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  1. this a1 which does not do an internal 8k raw ... and only does a 4: 2: 0 at 10 bit (the r5 is 4: 2: 2 at 10 bit and 12 bit in raw) with a smaller format than the r5. (7680 x 4320 sony ). ( 8192 x 4320 canon )
  2. I had updated my r5 to version 1.1.1 .. but it did not restore the times with the date change and battery removal. I reverted to version 1.1.0 and resumed the timer reset. Firmware downloaded from canon italy. Who does the reset of the timer with the date change work with version 1.1.1 and r5?
  3. Hi Andrew I advise you to do new tests with the new firmware ... now the overheating is sensitive to temperatures ... I shot half a day in the cellar with temperatures of 12 degrees and I had no overheating, always running at 120 fps, this guy has demonstrated that by putting the fans and cooling the area of the cards can run without overheating ... even when the light appears after the ventilation goes off and continues to record. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_K5HG1rlnVc
  4. Today I shot all morning in a wine cellar .. with temperatures around 12 degrees ... surely they changed something since I always shot at 100 frame takes of 2/3 minutes and when I stopped it always gave me the maximum time (7 min and 30 sec). No time offer available. So I implemented the temperature control on the new firmware ... I modified mine that I withdrew yesterday from the cps in addition to replacing the circuit that controls the power supply that was gone
  5. Canon su please the customers who bought the camera you advertised as 8k and 4k 120 fps and lift the stupid recording limits !! Leave the 15 minutes x 8k and 10/7 min for 4k 120 ..... but eliminate the waiting times to have a few more minutes of recording !! make it always available to shoot 8k and 4k 120, 4k hq without ever having to turn off the camera !!! But only if a room actually reaches 80 C ° if used in too hot environments !!! Make your customers happy who have been using canon for a lifetime and have been waiting for this room at last with innovative and valid functions !! After you
  6. Hi Andrew thanks for your work, I spent a lot more than 4000 $ !!! I bought R5 + 4 batteries, adapter ef -r, 2 cf express san disk 512gb, total 6670 euros !!!! And I mostly work with videos !! It is absurd that I find myself having a room advertised as 8k !! and to work without problems I have to use a poor 4k !!! Canon be ashamed !!! And I hope that all the owners join in a class action to ask for these limitations to be lifted and for canon to pay !!! They are just stupid! even for their speakers !! how many people like me work with videos and photos and spend almost 7000 euros to work with
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