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  1. 1Ale82

    GLS courier?

    Yes, same stories that happened to me. Not to mention the fact that many couriers sign the package instead of you.
  2. 1Ale82

    GLS courier?

    GLS has a bad reputation also in my country, Italy.
  3. If you can wait a little and don't need a camera right now, the XT4 will be announced at the end of the month and shortly you will be able to find used XT3 quite cheap
  4. There was no deus ex machina giving privileges to white people. Whites built their progress all by themselves. Should white people feel remorse for it?
  5. 1Ale82

    Fuji X-T4

    I think (from my humble opinion) that MTF would probably end like 1 inch sensors. Who is now making cameras with 1 inch sensors? Lower end point and shoot cameras and lower end camcorders. Or the phones. With the progress in technology, be it in the form of computing power of processors, better heat management, nanotechnology allowing more "working stuff" to be put in the sensor chipset, etc, I think Darwin evolution with the help of the marketing guys will allow bigger sensors to take the place of smaller sensors. Unless the smaller sensors will offer something still hard to have otherwise, like, I can suggest, time of flight AF, faster readout, full color photosites or God knows what else. With 2019 technology, it is easy to have basic raw video in a camera with also a big sensor in the 2000-4000 euro range (S1h, Blackmagic P4k and P6k, Z6, ecc.)
  6. Take it, you will like it! However be aware that ZE lenses don't have an aperture ring. On EF bodies you control it from the camera, but if you want to use it on multiple bodies, it would be better to take the ZF lenses. I don't know about prices in the states, but for the European market that price is quite a bargain. Even if you don't need the lens, take and resell it for a profit on ebay. Personally, instead of the 35mm I went with the 28mm f2, which, besides giving you a slightly larger field of view, it has also close focusing capabilities, more than the 35mm.
  7. I don't think that "blur" can replace the meaning of bokeh, as the word bokeh carries also an aestethic meaning with it. It describes the quality of blur. It's more or less like the difference between the words crystal and gem.
  8. The script itself is royalty free, but the recording/execution/performance is copyrighted. Usually lyric operas are royalty free for the script since most of them were composed before 1950, but the theatres organizing the performance own the copyright of the performance: if the theatre record it and make a CD, they own the recording. If no one is recording the performance, you still cannot go there and record/broadcast it yourself off the records since the execution is still protected, even if it is in a public area. The same goes for concerts and orchestras. At least this is how it works in my country, Italy. But you are always free to play the music yourself and record it, so you own your copyright ?
  9. Tilta, Smallrig and others make holders for T5 drives. They lock into the cage. The Tilta cage also has a cable holder, I don't know about the others. https://www.amazon.it/dp/B07PBDVJBD/ref=twister_dp_update?_encoding=UTF8&psc=1
  10. Considering cards/supports for video recording, Samsung T5 are quite a bargain, around 110 euro for 500gb on amazon. A CFast card of 128gb is around 300 euro, a 300MB SD card of 64 gb is around 90 euro. If you do the math, even the more expensive SSD drives are still a cheaper option than internal recording on other media. And on top of that, for T5 drive there is also a nice holder to lock into the cage of the BMPC 4k/6k.
  11. Thanks for your field report. I am organizing an Arctic expediton myself in Greenland for next March, so I really appreciate field reports. At the moment the S1H is the first on my list, the S1 the second one. Considering ergonomics, did you use the camera with your gloves on? What about the batteries in the cold?
  12. If Netflix would not provide/demand 4k material, someone else would and they would be out of business. Then, I am sure that now, 2019, 90% of the possible world wide audience does not have any actual possibility to stream 4k content, be it a lack of proper screen, slow internet connection, etc. Cameras like BMPC4K/6K, S1H, etc are not for this kind of situation. People having instead a 10k budget or working on their project as a second job are more of a target for these cameras, where rental is not much of an option.
  13. I recently acquired a Eizo CS270 for a little less than 600 euro used on the bay but in a brand new condition. It's a very good monitor, good colors but QHD resolution. Before using this monitor, I have never been thinking the difference between images displayed in sRGB vs Adobe RGB would be so noticeable. A good thing of the Eizo monitors is the (totally free) Color Navigator software, quite simple to use yet very performing and comprehensive. Real 10 bit monitors are not so many, many are 8 bit + 2 frc.
  14. The major movie critics very often just make a competition of stupidity and nonsense Totally agree, the typical contradiction of liberals, they want absolute liberty in every possible way and then complain about the effects of it
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