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  1. Four year old GH2 body for sale, perfect working order, small dent on the microphone casing. Comes with new battery and new charger, selling due to upgrade. Based in London, prefer buyer pick up. Respond via profile or Gumtree ad: https://www.gumtree.com/p/digital-cameras/panasonic-gh2-camera-body/1169882944
  2. Just wanted to share a music video I just released for a song of mine using an unhacked GH2 - it's my first (sort of) narrative film using my own footage, I pulled the story out of a whole stack of random footage that I shot around Venice last year, so it was really all done in the edit. There were a few comp shots to tie things together but nothing complicated as I'm rubbish at After Effects. There's a shift in colour at the end as I was quite interested in seeing how it would feel to go from this very artificial colour treatment to a natural image, plus the footage for that part was so nice that I didn't want to mess with it. I'd love an A7S for low-light stuff like that (and better photos) but the GH2 managed okay... Hope you get something out of it anyway.
  3. Oh, it embedded, wasn't expecting that!
  4. Thanks Andrew, I like your website - been visiting for a long time as I make videos myself ( was the last DSLR type thing I did).
  5. Sorry, should have been clearer - it was the text under the videos on Youtube and Vimeo I was referring to, which is just naturally where I tend to look for links. I did see the one on EOSHD but missed the mention in the end credits.
  6. Hello EOSHDers, I would be open to having my stuff used, at the moment I'm making dreamy Brian Wilson-meets-Morrissey stuff but I experiment with different styles: Really liked the Poplin track but I couldn't see any mention of or link to them on the Vimeo or Youtube videos...
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