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  1. Well, tried a transcend card and got the same glitch... Have fired off a message to Sony, just want to know if it's a card issue, a camera bug, or a fault with my specific camera.
  2. Could be, although one other person I spoke to who hadn't had the problem was using PAL and the Lexar - could be it's just not surfaced yet. It's a little irritating that you can't switch between PAL/NTSC without reformatting or swapping the card - not sure why there should be a technical reason for it...
  3. Thanks - I spoke to Wex and they suggested sending it in, also suggested formatting it on the PC before formatting it in camera. I did try it this morning (no formatting) and it didn't do it - just seems very random. Bad that it's happening in the middle of shot, I could live with it if I could treat it as pre-roll. Going to try another brand, see how it goes, at least it might give an indication of card or bug in camera.
  4. How strange Hi, what card were you using? I would have thought the Lexar I was using would be up to spec... maybe it's a brand thing. Interesting that it's happening on 250 as well - only happened with my 100fps shots, and yesterday was indoors, and cooler than the previous day out in the sun, when I was shooting much more regularly. If it only happens in the first second, I can plan ahead, anyone had it happen in the middle of a shot? Thanks Steve
  5. Has anyone had glitches when recording 100fps 1080P? It only seems to happen within the first second of shooting, but it's like it misses a chunk of the middle vertical strip and stretches the remainder to compensate... This is taking the 100fps MP4 into After Effects CS6, and interpreting it as 25. Seems to do it when played via VLC as well though. I've not seen it before today where I was shooting at a local comic con, card is a Lexar 64GB 1000x (150MB/Sec) Professional UHS-II SDXC Card, which is what I've been using before with no problems. I've attached a rendered clip from after effects, but the source seems to have the same glitch. Thanks, Steve C0002.mp4
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