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  1. Thanks for your field report. I am organizing an Arctic expediton myself in Greenland for next March, so I really appreciate field reports. At the moment the S1H is the first on my list, the S1 the second one. Considering ergonomics, did you use the camera with your gloves on? What about the batteries in the cold?
  2. If Netflix would not provide/demand 4k material, someone else would and they would be out of business. Then, I am sure that now, 2019, 90% of the possible world wide audience does not have any actual possibility to stream 4k content, be it a lack of proper screen, slow internet connection, etc. Cameras like BMPC4K/6K, S1H, etc are not for this kind of situation. People having instead a 10k budget or working on their project as a second job are more of a target for these cameras, where rental is not much of an option.
  3. I recently acquired a Eizo CS270 for a little less than 600 euro used on the bay but in a brand new condition. It's a very good monitor, good colors but QHD resolution. Before using this monitor, I have never been thinking the difference between images displayed in sRGB vs Adobe RGB would be so noticeable. A good thing of the Eizo monitors is the (totally free) Color Navigator software, quite simple to use yet very performing and comprehensive. Real 10 bit monitors are not so many, many are 8 bit + 2 frc.
  4. The major movie critics very often just make a competition of stupidity and nonsense Totally agree, the typical contradiction of liberals, they want absolute liberty in every possible way and then complain about the effects of it
  5. When I was building my pc, I found this articles interesting: https://www.cgdirector.com/best-computer-for-video-editing/ https://www.4kshooters.net/2019/01/16/how-to-choose-the-best-video-editing-computer/ https://www.provideocoalition.com/building-a-photo-and-video-editing-dream-machine-for-2019/ In the order of priority, you should invest in power unit, CPU, RAM, NVMe SSD, graphic card. I think your best bet in a "normal" price range (around 500 euro/usd/gbp/etc.) would be the Intel i9 9900k cpu, probably the best compromise of cost/power. It's also a processor that can be easily found in many pre-set configuration, so probably you can eat a small cake by choosing a mass produced processor compared to more specialized ones used only for niche uses. I insist on the power unit since it's something easily forgotten but it can have a huge impact on your final configuration. And the difference in cost between a low and high watt power unit is so small there is really no need to save some coins here. Have some margin and be safe. The 10 bit issue is that in order to work properly with a 10 bit file you need a camera that can record 10 bit, a monitor that can show 10 bit, a cable that supports 10 bit, a software that can work in 10 bit and finally a graphic card that can output 10 bit. The problem with adobe is that the software cannot use the 10 bits properly with the normal "gaming" cards. Until this latest drive update of this summer (I could not find yet many info about), you had to use one of the more professional and expensive Quadro cards to output 10 bit with adobe programs. If your pc/monitor cannot show 10 bit, you will work and see your videos in 8 bits, even if your video is in 10 bit. Depending on the situation, this can or cannot make any practical difference. It's the same thing as with color spaces. If you work on a image recorded in Adobe RGB but your monitor/software can only show sRGB, you will see your image in the lesser color space, so you don't have full control of what you are doing. https://petapixel.com/2019/07/29/nvidia-unveils-new-studio-driver-with-support-for-10-bit-color-for-creatives/
  6. I also built a pc for video/photo editing and this is the configurations I went with: - i9 9900k - 32 gb RAM - 750 watt power unit - ssd samsung evo for softwares - 2T hard drives for storage - eizo cs270 screen I still need to install a video card and possibly also an active cooler for the cpu. Advices. - go large with the power unit. Go with a minimun of 600watt, the difference in cost is not so high to justify some savings here. Have some margin for possible upgrades and for overloads. - the 10 bit issue. The XT3 can record in 10 bit. Until this summer, only NVidia Quadro card could output 10 bit with Adobe softwares. Without one of those cards, you were actually seeing on the display a 8 bit signal. Now it seems also GTX and RTX cards can with the latest drives. Personally, I am considering one among the GTX 1660, 1060, 1070 or RTX 2060 cards.
  7. The X pro line are not pure rangefinder cameras. The cameras have a hybrid optical/electronic viewfinder. There is an electronic overlay on the screen with the field of view of the lens used. Basically you can see a larger field of view than the one the lens capture. But they don't have the rangefinder focusing capabilities, no split image coming together on the focusing plane. I have used only the xpro1 but from what I know, fuji has changed the optical screen in the xpro2.
  8. Tough construction
  9. Another advantage is the FTZ adapter, which gives you full access to the huge Nikon lens arsenal, including some specialized lenses like a 300mm f2.8, 500 f4, 135 f2, the PCE lenses
  10. Glad to hear Panasonic is aware of the problem and probably will find a way to fix it in the coming months
  11. Instead you found the ghosting in both VLog and non Vlog?
  12. What kind of recording was it? Internal, external?
  13. Do these clippings occur with artificial light or also with natural light? Artficial lighting can have any kind of strange light components and can always be turned off. All the blue clipping image samples looks like they involve led lights. Do this clippings occur also with natural situations like a good saturated blue sky, a green grass field, a nice yellow sunset, etc?
  14. Leaving aside the field of view and lens vignetting differences, the pixel per pixel is simply that, you are recording the individual pixel of the video frame directly with no subsampling involved. I don't know the specs but the 4k FF recording probably comes from a 6K/5,9K readout, so you get better quality/improved color. On the other side, since the pixel/pixel recording would have less processing involved, I assume will be a faster reading, so less rolling shutter. This is my assumption.
  15. Actually if you count the 200 euro vlog update, this camera is about 1200 euro more than the S1, but if offer a lot more. By the way, I just checked cvp store and there is an offer with the XLR audio module included for free
  16. Glad I held myself from getting a S1 yet. I am really interested in this camera. A major deciding factor for me would be those apertures on the sides for the cooling system. I hope it's an additional element added on the sealed chassis with a heatsink connecting the inside with the outside. Otherwise it would not be a camera to be used confidentially under bad weather or wind. But if you look at big boy brands like RED, Alexa, most of them have vans and people use them in any kind of environments, from the deserts down to -30 or so. For the Gb/money ratio, SD are the best option. If you need huge amount of Gb space, at a certain point it's cheaper to add an Atomos recorder and SSD drives. It's listed at 4000 euro or about 3300 without vat, body only
  17. Personally I would skip altogether the idea of a photo backpack for air travel. Really, you are not risking anything at all. Actually I don't like photo backpack much at all. I think their main use is to make you look professional to potential clients or customers. Just imagine the different ideas a client can have of you if he sees you carry your professional expensive cameras in a schoolboy backpack versus an expensive 300 euro photo backpack. Just use a good, light and comfortable trekking backpack and stuff if with your clothes for protection. You save weight and space. For example mountaineering gloves act perfectly as a lens case. You can fold a camera inside a T-shirt. A book at the bottom of the backpack act as a hard protection absorbing most part of potential shocks. A photo backpack will waste space and weight just by itself, and if you walk a lot you will feel the difference. Also, photo backpacks are like wearing a sign saying "hey I carry very expensive things". A worn out trekking backpack way will give the impression you are carrying your dirty clothes inside. Potential thieves will see you way before you can see them, especially in a foreign country. A photo backpack will make them concentrate their attention on you. I see you list Air France and Kenya Airways. I suppose you are going somewhere to Africa? If so, I don't know your travel plans, but if you want to travel locally with local transportation, keep in mind the buses will be quite full and cramped (people sitting in the corridor, 3 people sitting on 2 seats, you will almost never be the first in the line to board the bus/car so you will have to "fight" your way to the best seats, etc). And you don't want to leave your expensive gear in the common trunk. Your best option is to keep your photo bag on your laps when you are on the seat. Act as other spaces are not available. If there are spaces, good, if there are not, you are prepared. Keep in mind also the battery paranoia of this year. Lithium batteries are only for carry on baggage, not checked in. So, count on this added weght also. Considering air travel and the increasing paranoia on weight limitations, there are so many strategies to go with a heavier hand bag. My record was 28 chilos as hand luggage, totally undetected. You can: - have a friend/relative carry you to the airport. You leave your photo bag to your friend while you go to the checking desk with a decoy backpack on your back, small and light (just put something inside like some clothes and books to give it some mass). Then, after your check-in, you simply switch your decoy bag with your real bag (out of sight of the check-in desks...) and off you go - reduce your gear and for me the first one to go would be the photo backpack itself - carry a jacket folded on your arm and stuff the heavy things in the pockets (use the side facing your body). Even the sleaves of a jacket can act as a temporary case to hold stuff if you make a knot at the end. - you have a heavy hand luggage but you act innocently at the checking desk like you are carrying a 2 chilos hand bag. Considering the time spent at the checkin is like a couple of minutes, you could also ask something irrilevant to the operator to draw his attention from your bags to your useless question
  18. Agree on the first part, just compare a 2019 2000 euro camera and a 2015 20000 euro camera. Disagree on the second part, intellectual work, specialised handicrafts or arts should never follow a race to the bottom of prices
  19. Maybe I did not say it well. I was no saying the image has blown out areas. I was saying that this kind of situation is really stressing on sensor capabilities. You have reflections on polished or metal surfaces and recessed areas which create like a black hole. Basically it's like having several small Syper Cubes in the scene testing the upper and lower dynamic range of the cameras and both perform well. If we look at the highlight of the images posted in deezid's post both cameras also perform really well. It's a personal preference but I still prefer the S1 image, which is the camera I would (and quite probably will) get given the choice. What lenses where used for the shots? The same lens on both cameras so it can be a fair comparison?
  20. I I don't know if it's mainly for the full frame vs 2x crop factor, but I prefer the panasonic image. It's a personal opinion, but there is less "videoish" look to it. But I also like the way the BMPK 4K renders the window in the upper left corner and the black armchair in the background, where you have almost total blown out whites and total blacks. That armchair speaks a lot for the sensor capabilities.
  21. I am Italian but when I was an exchange student in the states, I was living in a rural area not far from Detroit and people warned me several times not to go to some places in Detroit. If I sum up all the advices, I would say that probably 25% of Detroit was a "no go" zone. On the contrary, in the place where I was staying people were going to the mall leaving their car unlocked. Some Brits told me the same about places in the Southern suburbs of London. What happened to your dad can happen in many places in the Western World, regardless of the country you are in. He was not a dictator. Andreotti was a major player in Italian politics since WWII and elected several times with the Democtaric Cristians, once one of the major parties. Anyway, if you want something funny about him, he had a hump on his back. He occupied the same seat in the parliament for so long that the seat assumed the shape of his hump.
  22. I suppose they do it the physical way to avoid or to at least render it a lot harder to hack the camera into having the vlog for free. Since the vlog update is only software and not hardware related, having a physical step in the process is probably the safest way for panasonic to protect its software. Softwares sooner or later can all be hacked, be it magic lantern, adobe package, capture one, windows, etc.
  23. For video I am too considering a full switch to Resolve, since I read so many positive feedback on it. For still images I already switched to Capture One and I really like it. Although I still use Photoshop for the Nik collection plugin (I like it for black and white conversion) or more specialized processing.
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