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  1. That sucks. I wonder if you have the videos set to only appear on a specific website, and not on Vimeo, it that would still get you in trouble? I have a bunch of client music videos that could easily cause problems. The trouble with Youtube though, is that videos played on their YouTube app (both iOS and Android), are a frame or two out of sync with the audio. It’s a joke. They play back fine in browsers though. And as for an alternative, Flickr are good. Although I haven’t checked if they can stream 4K.
  2. I guess John’s response kind defines the difference between a blogger who makes films versus a film maker with a blog. All I will say is, for anyone wasting time on forums posting about unreleased cameras.. Stop farting around and instead go and shoot more films on whatever camera you already own. And make that a daily ritual whenever you feel the urge to log on to a forum to see if some one replied to your last comment. Do this, and you will become a master of your art.
  3. My biggest issue with YouTube is that their iOS app plays video a frame or two out of sync with the audio. Which can easily ruin a nicely edited video. So they obviously have no regard for anyone creating quality content.
  4. At the end of the day, it will be the 4K 60P that most people will be buying it for. A feature currently not found in any other stills camera in that price range.
  5. For the price of this thing you could buy an RX100 IV, E6300 and GH4. Each of which have flip screens and log profiles.
  6. I'd be interested to see that. I guess they need to be pushing the limits of technology to differentiate from the sort of movies anyone could make with low budget gear.
  7. I can think of one big name 'Youtuber' who will be using this, along with all his fans who try and clone his style. At the end of the day though, it's already a relic of the past. Look at its biggest new feature, 60P at 1080. Sony's NEX5N could do this back in 2011, and for a much lower price.
  8. I can't see any mention of what the S-LOG 3 minimum ISO is?
  9. And to think of all the Sci fi films of the past portraying a future where monitor screens with scan lines and distortion covered the walls of space ships and futuristic cities. They made the future look so much more interesting. Although now it seems, the future won't be like that at all. With 8k becoming a reality, I'm sad that those visual displays of the future will most likely not be covered in scan lines and distortion as they were in all those classic films. Instead, we'll be looking at screens so detailed, every strand of hair growing from someone's nose will be clearly visible with s
  10. Woah, that's a lot of camera gear. Can I ask, how did you still get stuff done with all those cameras and lenses? Personally, I would be crippled from just having to choose what camera or lenses to use for a specific job if I owned all that. And then, would probably still be stressed from the thought that maybe I'd made a bad choice, or that another another camera or lens I didn't own would be better for the job. Anyway, good luck with the sale!
  11. No, they have OSX for their laptops and iOS for their mobile devices. If you want a tablet, you have to buy an iPad which doesn't let you run any full featured apps like Photoshop, FCP, Premiere, etc. If you do want to use those programs though, you also have to buy either a MacBook, or a desktop machine. That's two devices, and to transfer app data from the tablet to computer can normally only be done via iTunes, which can be an extremely painful experience. With a Surface Pro, or even a '2 in 1' like Lenovo's Yoga range, you get one machine that's a tablet and can still run the full featured
  12. What's ironic here is that Apple are now the company with the monopoly in many markets who are no longer innovating. Look at what Microsoft are doing. They have one streamlined OS that works across all devices from phones, tablets to desktops. They've just released new phones (Lumia 950 & 950 XL) that you can connect a mouse, keyboard & monitor to, and use as a full functioning computer with desktop apps. Their Surface range also continues to get better and better. Of course, they also have that Hololens technology that looks quite impressive from the demos I've seen. And what do Apple
  13. True, the battery's not so good. I just got the camera a couple of days ago and bought an extra two of the Sony branded batteries. Are yours Sony, or third party? I've seen some really cheap versions, so might try a couple of those too as an additional back up. But in the past with Sony cameras I've had, third party batteries have never worked and bring up an error message. So far I've mostly just been shooting 250fps clips. I knew sooner or later those high frame rate modes the FS700 had a few years back would make it into something affordable. I have no idea why reviewers I've seen complain
  14. Nice review. I've just sold my A6000 to get one of these. It will be nice to have a camera that I can carry in my main pocket again, instead of a phone. I've really missed the limitations of a compact camera too. Although with 4k, high frame rates, S-LOG 2, good macro capability, active image stabilisation and not having to worry about carrying around additional lenses, it actually has more going for it that the A6000. A quick question though, does anybody know if the Clear Image Zoom works when shooting 1080P video without any quality loss? As far as I know, it just crops in on the sensor, ri
  15. They're still too expensive IMO. Here in Australia, the 128gb model is $1529. That would buy a Sony RX100 mkIV with a 128gb card, extra batteries, accessories, and you'd still have money left over. No matter how good the 4K is on the iphone, it's still going to fall apart in low light with the small sensor. Even most Youtubers avoid them in favour of dedicated cameras. Or for that same price, you could buy a 256gb i5 Surface Pro 3, which has a decent enough camera that you could shoot photos with and edit directly in Photoshop CC, rather than using a phone app. 1080P video too and the ability
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