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  1. So there is 4K30P hack for asian model? it would be nice if the first post would update the progress of the patch good work guys!
  2. EOSHD no.1 site for video gear info for me, P.S i didnt write that i'm having very good results with EOSHD GH4 lut...should post an example
  3. The main question is - Does Premiere Pro handle H.265 with same efficiency as H264? (guess the second question is FCP...) really thinking to transcode 4k H.264 to H265, only worrid that my machine brley handles the h264 when editing in ppro//
  4. forgive me my trusty 300D, you were my first and best, i shouldn't have sold you and anyone that came after you just didn't feel right, it wasnt the same.
  5. I'm not discovering america, but Olympus obviously use heavy Software-IS, hence the crop&lower quality (and the super stabilization) its a good idea, but they should provide allow to turn it off
  6. A friend of mine, independent https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OYr6V5qNvRM https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8zzTHn7ZkMM
  7. [quote]It is like building a car for a worldwide market and having it leave the factory with 3 wheels[/quote] I'd say its like designing a new automobile having the wheel ONLY at the right side (aka wrong side) for UK/Australia/Thai/Cyprus...etc
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