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  1. It ends up being around a 35mm field of view (which is insane!) 50mm x 1.9crop = 95mm fov 95mm x .64speedbooster = 60.8mm fov 60.8mm / 1.75x anamorphic = 34.7mm fov
  2. Hey all hoping someone has a version 1 Aivascope for sale...need to match some flare shots with my V2's
  3. hey yeah! Still waiting for some gear and the project I am working on with this setup doesn't start production till late March or so. But here's some stills from test footage in the meantime. I am going to be using the Nikkor 50 1.8 and the 85 f2 as taking lenses together with an XL .64 Metabones...also waiting to receive a V1 Aivascope which I will use in some shots for flaring. The V2 does not flare unless you really blast it with something. I ended up with a ProtoDNA thanks to the wonderful advice from JSD and it's awesome. I am just now opening a box with the Titla G2X and Nucleus Nano. Will get her all balanced up and report back with some pics! Planning on mostly using one Pocket4K on sticks, another dedicated to the gimbal for tracking shots.
  4. I'm using a baby scope with 1.75x, works great and you have some room left and right to crop in.
  5. I had the original 1.33X (the big one) and on my Sony A7S (+2) it worked well with pretty much any 50mm I threw it on. I had to close down though to at least f2.8 or f4 to get any workable sharpness. Great adapter for easy of use. I shot mostly with a DSO which is a Helios 44-2 and worked perfectly
  6. Oh I didn't know they were available yet...last I read on the site was a Plan B I'll contact through the site thnx for the info! will be nice to have a couple single focusers for various sizes.
  7. Hey all! I just got my V2 Aivascope baby 1.75X lens and really excited to put it through its paces. I know there are some excellent posts recently from JSD about this lens but just wanted to start a dedicated thread for anyone new looking, or if anyone wanted something specifically tested. I'll be mainly using it on a BMPCC4K but will also be using on my A7S2, and possibly my BMPCC. I'm still waiting for my Rapido FVD and presently without diopters so there's not much to test yet but hopefully everything arrives soon - in the meantime will try and collect everything I need to get shooting some sample footage
  8. Embarrassingly I haven't shot much video on my A7S2 (and recently bought another BM Pocket). A trip to the local fair was a great excuse to film some bokeh with my trusty 2X FF58. I haven't even uploaded any 4K stuff to Vimeo so it was all a great reason to experiment. Used Cine4 with s-gamut3, light grade with Film Convert. I forgot my FF58 focuses past infinity so the out of focus bokeh isn't sharp...but ended up nice anyways. I brought along photo lenses but ended up just taking a bunch of video instead - and wow battery life goes fast in 4K! It's in 4K on Vimeo
  9. Did a quick test yesterday with my RX IV - quick question, is everyone keeping at 180 deg shutter even at the HFR rates...I ran out of light and had to shoot 360 last night and it seemed ok, will try proper testing in bright light to see the motion blur differences. Didn't have enough light for 1/480s (or whatever it is in the camera for 240fps) - also need to play with the profile settings, so far it grades just like my a7S - might just try PP1 with some minor changes. Thnx for all the info guys great thread
  10. Mine comes tomorrow...just a generic unbranded one from Amazon - wasn't even thinking about using it for filming but what a great idea.
  11. oh and to your question about the anamorphot and the Sigma, it does work but if I recall not at the wide end with speedbooster. I think it vignettes a bit just dont remember how far out you have to go, but it does work - the anamorphot likes smaller outer lens diameters
  12. I'm assuming you don't want to use a C Mount? The Tokina as mentioned is your only bet other than the Kowa 6mm f1.8 which will give you ~16mm in full frame equiv - I don't know whats wider than that. You might want to look on keh.com and see if there is some exotic Nikkor that is wider than the Tokina.
  13. Packed my Phantom 2, with the 3axis gimbal and a GoPro Hero3+Black - very small and cheap, gets pretty great shots for what it is :) Just have to grade the hell out of the footage thanks! it's a fun lens, usually the one on my a7 bodies...will be getting a 2x oval ff58 and the wide adapter soon, that will be very interesting
  14. Actually the two were never used together, the taking lens for the Anamorphot was the Voight 50, although I have used them together and it's a fantastic combination. I was planning on doing the whole trip with the ff58 but I didn't bring the right adapter ring (!!). You can tell the shots in the opening are with the ff58 since mine has the 1.5x oval aperature...about to order 2x one to use with the Anamorphot that should be fantastic. The a7S in slog is problematic outside with the 3200iso even stopped down I didn't have enough ND so shot the bright exteriors with other profiles and a Tiffen variable ND - which is ok when you need just a little but turned the footage pretty brown. I'll be getting some dedicated irnd filters to also use with my bmpcc
  15. Some various shots using the awesome FF58 and other with a Voigt 50 1.5 (@2.8) together with the SLR Anamorphot. Yes the low light ability is pretty insane on the camera, I wish I brought my Ninja Blade to record the footage though. Hard to pack everything while on vacation since, you're supposed to be on vacation lol. I hope there will be a 4:3 mode for 2X anamorphic on this camera one day...we can wish :)
  16. I removed the fisheye with a plugin called "fisheye removal" from fcpeffects.com - and as far as a gimbal, any of the larger beefier ones should carry the weight of a GoPro with this lens like this one http://tppacks.com/store/index.php?route=product/product&path=60&product_id=56
  17. I just tried this out the other night and I like it a lot...rather have it on when it makes sense. It doesn't make sense in a lot of applications because the lens is actually kind of heavy so it won't work well in places where you need the GoPro to be as light as possible (like it won't work with the DJI H3-2D, H3-3D on Phantom, etc.) but for things like cars, etc. it's great. Will try out on my helmet at the track on Wed.
  18. Kowa LM6HC 6mm f1.8 I've already posted these on bmcuser but just adding to the archive since this is a very popular thread. Nice to find a true wide angle option that doesn't heavily distort and is fast too. This Kowa lens is great find, it's a machine lens and only closes up to f11 and focuses to about an inch. Here are two tests to show it in various situations: Also have two tests for the Switar 16mm and the Schneider Cinegon 10mm in that album - and I believe both have already been confirmed to work perfectly on the pocket previously in this thread.
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