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Canon XC10 4K camcorder

Andrew Reid

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Nice but shame about the tiny sensor and boring lens.

A Super 35mm interchangeable lens version of this would kill the GH4. So where is it!?

$2500 at B&H, ships June

  • 13.36MP 1" CMOS Sensor & DIGIC DV 5 Processor
  • Video Mode: 8.29MP (3840 x 2160), Stills mode: 12MP (4000 x 3000)
  • 10x Fixed Manual Zoom Lens with Image Stabilization: 8.9 - 89mm f/2.8 - f/5.6 (27.3-273mm 35mm equivalent)
  • Autofocus (but not Dual Pixel like the other Canon models)
  • XF-AVC H.264 Recording
  • 3840 x 2160 up to 30fps
  • 1080p to 60fps
  • 720p up to 120fps
  • 4K: 305 Mbps: 29.97p, 23.98p, 205 Mbps: 25p
  • 1080 / 720p: 50 Mbps: 59.94p, 50p // 35 Mbps: 59.94i, 50i, 29.97p 25p
  • 1/8 (3-step) ND Filter Built-in
  • Movie/Photo: ISO 160 to 20,000, Canon Log/Wide DR: ISO 500 to 20,000
  • 12 Stops of Dynamic Range
  • CFast 2.0 for UHD/HD and SD Card Slot for HD Only, Photos, and Camera Settings
  • 4K: CFast 2.0 card; Full HD/Photo: SD card (Class 10 recommended for 50Mbps)
  • 3" 1,030,000 Dot Touchscreen LCD, No EVF, but you can attach a loupe to the adjustable LCD
  • HDMI with 4K Output (This looks to be 10-bit 4:2:2 and can record to the Atomos Shogun)
  • Headphone jack, Built-in stereo microphone, 3.5mm stereo mini jack external microphone
  • Built-in WiFi
  • Takes LP-E6 Batteries
  • Audio: Linear PCM (2ch, 16 bit, 48 kHz)
  • Weight: Around 2lbs.


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Guest Ebrahim Saadawi

To be honest, the absolute perfect body design. DSLR but just without ALL the annoyances, just genius drawing. What ruins it? The fixed mount. Put an EF-M mount on this and you'll own the prosumer market, but hey, they had to fix that lens, it's Canon... 

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after spending an hour painstakingly cleaning my A7s sensor... A fixed lens looks very appealing, right now!

Shame it wasn't f2.8 through the range.

This will be a dream on a copter/gimbal though... If the AF and stabilisation are up to scratch, it could be perfect. Would double as a nice little vacation camera too.

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Official video by Canon. With ugly clipped highlights... (1:00). I suppose it could look better if shot in C-Log and graded properly.

Beyond the codec, what does this offer that the FZ1000 doesn't have?

​Wide angle when shooting 4K (27,3-273mm f/2.8-5.6). The FZ1000 crops the sensor at 4K and turns the 25-400mm lens into a 37-592mm.

I prefer the FZ1000 form factor. It's a lot stealthier because everybody thinks you're taking pictures instead of video. This looks more like a camcorder.

Also, it looks like the XC10 can't shoot raw photos. Which makes it a bit silly as a serious hybrid.

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Wow that promo video is going to take some beating for wooden model movements. She behaves like a cyborg.

The dirt under my fingernails contains more life than is present in that video.

The yellow-tinted clipped highlights are similar to what I get on the FZ1000 for $700. You'd think for $2500 they would have sorted that out.

This camera tarnishes the Cinema EOS brand.

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what a shame about the fixed lens.  imagine this with some nice c-mount glass on there.  crop in by 30% to get the 16mm frame size and you still got more than 2.5k of res.  they fixed the lens because they don;t have their own range of glass to sell for it.

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I was getting quite intrigued by this camera as it seemed like a good B-cam for run & gun shooting, until I've read that stabilization doesn't work when recording in 4K :huh:

The lens has IS (in the lens), it does work when recording 4K. When shooting 1080p you get 5 axis Dynamic IS, which is a combination of lens IS and electronic stabilisation.

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Remember when the C300 came out, and everybody laughed it off because it looked like nothing against the Red Scarlet, which had been released at the same time, sporting much better specs (on paper) for a much lower price? (Remember this: http://philipbloom.net/2011/11/04/newcameras/ ?)

Well, this story did not end the way everyone had expected. The moral: Don't judge a camera from the spec sheet. 

The Canon xc10 doesn't look very compelling on paper, but could still edge out its 1"-fixed-zoom consumer alternatives like the RX10 with only a few details:

- C300 colors + log profile;

- No artificial image sharpening;

- No downsampled megapixel-overloaded consumer photo camera sensor with bad dynamic range and bad noise;

- A fully corrected lens and no artificial software lens correction, as opposed to the badly distorting, in-camera-photoshopped "Zeiss"  and "Leica"  offerings by Sony and Panasonic.

Admittedly, the demo video doesn't suggest any of the above, but as with the C300, I'd rather wait how the camera will perform in real life than jump to premature conclusions with no real basis but the camera's spec sheet.

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Again, the C300 was everything but a cutting edge cinema camera when it came out in 2011 (on the spec sheet: way behind what RED and Sony offered at that time), and it costed twice as much as a Scarlet. If - and that is: a big hypothetical if - the xc10 will produce a great image and turn out to be a robust workhorse, it will find its market even for $2500.

EDIT: For example, people who buy a Blackmagic Pocket camera for $1000 and rig it up with lenses, ND filters, audio preamps, cages etc., will also end up paying $2500 for a 1" camera, and still end up being frustrated by its quirks and strong reliance on post production. 

I'm a very happy Pocket user btw. - but different people have different needs.

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