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  1. I'm looking at making the switch back to using a compact camera for video. I had an S95 a while back that I shot over 20 music videos with, and got some great results from it. Then I picked up an NEX5N and have already shot over 20 videos with that too, about half of which are still yet to be edited. It's got a great look, and I've been using some nice lenses with it including a few old Nikons, but I'm missing the freedom I had shooting with te S95. The overheating slows me down, I've had dust on the sensor that I couldn't see on the LCD, there's more to carry, I miss having decent macro capabilities, and changing lenses all the time is a pain too. So I've been checking the RX100 and LX7. Comparing the two, the LX7 has caught my attention the most. I've looked at a lot of RX100 footage, but when it comes to shallow dof, I'm yet to see any clips that offer much more than what the LX7 appears to offer, judging by clips I've seen from that. But not a big deal anyway. I was happy with the look I got from the S95 with an ND filter attached. Here's a comparative list I've compiled so far. Panasonic LX7 advantages: 120fps at 720p. There's a waterfall clip on Youtube which is a good example. 3 step ND filter. Cheaper by at least $200 here in Australia 24mm wide Timelapse function 1cm macro Hot shoe Sony RX100 advantages Better photo quality due to larger sensor Camera is smaller Better in low light? Opinions anyone?
  2. There were all the rumors about GH3 that gonna shoot 720p @ 120 fps like LX7 and FZ200 but unfortunately Panasonic decided to turn it down.   Ever since LX7 became the very first pocketable camera that shoot 720p @ 120fps, CES 2013 panasonic just announced 20x zoom ZS30 that can shoot 720 @ 120fps. YES! which means you can literally get similar high speed quality from FZ200 which can perfectly fit in your POCKET.   samples below to view the quality of FZ200 in high speed recording: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k0tL-TC8FGQ http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C8R1tcs-qF8 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A6V0LJTuhhY   I am quite certain that the camera industry is actually capable of making consumer cameras to film 1080p 120fps NOW but they decided to delay it for marketing purposes. I am so keen to see an incredible pocket camera like RX100 that can shoot at such level if http://www.engadget.com/2012/09/23/aptina-unveils-1-inch-sensor-with-120fps-1080p-video-likely-for-nikon/ is true.   All the cameras I mentioned above cost around $300-600.
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