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  1. Thanks man! Follow me on any of the social media links in the description and you'll get a head start!
  2. Wanted to showcase my latest album with a song fitting the 80s and what better way than a slot car racing track. Doesn't get any more 80s than that. Looked up a guy with a Scalextric slot card track and brought over my A6000,the kit-lens, the 50mm 1.8m two cheap LED lights and some blue gels and got to work. Lit everything so it would look like moonshine on a clear night and just got the angles. Edited in PP and stabilized. Some grading needed but no noise reduction used. Everything is handheld including the POV, although that took some DIY to get right.
  3. Did you still want night driving footage? I have a clip that I filmed and you can use it. It's the very first clipping this:


    pw: 2016rough

    It's password protected because some these projects aren't released yet.

    Let me know if you want the clip and I'll dropbox it.

    I love your music!

    1. elkanah77



      I'm very sorry that you message wasn't answerd before now. I have not been logged into my accound at EOSHD for a long time now and I guess I've turned of notifications so when I logges in now I saw your message.

      I've been so busy pursuing making music that the forum here has been neglected for some time.

      Anyways, I enjoyed your showreel and you have lots of cool shots in there and the NX1 looks truly great!

      I had my song "midnight drive" done with mostly shots from my studio and some clips I've obtained the rights to, but I have a couple of other songs in the making that require a lot of slow-mo night shots, mainly people walking through crossings in the city, coming down escalators and maybe following a nice looking girl throughout the city at night. prefably on a busy night with lots of other people and cars etc.

      I could go out and shoot it myself, but as I live in Norway the season is not in my favor as winter is fast coming here at the moment.

      Ant other night shots could be of interest as well as either cutaways or similar. The song in mind is a follow up to Midnight Drive but it is a lot slower hence the slow mo footage I have in mind.

      Things have started to pick up for me in regards to my 80s style so I feel I have to step up concerning the quality of footage this time.

      Do you have something like this I'd be very interested to see it!


      Again, I'm sorry for being such a idiot not checking my acocunt and it's not my usual habit.

      Oh, and thank you for liking mu music!


      All the best


      Espen Kraft


  4. Reaching out to the community here... in a way. Have this video out today showcasing synthwave type music and would have liked more "POV night driving" than I have found under CC terms. If anyone should have some unused footage or got ideas to enhance my vision please contact me. I'm unable to shoot footage myself at the moment. In return for favours I'm more than happy to provide sound or soundtrack if desired. Thanks! :-)
  5. Shot vertically to capture more resolution during green screen work (in my living room with two LED panels of the cheapest kind). Main song hook recorded in one take although there's a cut-away in the edit during the bridge of the song. Sony A6000 with the 55mm 1.8. Tunnel shots done on Panasonic GH2 and severe editing in After Effects for the light beams with text.
  6. Thanks again. It's very uplifting to read such a good review when you've worked very hard to capture and revive a feeling brewing for a long time. I'm set to release a string of songs this year in the same spirit. Please subscribe to my Youtube channel to get some momentum going. As for the music video, I agree completely and would love to have some VHS-retro-looking images rolling on this. However, at this point it's not really possible but if I get a lot of feedback on this and the couple of next, I'd might hire a crew to make such a video as I love it as well. Thanks again! :-)
  7. Thanks. Glad you liked it. I did write, perform and record/produce this song, but it's not me singing. I don't have that singing power I'm afraid so someone else wrote the lyrics and performs the vocals. As for the snow, well, it's all gone now I'm sorry to tell. Will be back with some stills from the shoot later. Follow me on my Youtube channel for more to come...
  8. Thanks! I know, I started out as a musician and will die a musician and I lived the era so now I only make what I love and I'm gonna stick with that. The old synths are getting increasingly more expensive and both buying and owning one can be a hard ride as they break down very often. Luckily I'm good with the soldering iron he-he. :-) I hold Tears for Fears high on my list as well. I would have to go for The Pet Shop Boys if I was to pick out a single influence.
  9. Tried to capture the essence of the fun, up-tempo and a bit melancholy synth-pop of the 80'ies. The decade I loved so much. I made this with a lot of old gear for the music. As for image I used only a Sony A6000 with the kit-lens and the 55mm 1.8. Some of the shots are also the iPhone 6 with a 4K hack. Most of the shots with that worked ok, but it's not 100% stable.
  10. Very athmospheric and creepy. Right up my alley. As a sound-man I appreciate your sound design and attention to stereo. very effective. Thanks!
  11. Tried to capture the spirit of my little, but beautifully Korg Poly-800 analog synth from 1983. Sony A6000 with the 50mm 1.8 along with the kit-lens for some wide shots.
  12. I understand if money is tight and that means you have to let go of the 7d, but I love my 7d to bits and I use almost every day for stills and it has never failed me. I always get amazed by the Canon colors straight out of the camera.
  13. I use no type of vari/grad ND's on the A7s just single Tiffen ND's of various strenghts. On the RX just the in-built ND. As for contrast, this is how I like it and punchy colors and contrast are what I was striving for and prefer. The +20 saturation or so in the s-log2 picture profile is part of what makes it happen. The yellow color could be removed I guess with some work and time if so desired. Appreciate feedback and always interesting to hear what others preferences are. :-)
  14. I've resisted the urge to upgrade yet again. I did some extensive shooting this weekend and put the RX100IV through its paces along with the A7s. The A7s had the Zeiss 55mm 1.8 and the RX has of course another Zeiss built in. I shot both a lot of 4K and 100 fps with the RX and it never got to warm. I had the same PP on both cameras. S-log2 with detail way down and saturation at +20. A giwaway is of course the DOF on many shots that is the A7s but the clips match very well I think. What do you think? If you love american cars this is for you...
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