate compressed 4k)
    - 70% viewers are mobile
    - Mobile only supports 1080
    - 4k+ only on desktops(30%)

    Vimeo Pro (bitrate compressed 4k)
    - Supports 4K through upgraded service option
    - 4k only on desktop
    - Mobile HD only

    - 90% of Facebook’s daily active users access it via mobile
    - 1080p only on desktop
    - Mobile HD only

    - 100% mobile
    - Supports 1080 uploads
    - Mobile HD only

    Amazon Prime (bitrate compressed 4k)
    - 4k for original content only
    - Non originals/indies limited to 1080 uploads
    - Mobile HD only

    Netflix (bitrate compressed 4k)
    - 70% viewers on TV
    - Supports 4K through upgraded service option
    - Very slim chance of getting your content here

    - Removed 4k content last June

    - 2k DCP

    Direct Digital File from computer via hdmi connecting (Non bitrate compressed 4k)
    - 4K Projector
    - 4k/8k TV

    Ultra HD blurry disc writer
    - N/A for consumer purchase

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