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  1. I rented the 5D4 for a wedding shoot yesterday to go along with my other cams. Used a 512gb sandisk SD card with gave it about 128 minutes or 4K shooting. The lowlight is not as good as in full frame mode but it's not as terrible as everyone is making it out to be if you shoot with fast lenses.
  2. They have the 4k version up now.
  3. Ordered. These picture profiles look fantastic. Im running a CLOG comparison between the 5D3 h264, XC10 clog HD and 4K. Later on I'll run it against 5D3 Raw and the C100MK2 UPDATE: wow...these clog profiles are really good! The CLOG profile is pretty spot on by my estimation. The first 4 images are of 5D3 h264 f/5.6 @ 3200 ISO, the next 2 are XC10 HD and the next 3 are XC10 4K...both set to f/[email protected] 2000ISO. I have a wedding shoot this weekend and I'm definitely going to shoot with the CLOG profile over the neutral profile on the 5D3.
  4. Yeah...no. The GH4 has weak low light abilities without a speedbooster and it still has an un-cinematic 8bit image to it. It's not a Full frame image...it's not even a better stills camera. It does works great from event recordings though however....the image can't compare to a 14bit RAW 5D3 HD image. The XC10 image is way underrated and I suspect the same will be the case with the 5D4.
  5. Yes it's that smooth. Not that i can tell, but if you use it in 4K it definitely uses more power and the exhaust vent is on more...but it's nothing noticeable. Below is not my video but some good examples of hand held work. I import into resolve, grade and export out as prores.
  6. Correct. 5-Axis is only in 1080p. The 4K stabilization good too. It gets rid of shaky hand footage, but you won't be able to walk and get gimbal like footage as from the 5 axis hd mode.
  7. Also 4K only records to the Cfast card and HD records to the SD card only. The build quality of the XC10 is great. The view finder works well in bright shooting environments and for RunnGun in good lighting it is my favorite camera to shoot with. The 5 axis + lens stabilization + clog + light weight + viewfinder + autofocus + 4k make it very fun to shoot with. Low light interiors not so much...you will need to light but was recently improved via firmware update. I did just picke up a C100 MK2 to handle more challenging lighting situations, but any other time i i'll prefer to reach for the X
  8. I'm in the same boat here. Should I save money and pickup a C100 mk1 and then a 5D4 later in the year or go for the C100MK2 and pickup a 5D4 in the Spring next year. The C100 would mainly be regulated to tripod/monopod event work in lower light situations. Anything in daylight outdoors/run and gun would be tasked to the XC10.
  9. I've just finished filming a short film. We used 5D Raw, A7s + speed booster, GH4 + speed booster, and the XC10. The best looking and "organic moving" footage in my opinion came from the 5D Raw and the xc10 in 4k. The a7s was the 3rd best and the gh4 was the sharpest "out of camera". We could have comfortably shot the whole thing on the XC10. Unsharpened ungraded CLOG frame grabs. Having a 1 inch sensor is no hindrance for a shooter like me...i own multiple cameras and i light my shoots. I'm invested in canon gear, it uses the same batteries as the 5D3, has good battery run time, doe
  10. In camera sharpness test. There was a slight error with the video clips. The first 4 clips are with sharpness to the max and is too sharp...but the rest is with sharpness set at +4. This should put to rest the idea that this camera is a soft 4k camera.
  11. Kept my word and returned to the XC10. I love it. The first time I had it i didn't play with the setting enough to learn how to shoot with it properly. It is an awesome little camera that is very underrated. Here are some stills created from its 4k clips.
  12. "For January-March, operating profit dropped 39 percent to 40.1 billion yen ($361.4 million), the company said. That missed the 67.74 billion yen average of five analyst estimates, according to Thomson Reuters data. Canon said it now expects full-year operating profit of 300 billion yen, lower than a previous forecast of 360 billion yen." They made $360 million when they expected to make $605 million. I'm not saying Canon is dying but looking at the imaging systems...a 33% profit drop is not in a favorable direction to be moving. We'll see that happens next.
  13. Pretty significant drops. Seems like Andrew has been dead right about Canon all this time.
  14. I have both. 5DMK3 Raw is very stable with the right cards. I cannot go back to 8bit for anything except long form events. The RAW work flow is really not a hassle and it's much like the workflow for handling RAW images. DNG creation is easy with the 5D raw files and from there its the same experience as editing blackmagic DNG files in Davinchi Resolve. If your looking for a raw camera for only video then I would recommend the Blackmagic Pocket ONLY if you purchase a speed booster to go along with it. With the speed booster you will be able to shoot on par with a 5DMK3 in low light situatio
  15. Saw the suggestion about uploading in 4k vs 1080 for YouTube for better results and wanted to give it a shot. I think it works pretty good. Below was all 5D raw and the last half was shot with the XC10.
  16. Are you using an external thunderbolt2/USB3 RAID storage setup or is it all internal ssd?
  17. You may want to hold off and check this new gimbal out from DJI. I'm thinking about selling my Ronin M for this. http://thenextweb.com/gadgets/2015/10/08/dji-launches-new-650-4k-handheld-steadicam-to-make-your-movies-as-smooth-as-hollywoods/
  18. 5D3 Raw is not that difficult to work with at all today. There is only 1 step (MLV conversion) ahead of it's RAW workflow and it's easy. Now that you have Davinchi 12 out and MLRAW viewer,SlimRAW, or Rawmagic it's so easy. Also with Lossless Compressed cinemadng RAW files you save a ton of hd space. Every time i get footage from it I love it. Just don't use it for shooting events or long continuous recordings.
  19. Ok...now I'm definitely going to add this to my camera bag after seeing more footage.
  20. ​Interesting....I'm going to try to add sharpening to some of the footage i have and see what the result is.
  21. Behind the scene​s 4k footage shot on the XC10. Doesn't look bad...but doesn't look 4k to me.
  22. Canon should knock off $1000 on the XC10. ​It's not a bad camera but I feel that it is too soft for an image @ 4K. I don't think it looks bad....but it doesn't wow you like the detail and clarity of GH4 4k footage.
  23. ​Here is a 4k version. I'm inclined to agree with tugela's appraisal of the camera for the most part. Most of these shots were over exposed and relied on the auto focusing system to pull focus. I wish I had more personal time to shoot on it during the wedding vs the lesser experienced shooter because if not properly exposed the footage will be softer than normal...but not h264 soft. You have to set the ND filter and then dial in the exposure and ISO and it's not intuitive. It's no where near as sharp as GH4 4k footage. I also agree with the Johnnie Behiri review of this camera in t
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