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  1. Just wanted to share a music video I just released for a song of mine using an unhacked GH2 - it's my first (sort of) narrative film using my own footage, I pulled the story out of a whole stack of random footage that I shot around Venice last year, so it was really all done in the edit. There were a few comp shots to tie things together but nothing complicated as I'm rubbish at After Effects. There's a shift in colour at the end as I was quite interested in seeing how it would feel to go from this very artificial colour treatment to a natural image, plus the footage for that part was so nice that I didn't want to mess with it. I'd love an A7S for low-light stuff like that (and better photos) but the GH2 managed okay... Hope you get something out of it anyway.
  2. Oh, it embedded, wasn't expecting that!
  3. Thanks Andrew, I like your website - been visiting for a long time as I make videos myself ( was the last DSLR type thing I did).
  4. Sorry, should have been clearer - it was the text under the videos on Youtube and Vimeo I was referring to, which is just naturally where I tend to look for links. I did see the one on EOSHD but missed the mention in the end credits.
  5. Hello EOSHDers, I would be open to having my stuff used, at the moment I'm making dreamy Brian Wilson-meets-Morrissey stuff but I experiment with different styles: Really liked the Poplin track but I couldn't see any mention of or link to them on the Vimeo or Youtube videos...
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