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  1. Considering that IBIS is out, what lenses are available (primes & zooms) which include OIS? This reminds me of the time when the original A7S came out - the low light capabilities made it an excellent choice for wedding / event shooters however since this also didn't have IBIS handheld shooters needed to look for stabilised lenses such as the Canon 35mm f2 IS.
  2. Is anyone else using any sort of quick release (something along the lines of Manfrotto 323)? I'd love to replace my Ronin M with the Crane for weddings and small shoots but I need to make sure that it's easy & quick to remove / attach the camera without rebalancing
  3. Just got the camera a week ago and so far ran into the following issues: - timecode / recording time seem to have disappeared after updating to firmware 1.1 - when recording in 4K and using an HDMI monitor, internal screen goes to black. also, there's no way of showing camera's info on HDMI monitor when set to 4K Anyone else experiencing these?
  4. I'm guessing it will be cheaper since the price you quoted for the Osmo already includes the X3 camera (which won't be needed) and the price for the X5 already includes the 3-axis gimbal (which also won't be needed when combined with the Osmo). We just have to wait & see how much such a bundle will be priced since I'm pretty sure there are many who are eager to get the Osmo with the X5 due to the larger sensor (and better low light performance).
  5. I was getting quite intrigued by this camera as it seemed like a good B-cam for run & gun shooting, until I've read that stabilization doesn't work when recording in 4K
  6. Thought it would look more bulky with an A7S! Andrew do you know of any store in Europe that is shipping now? CVP will be shipping in beginning of January according to their site. Also, what resolution & frame rate will the A7S record in camera whilst recording in 4k on the Shogun?
  7. The metabones mkIV I've bought around 2 weeks ago from CVP apparently already had the update installed. However I'm experiencing a number of issues, mainly with the 17-55 (image remains black when camera turned on, unmounting & remounting lens required). Anyone else experiencing such issues?
  8. GH4 looks sharper, however C100 still leads in DR (look at how easily the highlights blow out in the clouds of the GH4 shots). Then again, I'm not quite sure this is a very fair test (although that would be quite a challenge considering the different log formats, crop factor, etc.)
  9. Ah ok. I'll see if I can do more tests in the coming weeks and post updates here :)
  10. That sounds like another good alternative. Have you tried mixing footage (in VisionColor) with WideDR by any chance?
  11. Not really a fan of cinestyle. I think it involves too much hassle to get good-looking footage and the tests I've done a while back did seem to increase a bit of noise. I still need to try out Flaat and Canon's own Camera X-Series Look.
  12. Looks nice! I love WideDR when shooting solo. I've used it for a documentary & for a TVC (latter recorded externally to a Ninja, which works perfectly with the C100 combined with the triggering) and was super easy to get a good looking image out of it. I'm still trying to optimize my wedding workflow though since I have another shooter with a 6D. I've been using Neutral Flat on the 6D and a modified version of EOS Neutral (found online) to match them. Does anyone have any tips for matching DSLRs with the C100? Would love to use the WideDR profile, however not sure which picture style would come closest for DSLRs.
  13. I think I'll wait for April before deciding. I'll decide then whether or not to get a 5D3 depending on the C100 replacement (features & price tag) if that does indeed come out.
  14. Thanks for the helpful replies! I was looking at avoiding investing in a new system since I want as much compatibility as possible (for example if one of my 3 cameras fails I'll still be able to shoot with the remaining cameras and use all my lenses), apart from the cost of new lenses. Then again, the GH4 does look like a nice alternative and while I'm not really interested in 4k, the 96fps might come in handy so I'll definitely keep it in mind! Do you reckon there's gonna be any sort of speed booster for the GH4 to get EF lenses? That would be great!
  15. Only one body. I want to keep the 6D as second body and a NEX5N + speedbooster as third (usually some sort of safe shot). Spending around €3k would be ideal. My only concern at this point is whether I should spend the extra buck (or two!) on the C100 considering that it's a 'proper' movie camera.
  16. That makes perfect sense. The only reason why I'm not considering another 6D though is because it isn't adequate for ML raw shooting, which although it isn't something I use very often it is still nice to have for specific projects.
  17. Depends on what I'm shooting. I typically shoot handheld with stabilized lenses & Z-finder for preps & ceremony, and monopod for the reception when using prime lenses. I also make use of a Glidecam HD2000 (however if the camera I get doesn't fall within the glidecam's weight limits I can use the 6D for those shots). I only need one camera to replace the 5D2 since I'm finding it not so great for low light (when compared to the 6D), and was willing to spend around €3k ideally.
  18. I am primarily a weddings & events shooter, and my current setup is built around a Canon 6D & 5D2 along with several Canon & Samyang lenses. I am currently looking at replacing the 5D2 however I'm quite baffled with the amount of options available. These are the replacement cameras I am considering: - 5D3: the next logical step. Advantages include same media (CF), same batteries, high ISO performance, can shoot both h264 (for weddings & events) and ML raw for commercials etc when required - C100: excellent run & gun camera and log mode would be nice to have, however I find it difficult to spend €4-5k on a camera that still records in 4:2:0 and has been out 2 years - Blackmagic alternatives: both the BMCC and the 4K version are interesting alternatives and prores would be nice, however their design & ergonomics (such as media & battery) make them look not so ideal for this type of work Any feedback? Would love to hear what you think or if you have experience with any of the above cameras especially for weddings! Thanks in advance.
  19. Posting this here since it might interest those looking for a compatible loupe: The LCDVF by kinotehnik will be available worldwide as of 1st November Hopefully someone can make one which doesn't need to be glued to the camera's back..
  20. The glass is what makes the speedbooster what it is, so the answer is no. If you just need to convert mounts, get a regular converter (Nikon to M43) which would also be much cheaper.
  21. The images look stunning to say the least! Andrew, is there any loupe for the BMPCC in the pipelines that you're awaiting? That would definitely help for handheld shooting especially during the day.
  22. Thanks for the tip! Will definitely try that out and see how it goes.
  23. Hey guys! At the moment I shoot weddings with a 6D and 5D2. Both of these are manned cameras, and I usually leave the NEX5N on sticks as safe shot. However, given the 1080p50 mode that the Canons lack, I would like to start incorporating it more into my workflow, especially for steadicam shots.   Up till now, I've been shooting in Portrait (creative style) at -3,0,-3. I just wanted to check if anyone of you is using it with Canon DSLRs and what settings work best to get the look as close as possible? I'm shooting in Neutral Flat on the Canons.
  24. Thanks for all the info guys! Really appreciate it. I'm also searching for a decent wide-angle as I'm covered when it comes to the rest of the focal length, but it seems pretty hard to find a decent one due to the crop factor. The widest non-fisheye digital zoom lenses I found so far are the Olympus 9-18mm and the Panasonic 7-14mm (the latter costs more than the camera..).
  25. Is it true that you will get a black circle around the image for C-mount lenses that have a focal length less than around 25mm? I was eyeing some Fujinon TV zoom lenses (such as the 10.5mm-147mm) particularly for the wider end. Would these give a full picture?
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