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  1. I'm looking at making the switch back to using a compact camera for video. I had an S95 a while back that I shot over 20 music videos with, and got some great results from it. Then I picked up an NEX5N and have already shot over 20 videos with that too, about half of which are still yet to be edited. It's got a great look, and I've been using some nice lenses with it including a few old Nikons, but I'm missing the freedom I had shooting with te S95. The overheating slows me down, I've had dust on the sensor that I couldn't see on the LCD, there's more to carry, I miss having decent macro capabilities, and changing lenses all the time is a pain too. So I've been checking the RX100 and LX7. Comparing the two, the LX7 has caught my attention the most. I've looked at a lot of RX100 footage, but when it comes to shallow dof, I'm yet to see any clips that offer much more than what the LX7 appears to offer, judging by clips I've seen from that. But not a big deal anyway. I was happy with the look I got from the S95 with an ND filter attached. Here's a comparative list I've compiled so far. Panasonic LX7 advantages: 120fps at 720p. There's a waterfall clip on Youtube which is a good example. 3 step ND filter. Cheaper by at least $200 here in Australia 24mm wide Timelapse function 1cm macro Hot shoe Sony RX100 advantages Better photo quality due to larger sensor Camera is smaller Better in low light? Opinions anyone?
  2. Hey guys! At the moment I shoot weddings with a 6D and 5D2. Both of these are manned cameras, and I usually leave the NEX5N on sticks as safe shot. However, given the 1080p50 mode that the Canons lack, I would like to start incorporating it more into my workflow, especially for steadicam shots.   Up till now, I've been shooting in Portrait (creative style) at -3,0,-3. I just wanted to check if anyone of you is using it with Canon DSLRs and what settings work best to get the look as close as possible? I'm shooting in Neutral Flat on the Canons.
  3. https://vimeo.com/63187130   A first-person travelogue of my trip to Miami for the Ultra Music Festival. I flew out there with some friends from Vegas as a last-minute adventure.   The festival basically overtakes Miami for a couple weeks, turning the already lurid city into an EDM-fueled fever dream. My goal was to capture the surreal and seductive experience of navigating it all: glowstick playgrounds by night, bathwater beaches by day, lobster restaurants by streetlight, and the feeling that I might wake up at any moment.   Music by M83 and Helios
  4. I popped out the lens of an old pair of eyeglasses and held it in front of the camera lens shooting wide open at 50mm f/1.4.  Pretty cool effect. Got the idea from Stephan Kot on Vimeo.   https://vimeo.com/61388631
  5. I love making short slice-of-life films.  This camera/lens combo is about as light and small as you're going to get at this aperture and sensor size.  Easy to bring along on nights out without looking like a tool.   Nobody I was filming seemed to even know I was there.  Maybe that's not such a good thing...   https://vimeo.com/59377520    
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