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  1. Excellent....this is exactly what a canon rep at CES told me would happen. Much more sensible pricing.
  2. Got a bit of interesting news. I just got back fro CES in Las Vegas. I visited the Canon Cinema booth and had a chance to look at the 7D mark 2 and the 1DC. I really love the auto focusing capabilities of the 7D. It's really impressive and I may pick one up. In regards to the 1DC. They told me to not be surprised to see a price drop this year on the 1DC to something close to what Andrew got his for. They said it would be in response to the Sony FS700's price point. I asked about the possibility of a 1DC mark 2. They said that it would occur in the future, but no estimated dates were given. The Dual Pixel auto focus on the 1DC or 5D...or any full frame offering would not be offered/very low possisbilty. Apparently, it's very hard to engineer on full frame cameras and easier on APS-C cameras like the 7D and the C100 series. I didn't ask why. I happened to have my Blackmagic Pocket camera with me and they spoke highly of it's image. They also mentioned that they love what magic lantern was doing with 5D RAW but hated that they were not working more closely with the magic lantern community. Note...these appeared to be american canon reps.
  3. Pretty innovative and fun concept but I'm not sure I could survive an entire feature in POV.
  4. Utterly pathetic stance by Canon. They really don't care about dslr video shooters. Regarding the 7D mark 2...I am interested to see what Magic Lantern people are able to get out of it. 60fps magic lantern raw would be of interest to me. Other than that...I have no reason to look at any dlsr cameras from Canon anymore for video applications.
  5. Mine arrive today. Ordered on July 17 Shipped on the August 1st. Very impressed with the size and performance. It will supplement my 5D Raw very nicely.
  6. jpfilmz

    C100 video

    Canon's colors are unmatched.
  7. The price will probably rise on the distributors sites...it's back to the $995 on the blackmagic site. I'm glad I pulled the trigger on one.
  8. Yep...your right. Went back and check it out. Thanks.
  9. Has anyone here tried changing the to the GPU Ray Trace render setting in After Effects? I like Davinci Resolve but I also like Adobe Camera Raw better. I tried it out with it vs CPU and it improved my render times dramatically. A 2 hour DNG sequence went down to 12 minutes. This was done using a 2014 Macbook Pro with Intel Iris Pro Graphics NVIDIA GeForce GT 750M and 2GB GDDR5 memory.
  10. That was an incredible display of low light capabilities. I'm willing to work around the jello to gain access to that level of low light performance. I may have to rig the camera out more but I would not have to carry around as many lights, light stands, extension cords etc. It's crazy how fast technology is advancing....5..10 years from now I can't begin to fathom what will be possible at the $3k price point.
  11. If you budget is strictly $1500 - $2000....go with the AX100.
  12. I've been going back an fourth with this same question myself. Every time I go into Best Buy I go play with it and try to convince myself that I don't need it. It is a great "utility knife camcorder" to have in your arsenal. I think it would be great for run n gun setups and other things where you don't want to fiddle with lenses, adaptors, dslr type rigs. The zoom is excellent and that 4k is good so long as you don't zoom in...then you get into jello hell.
  13. Man....now I want to get rid of my Super Takumar 50mm f/1.4.
  14. I had a chance to play with the Sony AX100 in Best Buy last week. This rolling shutter is JUST LIKE IT in 4K mode. I will say that the AX100 did have a great image in 4K and the rolling shutter in 1080 mode was not bad at all.
  15. I don't see what the big deal is. There is nothing wrong or misleading with the title of this article. And this business about who posted what first...as if this is going into some official peer reviewed journal is laughable.
  16. I noticed this aswell. I still think the 5D raw is better all around in low light BUT the price point for the GH4 + Speedbooster is a tremendous combination that is impossible to ignore.
  17. I just recently lost my 2010 imac (upgraded with 32 gigs of ram) to a house fire. Had no big problems working with raw on it. I just could not run resolve lite on it due to the graphics card. I'm replacing it with the latest imac maxed out on all the specs. I'm getting the 1 terabyte internal SSD and going to edit everything off external drives....either thunderbolt or usb 3 drives.
  18. End of film: Paramount first studio to stop distributing film prints http://www.latimes.com/entertainment/envelope/cotown/la-et-ct-paramount-digital-20140117,0,5245137.story#ixzz2qwOjXgH1 "Paramount’s move comes nearly a decade after studios began working with exhibitors to help finance the replacement of film projectors with digital systems, which substantially reduce the cost of delivering movie prints to theaters. In addition to relying on digital hard drives, theaters are installing satellite systems to digitally beam movies into cinemas. That could significantly lower the cost of delivering a single print, to less than $100 from as much $2,000." Well that progressed quickly. Wolf of Wall Street's cameras: Arri Alexa Plus, Arri Alexa Studio, Arricam LT, & Canon EOS C500.
  19. As of right now...I would love to have this in my camera tool bag. Documentary shooting, concerts, b-roll, establishing shots would all look great off this cam.
  20. No, I haven't experienced any dead pixels as of yet. There was an error in my above post. I didn't shoot over 2000. How high of an ISO were you shooting when you experienced dead pixels?
  21. I guess 2014 really is the year for 4K. It maybe just a handycam but that footage is impressive. I'm excited to what else will be announced. http://nofilmschool.com/2014/01/sony-4k-2k-fdr-ax100-mirrorless-alpha-a5000-hdr-as100v-pov-action-cam/
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