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  1. It the UMP really this soft compared to the C200?
  2. This is insane. I can edit and playback the 4.6k braw files smoothly on my 2018 macbook pro.
  3. Wow. If they stablize this for 3.5k raw or 4k raw it will be a KILLER coveted image. Im definately watching this closely.
  4. I like the image i'm seeing from this camera. I'm picking up the Pocket 4k for any film related task and adding this to my Canon camera line (C100MK2, XC10, & 5DMK3) up for event relate task. In mixed lighting the HD is a good match for my C100. Much better than the 5DMK3 sans magic lantern raw. For event work the auto focus for me is just critical. Running and gunning trying to keep subjects in focus using the follow focusing method with your hand sucks. I'm sick and tired of that for events but for film I can still tolerate. I'll probably retire the 5DMK3 to photo only task.
  5. I agree with this assessment and I'll be most likely adding the EOS R to my camera kit.
  6. lol wow looks like a clear shot across the bow of the C200.
  7. Try the auto iris function and toggling quickly to 60fps is a pain.
  8. All these lack of “mojo” comments are really silly. People will be able to color grade it to match just about any look they want.
  9. Is the 18-135 the stm version? when the lighting conditions are good its my favorite handheld run and gun lens for the c100 due its light weight and stabilization. It also can use the face tracking autofocus. see 1min mark below.
  10. Yes no record timelimits, better codecs, better stabilization features, better viewfinder, better screen, and with a proper metabones speedbooster you’ll be fine with all your canon glass and in low light situations. You’ll need a rode videomic pro though and to get familiar with the menu system. Still less than a C100mk 2 but no built in NDs, XLR, Dual Pixel AF performance. But if you want to structly hover in the $1800 range then the C100 MK 1 is the way to go.
  11. I'd recommend a C100 MK2 primarily for the EVF and the screen but really you could grab a nice 7in monitor for cheap and be good to go with the C100 MK1. Also, the C100 MK2 dual pixel AF will face track with the right lenses. For long form 1080 capture I wouldn't consider any other camera except for the GH5. It has a great HD image and 4k image and is not over priced. It's in your price range and the colors match well with canon. Actually image order: XC10, C100, GH5
  12. Update from Apple that fixes throttling issues with the i9. Im getting much better cpu performance with it. https://www.macrumors.com/2018/07/24/apple-addresses-macbook-pro-throttling/
  13. I just picked one up yesterday as well and im not seeing a massive throttling issue like whats being reported. Im not getting constant 4.8ghz cpu speed. Average 2.2 to 3.5. But im still testing. I coming from a 2013 macbook pro so from a 2016 to 2017 owner the 2018 might not be worth an upgrade.
  14. jpfilmz

    C100 Mark ii in 2018

    Yes. 4k is NOT needed for every job and sometimes you need a workhorse to get the job done camera that can perform multipurpose duty and pull solid image. Long battery life, NDs, auto focus, wifi browser control, XLRs, SD dual sd cards, and ergonomically a breeze to use.
  15. In google chrome i can view it in 4K. I just don't see 4k here. It looks like they softened the footage.
  16. I liked it mostly but I thought the footage looked incredibly soft for 4k. Almost like 5DMK3 h264 upscaled to 4k. I know the c200 is soft so it's probably a combination of that and shooting anamorphic.
  17. This looks great! Teaser makes me want to see the film!
  18. Thanks. I'm using the 113 build version. I haven't had any corrupted frames yet. It think it's more likely when using the MLV raw record module. With the higher res dngs you have to use the Footage app to convert to dngs or movs. https://rink.hockeyapp.net/apps/3ed6ecf60e684239a6aba3d407cf3935 As far as the 12bit vs 14bit. It very hard to tell just from visually looking at them. I haven't done much testing to know...but I suspect when in post the 12bit won't feel as color heavy as the 14bit one when grading. I attached a 12bit dng for anyone that wants to play with it. I really want to test this agains the C200 rawlite. I have a feeling that I won't like it as much. M24-0525_C0000_00511.dng
  19. 3.5k Crop Recording test. I was able to get solid continuous recording with the settings below. Raw Record Module/no sound Resolution: 3520x1320 Aspect Ratio: 2.35:1 Bit Depth: 12 Bit Lossless Other notes. I was able to easiy pull focus while recording in 3.5k mode using canon live view in 5x zoom. Using the 3k 1:1 mode with a resolution of 3072x1308 & 2.35:1 ratio I could get continuous recording and pull focus after pressing the zoom button once and using a half press on the shutter button to get a clear live view. With the half shutter the live view zooms in again allowing you to set focus. It may seem fiddly but with these resolutions on a full frame I think it's one of the best ways to check focus.
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