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  1. This really has been a heartbreaker camera purchase for many of us and technology just marches on... I think that's why we talk about so many aspects of this camera in any Samsung NX related tread nowadays. I use a Canon c100 and 5D3, But the NX1 was so close with great 4K, great price, great firmware updates – and then it all stopped less than a year after I purchased the camera... And now here comes the Canon MkIV or the already in production Sony A7RII (both will/do cost twice as much as NX1 I realize so the Sony 6300 then). So for video, it's tough to embrace the NX1 like film c
  2. Sorry for the adapters for dummies question, but how is this different from the current cheapo EF adapter I use that also only allows the lens to be used wide open? I really don't like shooting video wide open – controlling the EF aperture is the point isn't it? Or is it the light boost? What are the features at this stage – more light on the sensor? A change in crop factor? I'm just trying to understand the differences between speedbooster vs electronic controls. The manual aperture on that adapter I use is mostly useless for video – you have to zoom in a lot in post to get it out of t
  3. So, even if I am using my 18-200 lens in the manual setting with fixed ISO, the aperture still changes? I have plenty of lenses that get darker as you zoom in despite aperture settings, but I'm seeing flickering exposure changes when panning and other strange behavior which should not happen when using the Manual setting...
  4. I've owned my Samsung NX1 less than a year and it is a great hybrid video/photo camera. But technology moves forward quickly (especially in the video world) and Samsung discontinued this camera and lens production just months after I purchased it. So, time to move on. There is a lot happening in the Samsung owners hack and adapter development areas, but I'm pretty sure I will want to get the Canon MkIV when it comes out since I already have a MkIII and several canon lenses. So I am trying to figure out (and forgive me if this is the wrong place to ask) if I should sell the camera, lenses
  5. Here I am in August 2016, with all the latest firmware versions for my NX1 and lenses I own, at the end of life for both camera and support... and I still experience so many frustrating issues with this camera that can be otherwise so capable. I use it mostly for video in manual mode and manual iso mostly at UHD highest quality settings – and still have many occurrences of exposure drifting (mostly when panning) and focus hunting/breathing (depending on the lens). I can't always switch to manual focus in my work and manual focus can be difficult operate with some of the NX lenses. I've tried s
  6. Very impressive. I emailed Metabones about an EF speedbooster for the NX1 and they said the flange distance was too small to build one.
  7. Hi, I'm just started shooting s log2 with my RX10 II. I am use to canon log, but I just can't seem to get exposure right with slog yet. I'm exposing to right, but ending up underexposed in grading. I use FCPX and have tried both the preset slog2 lut and using Magic Bullet looks. Attached is an example of my latest try. ISO was set at 1600, no ND and F5.6 at 24fps 1/50 shutter speed in movie mode.
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