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Sony RX10 M2 - first part of my review and a mini-comparison with the A7S and Canon 1D C

Andrew Reid

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Thanks - I spoke to Wex and they suggested sending it in, also suggested formatting it on the PC before formatting it in camera.

I did try it this morning (no formatting) and it didn't do it - just seems very random.

Bad that it's happening in the middle of shot, I could live with it if I could treat it as pre-roll.

Going to try another brand, see how it goes, at least it might give an indication of card or bug in camera.

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Well, one thing is that both of you with the problem are using PAL whereas couple of the people who have said they don't have the problem are NTSC. 

Could just be coincidence. 

Could be, although one other person I spoke to who hadn't had the problem was using PAL and the Lexar - could be it's just not surfaced yet.

It's a little irritating that you can't switch between PAL/NTSC without reformatting or swapping the card - not sure why there should be a technical reason for it...

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hmmm. so its happening at different frame rates. could the memory card be an issue? i doubt it but idk. im using these http://www.amazon.com/Transcend-Speed-UHS-3-Memory-TS64GSDU3/dp/B00J3KA814 w no problems so far

wth ?


Kay Lee and other RX10 M2 here, can you help here?


Thank you!

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Did a quick test yesterday with my RX IV - quick question, is everyone keeping at 180 deg shutter even at the HFR rates...I ran out of light and had to shoot 360 last night and it seemed ok, will try proper testing in bright light to see the motion blur differences. Didn't have enough light for 1/480s (or whatever it is in the camera for 240fps) - also need to play with the profile settings, so far it grades just like my a7S - might just try PP1 with some minor changes.  Thnx for all the info guys great thread

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Pre-wedding video I did using just RX10m2 with slog2+cinema, the noise is worse than GH4 (i have to use denoiser on this video), and I hope Sony can fix the super annoy focus shift bug in HFR, can't use it in critical moment cause it will go out of focus, will have to use 120p for that.


Otherwise HFR is pretty awesome, I definitely gonna use it to spice up the video, just like aerial, but will try refrain from putting too much or it will get old fast.


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Hi, I'm just started shooting s log2 with my RX10 II. I am use to canon log, but I just can't seem to get exposure right with slog yet. I'm exposing to right, but ending up underexposed in grading. I use FCPX and have tried both the preset slog2 lut and using Magic Bullet looks. Attached is an example of my latest try. ISO was set at 1600, no ND and F5.6 at 24fps 1/50 shutter speed in movie mode.


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RX10 ii is good... The only issues for me are:

- battery life is quite short

- a proper separate charger should be included

- some memory cards that match the listed specs still won't work for 100p or 4k, which is annoying

- HFR modes are very noisy in low light, much more so than 100p at the same ISO settings.

- the menus are HORRIBLE and so slow to navigate. Sony just can't get this right.

- some functions just won't work in 100p and 4K - your screen brightness is set to minimum and active steady shot is turned off. Power drain issue?

- 100p takes ages to save the file after you stop recording

Other than that it's pretty good.

it got its first outing over the last few days on a corporate gig and everyone's happy:

i also took this promo shot that's on Kerrang with it, which they've cropped pretty hard, but you can see it's a capable still camera. It was very dark in this room but this came out flawlessly clean due to steady shot



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