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Removing internal battery resets EOS R5 overheat timer

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Yeah, I don't pay $4000 to have to reset a cripple clock or disassemble the body.

Over to you Canon!

(That doesn't mean to say we shouldn't continue to explore and investigate. I find the workarounds shed light on the camera's design and behaviour, which allows us to hold Canon to account with hard evidence).

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Let's be honest, these stupid workarounds are not practical on set. It is up to Canon to fix the damn camera, not us. We paid the money, and not a small amount. Unscrewing the back, pro

I am absolutely not saying that someone who had an R5 could use a good old fashioned CR2032 battery eliminator in the camera then bring it out through the camera enabling them to provide a switchable

"Math Class" on Baidu now has extensive infrared thermometer readings of the camera's mainboard with the back off, showing they correspond closely to the temperature reported in the EXIF data and don'

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Let's say for the fun of it, Canon removes this goofy timer and you can record to the stated limits and not have to wait long to use all video modes if/when it overheats (really overheats).

You now have a somewhat usable camera for video work. But wait, there's more...

There's the other cripple hammer... Ridiculously hard to edit codecs. I get that 8k produces humongous files, but they certainly could have provided better codecs that are easier at editing for all other 4k modes. Without a doubt, this is a second cripple hammer with this camera.

This is all very intentional.

I refuse to reward Canon with my money.

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I'm always hearing about Canon doing this or that to protect their C-Line.  Curious on the size of the Cinema EOS business unit vs their standard camera business.  Are they so passionate to protect a business unit that only accounts for 10% of their revenue??

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23 hours ago, Emanuel said:

C'mon, no need to you apology : )

This is a big company, I doubt they would ever do it. They simply don't give a damn. You don't want it, don't buy it. As simple as that in their mind. And they will even address a smile to you in the end. That's the way it works.

Same arrogance as adobe with perpetual licenses.

And the recent corruption in kodak.  kodak mis-management should hanged, seriously.

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7 minutes ago, Video Hummus said:

Absolutely hilarious. Giving weasels a bad name.

I know you don’t want to do the whole YouTube thing Andrew, but this is why. Toneh just rips others peoples hard work and words and records his video and collectes ad revenue and plugs his books.

Internet is a real mess.

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Breaking news...

His source was actually the well known EOS DH.

The famously relaxed guy who doesn't mind being ripped off at every turn and his journalism work uncredited.

The DH stands for "Die Hard" as in die hard Canon fan, loyal to the bone and willing to pay $4000 for broken shit.

Not a cross word spoken.

You know... A bit like how TONEH is with Sony.

I think myself and BTM_Pix deserve a credit and apology in TONEH's next video?

Don't you?

Let's make it happen. And come up with a little plan.


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I'm totally shocked at the laziness (or arrogance, or maybe stupidity) of it. How hard would it have been to write the counter values to non volatile memory? Did they seriously think no one would think to try pulling the button cell? How stupid do they think their customers are?

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