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  1. I guess 2014 really is the year for 4K. It maybe just a handycam but that footage is impressive. I'm excited to what else will be announced. http://nofilmschool.com/2014/01/sony-4k-2k-fdr-ax100-mirrorless-alpha-a5000-hdr-as100v-pov-action-cam/
  2. Mostly shot on a 5D Mark III with the Magic Lantern Raw Hack with some H264 footage mixed in. I believe I was shooting at ISO 20000. Lenses used were the Super Takumar 50mm f1.4 and the Canon 24-70m f/2.8. The raw files were graded in Resolve with bmd film applied and exported as 444 prores. I was very impressed at how well the raw footage looked in the low light. With the h264 video I have to turn on a z96 LED to not get noisy footage....but its sooo soft. It's incredible how well raw does in low light.
  3. iMac 27 inch Late 2009 model Processor: 2.8 GHz i7 Memory: 32 GB Ram 1333 DDR3 Graphics: ATI Radeon HD 4850 512 MB I cannot run Resolve on it but I have a newer Macbook Pro laptop that can...but I prefer to work in After Effects for now. It doesn't take me long to convert using RAWmagic and importing into After Effects to grade is not a problem either. I export in Proress in After Effects and edit in Premiere. Pretty simple really and not that big of a hassle. I will say that working in Resolve Lite is nice because you can bring in all the clips....apply a LUT and send them all to the render queue. If Resolve is important I'd make sure you have a compatible graphics card and a good amount of ram.
  4. I understand your pain with the BMPCC. I decided a few months ago to go with the 5D after the Blackmagic price drop. That kinda did it in for me as the resale value of that gear has terrible depreciation. Love the image.....but that wasn't enough for me to bite. I already had alot of canon gear and didn't feel like changing over to a different camera system just yet. So I decided to try the 5D out and figured RAW would be an added bonus. So far I very impressed with it. The more I shoot with 5D Raw the more I like it and feel comfortable working with it. In fact, I shot a music video this past Saturday using it and the only problem I encountered was running out of space on the 64 gig card(I will be ordering more!). Here are some ungraded frames. I like the colors and details that RAW provides. Also, on this shoot I didn't know what the subject would be wearing and when I saw his jacket I knew I could be dealing with moiré problems. I struggled with moiré using the 7D until I got a Mosaic anti alias filter for it. After that I told myself I would never deal with a camera that had moiré issues and wasn't good in low light. I heard moiré affected the blackmagic cameras and that worried me. Fortunately, the 5D handles both situations it very well so I went with it and it has done well. YouTube compression butchered this video up until 1:14 sec in and after that you can see crop mode shooting on the ants. I will say that you can't record for very long using crop mode and it will drop a frame so I would not rely on that on a shoot.
  5. Would I shoot a commercial project with Magic Lantern Raw on the 5D. Yes, I would, but I would have multiple 1000x CF cards that I know worked. Lens Rentals and other places are offer Magic Lantern 5D rental packages so it's safe to use. Audio might be a problem but...who really uses DLSR internally recorded audio anyway? I feel that the Magic Lantern features make the 5D Mark 3 an incredibly versatile camera. Crop Mode shooting is just icing on the cake. I can take a 70-200mm f/2.8 and make it a 400mm f/2.8 and lose nothing IQ wise. The detail is wonderful. This was shot with crop mode on a 24-70mm f/2.8. I can't see myself shooting h264 anymore except for wedding shoots or other event type of shooting. I do like what Blackmagic is doing. I went back and fourth between the 5D and the BMCC and finally settled on the 5D and I'm very satisfied with it.
  6. Yes, more 7D coverage would be great.  I'm excited about it as I have been using it with the anti-aliasing filter from Mosaic and it's great.  I have a 5Dmk3 now and plan on getting your raw guide soon, but it would be awesome to have a crop raw camera to go with it.
  7. http://vimeo.com/71649487 They are making progress and it looks awesome.  Some moiré is occurring but a mosaic engineering filter should fix that right?  
  8. The Blackmagic Cinema Camera just took at $1000 price drop.  FFFFFUUU!!! I just bought a 5DMK3 a day ago lol. Well guess I'll scoop up the Cinema Camera now as well.  At least my 5DMK3 will retain it's resale! :-)   http://www.bmcuser.com/showthread.php?4892-Yust-got-this-mail-from-BM http://www.blackmagicdesign.com/products/
  9. jpfilmz

    Canon 70D coming...

    Here is some video of the auto focus in action. http://www.viddler.com/v/7fadd6ab  
  10. Yeah after the film was made and years later people want to say it is good.  But when it was released, Malcolm X had a production budget of over 30 Million dollars.  Spike Lee had to put up most of his salary for the film to get it made.  It could have made some money back with that 48 million figure if marketing was included in the budget estimates.  Still, I wouldn't call that a box office hit.  Also, Denzel got a Leading Role Oscar for Training Day.  What did he play?  Halle Berry got a Leading Role Oscar for Monster Ball.  What did she play?
  11. You have to use a certain formula to get films like that to be successful.  Django Unchained succeeded because Tarantino knew exactly what he was doing. Without the Dr. King Schultz character that movie would have flopped.  Tarantino wanted to make a slave era film, but knew white americans would not go to see a serious Nat Turner revenge type of film.  Tarantino knew that the only way to pull the film off was with using humor to take the sting out of it and by having a redeeming character lead that white audiences could identify with and not be associated with the racist "bad" ones.  Also, Django wasn't really the lead character for most of the film. Dr. King Schultz lead most of the film and Christoph Waltz snagged a Best Supporting Actor Oscar for that role.   Any film that has 3 or more black leads doing something positive or showing a positive black male/black female relationship does not do well and is deemed a black/urban film and unsellable.  Movies like...The Help or The Blindside do extraordinarily well.  Just like with the movie "42" about Jackie Robinson.  It did very well, but the film really wasn't about Jackie Robinson's life but more about Harrison Ford's character getting Jackie into the league.  The same formula is found in The Help and in The Blindside.  Films like that do great....but films like "Ali", "Faster", or recently "After Earth" all flop at the box office.  Even The Book of Eli barely made money back. If a black lead is not paired with well know white lead then the movie has a high chance of flopping.  This is why Safe House did well at the box office.  The film really wasn't about Denzel's character.  It was more about Ryan Reynolds.  lol...that movie Flight did well because Denzel played another negative role.  But he didn't catch any shine for Malcolm X.  I would put money on it every time on what will flop and what will make money.  So, in a way I understand why many buyers behave the way they do.  It's somewhat insidious but they are trying to maximize profits off the collective unconscious of the majority markets.  This weekend The Man of Steel will make a ton of money like clockwork.  All these superhero movie will make a ton of money...but let them mess around and make a Black Panther film.  It will flop big time. It's just the nature of the environment for minorities.  We go see everyone else's films but no one comes to see ours.  ROI is in making mainstream 4 quadrant hits.  
  12. This is why if I ever produce any type of film I would never approach mainstream buyers/distributors for anything.  I already know they will say it's too black and wont sell.  I'm pretty sure if I tried to sell water to fish that wouldn't go over well either.  As to the article ...I do believe that the future of film will eventually transfer to the web.  There is a race to the bottom is all industries.  I really love the idea of that State Theatre.  
  13. This break through is history in the making. We are witnessing cinematography history with what Magic Lantern is doing. I can understand the calls for caution BUT....come on now. EVERYONE knew Canon was BS-ing with the 5D3's video capabilities. Straight BS. I'm a Canon shooter and I'm heavily invested in rigging my 7D for video. Mosaic Engineering filter and all the other odds and ends to help me shoot better. I don't have to money to waste on system jumping, lens matching, adaptors, etc. I shoot everything from weddings to music videos. Blackmagic caught my attention but still highly annoyed me for many reasons...shipping delays, menu ergonomics, form factor, battery, ssd, resolve not running on my 2010 Imac...etc, etc. I'm not dealing with micro 4/3s right now so no gh2/gh3. Been trolling canon rumors for updates for the 7Dmk2 and nothing. No way in hell am I paying $6k for a C100. This break through has made my purchasing options clear. Hopefully they will be able to get it to work on the 7D. With the proper lighting, ND filters, sure I can make h264 bit look great and low light wedding shooting with h264 on the 5D3 works great for me aslo...but now combined with some shots in raw. This gives me the shooting agility that I've been looking for.
  14. Maybe for big screen....for the web is a different story.
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