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  1. Crippleware at its finest. I mean seriously...you can shoot raw on the 5DMk3 and below. IN DIFFERENT RESOLUTIONS. It is laughable at how purposefully limited the R5 is by Canon. I believe this camera can shoot 8k,6k,4k,& 1080 raw with no issues but Canon wont program it to do so. I don’t believe any excuse Canon makes nor canon apologist make regarding this silly segmentation game they are playing.
  2. The overheating recovery time is pretty horrible. Totally unusable for a full day of work.
  3. Just seeing more real world testing. Its just really absurd. Um not paying $5k for a kit that overheats due to menu usage, stills taking and cripples my high res shooting options. Im outdoors shooting a soccer game wanting a mix of photos and videos. If i snap for 45 mins then decide now let me grab some 8k raw or 4k 120 here and there for the remainder of the game and ransomware starts flashing telling me I only have 10 mins before detonation....thats USELESS to me. It then becomes an EOS R...granted with no crop...but still thats a poor user experience.
  4. That was the last straw. Pre order canceled and I'm sending all my cards back via amazon. It's WAY too much liability. This thing is nothing but an EOS R with packaged seppuku.
  5. Yep, churches, sports club programs, universities, and fitness clubs. Looking at possibly a blackmagic setup.
  6. Mine arrived early today. So far its great. In premiere 2020 i can multicam edit non choppy 4 streams on a 4k sequence. c100mk 2 upscaled, uhd braw converted prores, xc10 4k, and bmpcc original up scaled. Before on the 2018 560x this would choke up after a few secs of multicam editing. All smooth now.
  7. smh...once mine arrives i will test and possibly return if i have this issue.
  8. Full speced but only 1 terabyte hard drive. Trading in my 2018 6 core 32gig Radeon Pro 560x for it after not be allowed to trade for the vega 20 when it came out months after.
  9. Minor error on the post that I made. The bottom is 24mm and the top is 70mm.
  10. The vignetting is horrible in FF photo/video mode. Totally unusable and the only way around it is to set photo and video to crop. Keep a standard canon adaptors for any full frame use. DPAF seems fine but i need to test it more. Headed to a shoot, will post pics later!
  11. Field of view differences below. Same distance. 4K iso 200 Canon 50mm f1.8 Standard Canon EF Adaptor f1.8 4K iso 200 Canon 50mm f1.8 Metabones Canon EF Adaptor f1.2
  12. Not sure but im trading my 2018 i9 560x in for one.
  13. Last week I picked up and EOS R and it have a ERR 070 message on it that would not go away no matter what I tried. Ended up taking it back and swapping out for a working model. It was really strange coming from canon. The swapped model has been flawless. I've run a few test with the it now and compared it to the BMPCC 4K, C100 MK2, XC10 and the 5D Mark 3 using magic lantern crop mode. Lens = Canon 50mm f/1.8 stm ISO = 400 f-stop = 2.8 C100 = EOS Cinema Standard Profile EOS R/5D Color Profiles = Netural XC10 = Customized Standard Profile Pocket 4K = UDH Prores with Video Profile/ f2.8/500 ISO My findings say that the HD cropped modes on the 5D and the EOSR match the image quality coming from the C100 MK2 in detail. The non cropped mode is business as usual with canon but the cropped mode produces a great HD image. The XC10 HD image can match the C100 and the EOS R crop mode but only a few cases (well lit interiors or day time exteriors). The same goes for the 4K images between the cameras. Surpassingly counter to what ALL the "YouTubers" have been saying about the EOS R in 4k being soft I have found that not to be the case. I was able to produce a nearly identify image match between it and the Pocket 4k by tweaking a few setting in a custom neutral profile. Sharpness set to 4 and contrast set to 0. Also a work on rolling shutter. It's definitely there. With wide angle lenses like the Tokina 11-16 it's not much of a problem. It becomes a much bigger problem when you have tighter focal lengths on a a subject. I've very pleased with the performance from the EOS R so far. C100 MK2 (HD) (forgot to adjust color temp here) 5D MK3 Magic Lantern Crop Mode (HD) EOS R Cropped Mode (HD) XC10 (HD) EOS R (4K) XC10 (4K) EOSR 4K - Tokina 11-16 Pocket 4K - Tokina 11-16
  14. C100ii by a large margin.
  15. jpfilmz

    Race to the bottom

    I dont sell wedding trailers with music. I sell full docu cuts of full wedding days that are to big to put online.
  16. jpfilmz

    Race to the bottom

    I could just as easily had uploaded to youtube and let youtube give the credit to the artist with no issue and the video is demonetized either way.
  17. jpfilmz

    Race to the bottom

    Like I care. At least Im getting work vs woe-is-me'ing about hypothetical theoreticals.
  18. jpfilmz

    Race to the bottom

    That just speaks to your experience level. Good luck with hawking irobot, eagle eye and cell phone wedding shoots. I'm good on my side and not worried about it.
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    Race to the bottom

    People will always pay for someone to focus in on that aspect of a wedding if they want it done right no matter what the picture/video capture taking box is. My focus is documentary style wedding production and cell phones or fixed ceiling cams cannot make it through 8 - 10 hrs a day of video recording through different environments and locations. Even taking photos would't work. Imagine someone with a cell gimbal phone invading the alter the space of the bride, groom and pastor just to get a close up of the wedding rings. I'd slather that type of customer experience competition every time. By all means have at it....more differentiation for me. It's like to see AI and Robots endure following a bridge and groom around for 8/10hrs a day in multiple locations indoor and outdoor on weddings shoots.
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