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  1. I have been using ebay since the very beginning and bought and sold many things. As a buyer I only had a couple of issues which were not properly scams but more things that were missing in the description. As a seller instead, since ebay is strongly in favor of the buyer, I usually avoid to sell to users with just a few feedbacks or to users who signed up in ebay just a few days before. And in case of expensive items I also don't sell to users which only buy baubles. However I noticed the customer service got a lot worse in the past years, starting from the "help" page of ebay which makes
  2. I think Fujifilm might release some new cameras, maybe a XH2 or a XT5. The XH1 in light of the competition needs a refresh
  3. My plans, if this virus craziness cools down a little, is to get one of either a Panasonic S1H, a combo of Blackmagic P6K + Panasonic S5. But I am waiting to see the video specs of the coming Fuji GFX 100s. I am positive that for stills it will be a monster of a camera. If the video specs are interesting and if the price in Europe will be in the S1H range more or less, I may consider to stretch my budget and do a switch.
  4. In fact many Americans consider they go to a different country when they go to a different US state, while for Europeans that would be seen as going only to a different region
  5. Commander Marko Ramius of the Red October "... you will receive the Order of Lenin for this, Captain!" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wzKXGKfqGzU
  6. I think that Canon never intended this camera to be targeted at professional works. There are the 1D and Cx00, etc. line for that. 5R with hardware limitations, software limitations? Probably the potential user of this product will never need to record more than 1 minute of 8k raw and definitely will never work on Premiere with H265 files. This is the camera targeted to rich amateurs like parents recording graduations and soccer games, rich tourists, etc. where there are way more potential users for each potential one using it as a professional tool. After all, the Canon lenses are good, the P
  7. 12k camera for 10000 euro/dollars. Probably about as much for the new computer needed to work with those files
  8. The first ever camera I touched was the analog camera from Olympus of my father. It's from the 1980s and it is still working today even if no one is using it any more. Always sad news when decades of expertise and craftmanship goes torn up by the stock market logic and the so called "investment companies", which are nothing more than the legal, pusillanimous and modern form of a buccaneer.
  9. Wow, good to know! I too can jump on the Prores Raw wagon
  10. It means the economy there runs faster and people have more money, which translates into a higher number of human interactions on long distances. It's the same thing as the virus popping up more in big cities than in remote mountain villages
  11. The covid-19 coming out of a lab due to a conspiracy is a fake news. Artificial virus exist and are created for research purposes but they have in their RNA codes a footprint easily recognizable as human by other scientists, since they have long chains in their RNA code originating from the human intervention. Virus deriving from natural mutations instead have small mutations spread out all over their RNA code. This is what said a prominent scientist in a tv show in Italy. This tv show is know for being a serious one.
  12. Well, hasn't been New Zealand the first country on the planet to have universal suffrage, rights to indigenous populations and a total ban on any military ship of any country, allies included, having nuclear propulsion or capable of using nuclear weapons?
  13. Here in Italy the new public enemy number 1 are people jogging outside, even if alone, even if in a mountain path, seen as the new plague spreaders, as if just by the fact of going out of a building you become magically infected by THE sickness: the virus will see you and will instantly put you into an intensive care unit. The tv media? We have basically no idea of anything but the virus, with an update of the number of infected about every 30 minutes. Any news about any other country is always about the virus, new cases in Spain, new cases in the UK, US, etc. Every talkshow is about the
  14. Unless there is a common way to test for the virus, those percentages will vary from country to country depending also on how you do the test and how you collect the data. For example here in Italy we have a higher mortality rate compared to other countries, but we do the test mostly to people who come to the hospital because they feel very sick, which means this is already a filtered sample. On the other side we have quite a few vips which tested positive like soccer players or politicians and none of them is showing bad symptoms. Probably people which are positive but are not sick are way mo
  15. How pandemics can change history? Well, sometimes a lot... 160-180 AD. The Antonine plague, some kind of smallpox, measles or bubbonic plague, strikes the Roman Empire at the very apex of its life. Weakened, the Empire is attacked simoultaneously by a coalition of barbarians on the Rhine and the Danube. After a lot of efforts the invasion is pushed back, but the Romans from now on will be always on the defensive, integrating more and more Germans in their amry ranks. Moreover, the impact on society was quite strong, with an economic crisis and an inflation which never stopped to rise for
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