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    icarrere reacted to mkabi in Canon Cinema EOS C70 - Ah that explains it then!   
    Those of you guys doing wedding videos... don’t take this the wrong way.... but you are doing something wrong. I don’t know what you’re doing, but I know it’s not right.
    There are venues that are going as high as $50 or $100 per person. The average cost of a wedding as per google search is $33,900... are you telling me that couples are willing to forego the cost properly capturing those moments? 
    Your telling me that people are not willing to spend at least 10% of their budget on properly capturing the event itself???
    May be they don’t see value in it.... at which point skip those people.... 
    But, you need to lean in on those that do see value in video and lean in hard!!! Which means.... package it properly.... and throw in a crap load of marketing behind it.
    Let me be honest here... I got married in 2010.... I hired pretty much a nobody... barely had a portfolio to show... he was fresh out of film school and he was recommended by the photographer. But, from the small portfolio that he did have, I was super impressed - my now wife... I had to convince. He charged $3800 (Canadian)... my mom complained stating exactly what you guys are saying.... “videography shouldn’t cost more than photography” - He made her eat her words by the end of it. BTW, photography cost $3200....this was at the cusp of the DSLR revolution.... he was running around with a 7D and 50mm.... But at the end of the day.... this guy came full guns blazing. He filmed with us for about 12 to 14 days... (that alone is going the extra mile) and created a 20 minute short for the wedding. At the wedding itself, he came with a 12 foot crane/jib (4 extra guys); had posters of the 20 minute short (all over the place) and a 2 minute trailer of the short (full video was shown at the reception). When he finished that day alone... FYI -there were 700+ people at my wedding (I’m Hindu)... 8 people signed up and he charged $5200 per person. Thereafter he signed way more by showing people the final cinematic cut of the wedding itself. And, he even packaged the tangible products properly - from the Blu-Ray/DVD menu to the cover and housing of the disc. I got the original disc in a leather case, and regular DVDs (however many I wanted) in a custom plastic case. 
    Owning a camera and knowing how to edit the footage is not enough. Ask yourself how many steps ahead are you from the regular joe (owning the same or similar camera)??? It has to be visible differences though. If you’re going to talk about DR and noise reduction.... people don’t see that.... do you know why photography is more expensive??? And people are willing to spend money on it?? There are physical - tangible products at the end of it - a physical and custom album and custom framed pictures or canvas pictures <- people see that.... it’s visible... a DVD or USB stick.... sure it’s something... but it’s not framed on the wall or anything. 
    Im hoping that you guys are seeing the visible products that pretty much acted as a marketing campaign for the guy that I hired. If you don’t see it, let me list it out: Camera jib (that’s something the regular guy doesn’t own), movie posters, trailer, 20-short, 45 minute cinematic cut (final product) and leather casing.
    Sure that seems like a lot of work.... and it is... but then ask yourself again how many steps ahead are you from a regular joe who owns the same or similar equipment that can do it for free?
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    icarrere reacted to Trankilstef in Panasonic S5 Entry Level Full Frame seems to be real...   
    I made some simple and informal tests today with my little 5 year old kid running and monkeying around, and I was pleasantly surprised by the S5. Nowhere near my S1h, very different, in a positive way. The AF box sticks to people and faces waaaaaaaay better, and the pulsing didn't showed its ugly face in all the footage I shot today. I was very impressed and it seemed to me like night and day compared to the S1H or the GX80 that I own !
    Of course, I really need to make some other tests but for now in video i'm really impressed, for personal and family things, I would definitely use AFC. For professional work and paid gigs, I need to do more tests. 
    I was shooting 4K UHD 25p 10bit.
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    icarrere reacted to ntblowz in Panasonic S5 Entry Level Full Frame seems to be real...   
    The Fotodiox ND Throttle Fusion adapter, looks pretty good
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    icarrere reacted to Trankilstef in Panasonic S5 Entry Level Full Frame seems to be real...   
    I bought it straight from the Fotodiox website, it was the last item in stock at the time I bought it. I did'nt see any color cast but I didn't go to the max maybe I will need to make other tests. But I don't think there will be as much color cast as with some circular NDs i have. In my very quick test I didn't see any.
    I will put it mor to the test in the few weeks coming. For now I'm really happy as it will come really handy and will speed up my shooting time when outside on a low profile.
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    icarrere reacted to deezid in Panasonic S5 Entry Level Full Frame seems to be real...   
    Not the reason at all.
    Both Nikon and Sony do heavy processing on their footage. Strong NR creating all kinds of artifacts and strong sharpening with halos around corners. 

    If you want a proper Sony camera which doesn't look like video, the FX9 and above are your only choices. While Panasonic starting with the S5/S1 and above looks really organic.
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    icarrere got a reaction from noplz in Panasonic S5 Entry Level Full Frame seems to be real...   
    I would like to hear you speaking french my friend
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    icarrere got a reaction from Thomas Hill in Panasonic S5 Entry Level Full Frame seems to be real...   
    I would like to hear you speaking french my friend
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    icarrere got a reaction from newfoundmass in Panasonic S5 Entry Level Full Frame seems to be real...   
    I would like to hear you speaking french my friend
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    icarrere reacted to MicahMahaffey in Panasonic S5 Entry Level Full Frame seems to be real...   
    My sony a6300 is my gimbal cam, The S1 is my main cam. (My personal cameras) I've used and worked with many different cine cameras as well. Pretty much any camera with a half decent codec/bit depth can be made to match anything in post. 
    Things like color science are less important than they used to be. Although most modern cameras have astounding color regardless.
    Hybrid cams are not replacements for CINEMA cameras, because cinema cameras have lots of features and a specific form factor needed for large productions that the mirrorless cameras just lack. 
    But when it comes to the final image you obtain from these cameras the gap is pretty much as close as it can get. 
    Also external recorders are great on cameras like the s1, enabling prores and cine camera equivalent codecs to go along with its cine quality color and dynamic range. 
    I honestly know "real" cinema cameras are better, I've used them and wished i could own them myself, but if we're being honest, the images in these mirrorless cameras are just as good, or at least as good as it needs to be. So for the prices cameras go for now, we are very spoiled IMO 
    Also the hacked GH2 is such a cool camera! Ive been tempted to buy a few just because its image has this pleasing classic 16mm film like character when pushing for it. 
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    icarrere reacted to sev7en in Phones as Camera... what's yours?   
    Sydney today behind my P40Pro

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    icarrere reacted to Yurolov in RED KOMODO 6K | First Footage - WOW   
    GS gives you locked off shots if you are steady, but even if there is motion it is much more organic and pleasing - yes the motion is like film. Ibis is unpredictable and you cannot rely on it for sure 100%. I know with my GS camera, the way the image looks when moved craps all over anything with ibis. It is pleasing and smooth whether i pan, walk, etc. 
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    icarrere reacted to Super8 in RED KOMODO 6K | First Footage - WOW   
    I don't like what the Aivascope Anamorphic adapter does to this footage.
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    icarrere reacted to zerocool22 in RED KOMODO 6K | First Footage - WOW   
    Yeah did kinda like this footage, nothing mind blowing but looks like stup up from mirrorless and dslr's type camera's. And I did not like the first footage that was released of the komodo, the dynamic range looked kinda low at the first video's, but just also saw that comparision video with the pocket 6K and it has similar DR to the pocket 6K, highlight rolloff is nicer though so it might have a stop over the pocket 6K.  So this might have my interest again also. Waiting on some more comparison video's and actual commercials shot with it. 
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    icarrere reacted to gatopardo in RED KOMODO 6K | First Footage - WOW   
    Color, aliasing free, motion cadence, smoothness. incredible. That's where the money is atm. 4K , 6k, 8k are worthless without those.
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    icarrere reacted to deezid in Sony A7S III   
    Well, lots of sharpening halos on the Sony. Other videos show lots of artifacts in darker areas and low light, due to heavy temporal noise reduction - some shots look like straight paint brush or an oil painting.

    I don't want that. Thanks Sony for making my decision to keep the S1H so much easier. 🙂
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    icarrere got a reaction from zerocool22 in Canon EOS R6 shoots 10bit 4K/60 (but NO RAW) - How it compares to the EOS R5   
    My main complain is C-Log and its 12 stops of DR
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    icarrere reacted to Video Hummus in Canon 9th July "Reimagine" event for EOS R5 and R6 unveiling   
    Dynamic range looked bad in the videos not sure if it’s my feed or what. It almost looked like HLG mapping with wrong mapping
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    icarrere reacted to currensheldon in Canon 9th July "Reimagine" event for EOS R5 and R6 unveiling   
    Also hoping that the C-Log is also C-Log 2 and/or C-Log 3. 
    Regular C-Log just doesn't have the DR that the others allow.
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    icarrere reacted to currensheldon in Canon 9th July "Reimagine" event for EOS R5 and R6 unveiling   
    Getting pretty exciting!
    I gotta say, despite my belief that the EOS R had just awful UI, these cameras are looking very exciting and maybe (finally) everything in one package. Sony has tried to pour lots into their mirrorless cameras, but never got 10-bit and their color is dreadful compared to Canon/Fuji/Panasonic. Panasonic S1(H) is close to being perfect but they are large and don't have good AF at all.
    With the R5 and R6, we get Canon's color and IQ (perhaps both best in class), Canon's AF (seemingly updated), internal Raw, 10-bit codecs, high frame rates, option to have a variable ND "in-camera" (see: adapter), IBIS, and all in a pretty compact mirrorless package. Not to mention 40+ megapixel stills and Canon's amazing RF glass. Frankly, anything at or around $4k for the R5 seems like a pretty darn good deal.
    It's a very, very impressive list. I love my S1H as I think it has IQ that rivals cameras double (or triple) its price point and has the dual XLR adapter. And I love Fuji for photos due to their compactness, but perhaps the R5 could replace both those systems and match better with the cinema cameras I usually use (Canon C series). 
    Pretty impressive and excited to see what tomorrow brings. 
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    icarrere got a reaction from heart0less in Canon 9th July "Reimagine" event for EOS R5 and R6 unveiling   
    The last one I know
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    icarrere reacted to Video Hummus in Canon EOS R5 8K monster official topic   
    I would rather have IBIS built in and choose to use a tripod than lack IBIS and be forced to use a tripod. It’s a matter of choosing not to be lazy.
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    icarrere reacted to Trankilstef in Has Canon planned a Formidable Attack   
    Obviously Canon made improvements, they couldn't be as bad as they were. Just look at this quick test I made between my two camera bodies (Canon EOS R and Panasonic S1H).
    Same settings (except I had to put iso 400 on eos r and iso 640 in S1h as I was shooting Log and compensate with aperture), same scene, 30 seconds apart.
    Guess wich is wich. Easy to spot the bad highlights handling right? 😅
    So much room in the highlights with the S1H compared to the Canon EOS R !! I really hope the R5 (or R6) would do better than this cause I'm very interested in it. DR will be the main selling point for me as I know the AF, the colors, the handling would be great. I just want improved DR and maybe I'd consider it over my S1H for video, to complement my EOS R wich serves me so well for stills.

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    icarrere reacted to Geoff CB in Blackmagic refreshes their Video Assist line   
    Well I can say I'm pretty impressed. It works in bright conditions as advertised and the files I'm now getting from my Z6 are blowing me away. More samples and impressions to come.

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    icarrere reacted to tomsemiterrific in Blackmagic Pocket 4K/6K vs Panasonic S1 V-LOG   
    Well, IMO, in the Panasonic S1/S1H cameras we're looking at a fantastic pair of offerings. The in-camera 10 bit 422, the stabilization--fantastic, the number of buttons and how they can be customized is just wonderful---I have my S1 set up with with the N/E/S/W and center push of the joy stick all programmed with my most used functions---and that gives me almost total control of the image I'm shooting, all located instantly below my right thumb and index finger. It makes me able to play the S1 like Heifitz played his Guarnerius. (For those culturally challenged, you can look it up.) 
    If that weren't enough, the image is  just beautiful, in both FF and APS-C. And to put the cherry on the  top the XLR unit of the GH5 gives me great in-studio audio--in camera! 
    The lens selection is endless--at least for someone like me who uses third party, non-electronic lenses 95% of the time.
    Yes, there are some codecs the BMPCC has the S1 doesn't have. But, by comparison, the usability and versatility of the S1 is over the top better. 
    There are limited choices in the S1 compared to the S1H. But in my own shooting I never need many of those features---with the exception of C4k. I'd really like that added to the S1.
    But sanity should prevail, and when any of us consider all the features and benefits (FAB) a given camera provides, each of us has to ask ourselves---how beneficial TO US are many of those benefits we see on paper--how much will we use them--if at all? Personally, I have no interest in shooting anamorphic--or 6k, and seldom if ever need 400 MBPS. If I were to be honest, most of what I do is well provided by a high bit rate 422 1080p--4k is nice, but not always totally necessary. Again, being honest, when I consider 4k from a cost/benefit perspective, it doesn't always come out on the long end.
    IMO, I think it's wise when we find ourselves being dazzled by specs on paper to take a step back and remind ourselves that there is often not a small amount of cognitive dissonance between what we see on paper and the actual performance and results we get in reality. It's not always easy to quantify how valuable usability in performance is---but we know it when we see and experience it. And it's worth its weight in gold. 
    If that were not true, if paper and performance always corresponded, I would never have purchased the EOS R. But within its not-so-obvious limitations it's killer good, with beautiful IQ and color. This seems to be Canon's consistent MO: unimpressive on paper, but incomparable in ease of use, and dependably delivering a great end result.--I say this having no love for that company and how they mistreat their loyal customer base.
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