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Andrew Reid

The EOSHD Music Challenge

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Those are mine when I used to be a musician, I did it long time ago, never went anywhere though:D

Hey Cosimo, you should definitely get into gear and make music again! Great stuff!!! :)

Just listening to "For Marcel"... beautiful -  reminds me when I've been on a Kraftwerk concert woohoo

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Hi Andrew , My brother follows this site closely and recommended this post , here is my work 

Im an unsigned self producing musician from the uk 

Most of my music is for this type of idea ...       Please enjoy if nothing more....  lots of freebies on the site also

http://scoredrecords.com/album/forecast-2b  - Instrumental Soundtrack Style Work 

http://scoredrecords.com/album/the-complete-push   Duel Production Idea - Some Pop - Some Cinematic 

http://scoredrecords.com/album/forecast-25    - Remix Album 

http://scoredrecords.com/album/forecast-1 http://scoredrecords.com/album/forecast-1- Instrumental Electronic      


And loads loads more.....Some Acoustic Guitar Style , Some Dubstep , Some Alternative , Some Pop etc 

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About to drop some links on ya:

There's a pretty big variety here, some more uptempo and electronic and some more restrained and organic. I can't make music without imagery in my head, so they are all fitting as soundtracks. 












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Nice initiative.

I am a musician myself. I have made many songs over the years (guitar / songwriter songs) but 2 years ago I decided to try something completely different and made an electronic album with just a MIDI keyboard and Ableton Live. Turned out pretty good if I may say so myself. I'm not sure if it is 'soundtrack material' though. Check it out here if you like:



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