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  1. sorry to JSD to hijack, but @YAUN I have a brand new never used Aivascope V2 1.75x that I am about to sell...I have three 1.75x's been using one for a long project and wanted backups in case of emergency but only need two I'll send you a pm
  2. Just bought a new one no longer needed
  3. If you have a .64x Metabones Nikon to M43 SB I'm looking for one
  4. It ends up being around a 35mm field of view (which is insane!) 50mm x 1.9crop = 95mm fov 95mm x .64speedbooster = 60.8mm fov 60.8mm / 1.75x anamorphic = 34.7mm fov
  5. Hey all hoping someone has a version 1 Aivascope for sale...need to match some flare shots with my V2's
  6. hey yeah! Still waiting for some gear and the project I am working on with this setup doesn't start production till late March or so. But here's some stills from test footage in the meantime. I am going to be using the Nikkor 50 1.8 and the 85 f2 as taking lenses together with an XL .64 Metabones...also waiting to receive a V1 Aivascope which I will use in some shots for flaring. The V2 does not flare unless you really blast it with something. I ended up with a ProtoDNA thanks to the wonderful advice from JSD and it's awesome. I am just now opening a box with the Titla G2X and Nucleus Nan
  7. I'm using a baby scope with 1.75x, works great and you have some room left and right to crop in.
  8. I had the original 1.33X (the big one) and on my Sony A7S (+2) it worked well with pretty much any 50mm I threw it on. I had to close down though to at least f2.8 or f4 to get any workable sharpness. Great adapter for easy of use. I shot mostly with a DSO which is a Helios 44-2 and worked perfectly
  9. Clearing out some stuff I don't use, this is a mint condition Metabones Nikon N/F to Sony E mount Ultra Speedbooster with 1 stop and .71X fov I don't have the container or box, will just be the speedbooster and both end caps with the support piece as shown Prefer local Los Angeles area pick up for $390 so you can see the adapter in person - can ship to US via PP with additional shipping and G&S fee
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