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  1. sorry to JSD to hijack, but @YAUN I have a brand new never used Aivascope V2 1.75x that I am about to sell...I have three 1.75x's been using one for a long project and wanted backups in case of emergency but only need two I'll send you a pm
  2. Just bought a new one no longer needed
  3. If you have a .64x Metabones Nikon to M43 SB I'm looking for one
  4. It ends up being around a 35mm field of view (which is insane!) 50mm x 1.9crop = 95mm fov 95mm x .64speedbooster = 60.8mm fov 60.8mm / 1.75x anamorphic = 34.7mm fov
  5. Hey all hoping someone has a version 1 Aivascope for sale...need to match some flare shots with my V2's
  6. hey yeah! Still waiting for some gear and the project I am working on with this setup doesn't start production till late March or so. But here's some stills from test footage in the meantime. I am going to be using the Nikkor 50 1.8 and the 85 f2 as taking lenses together with an XL .64 Metabones...also waiting to receive a V1 Aivascope which I will use in some shots for flaring. The V2 does not flare unless you really blast it with something. I ended up with a ProtoDNA thanks to the wonderful advice from JSD and it's awesome. I am just now opening a box with the Titla G2X and Nucleus Nano. Will get her all balanced up and report back with some pics! Planning on mostly using one Pocket4K on sticks, another dedicated to the gimbal for tracking shots.
  7. I'm using a baby scope with 1.75x, works great and you have some room left and right to crop in.
  8. I had the original 1.33X (the big one) and on my Sony A7S (+2) it worked well with pretty much any 50mm I threw it on. I had to close down though to at least f2.8 or f4 to get any workable sharpness. Great adapter for easy of use. I shot mostly with a DSO which is a Helios 44-2 and worked perfectly
  9. Clearing out some stuff I don't use, this is a mint condition Metabones Nikon N/F to Sony E mount Ultra Speedbooster with 1 stop and .71X fov I don't have the container or box, will just be the speedbooster and both end caps with the support piece as shown Prefer local Los Angeles area pick up for $390 so you can see the adapter in person - can ship to US via PP with additional shipping and G&S fee
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