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  1. I've been buying on ebay for years and have had great success and gotten major steals on items...ie bought a RED Epic that was apparently broken and wasn't supposed to boot up for [$1000] and when i received it the camera it was basically new with 200 hours and has been working perfectly since day 1...maybe they sent me the wrong camera??? not sure but they never contacted me since...they were a very large camera retailer... But yeah, i have never tried to sell on ebay and after reading this probably never will
  2. More than a C70 or Komodo...which of the 3 would you chose for video work...
  3. The internet...also the killer of movie theaters...
  4. it's too bad, i have a Nikon D3S, D4 and D4S and they are stellar for photography! I do like the idea of Apple buying them to get into the Pro camera business...but will never happen 😞
  5. There are more than enough options out there from the last 10+ years to make amazing films...starting to feel like the camera industry is going the way of the cell phone industry...new offerings yearly...if you can't shoot an amazing film with 2008 RED One...the C70/FX6 won't do it for you either 🙂
  6. So how do you set which point to focus on?
  7. its funny but last i checked i thought glass was the most important part of a good image. why buy Zeiss Master Primes when you can use the plastic lens of a smartphone. it will be a sad day when processed images of a phone will mimic pro equipment...
  8. fully agree here. give Steve Vai a piece of shit guitar and me a $6000 Ibanez Jem. who is going to play better...its never the gear...on a side note i still love my 1DC and RED One MX...amazing cinematic images
  9. Canon C70 is a bad ass camera. Super 35 = perfect. full frame not necessary. add RAW light and its all set. no EVF...big deal
  10. Andrew. You're getting ripped on over at canonrumors comment section 😳
  11. how does the R5 4k HQ compare to the 1DC 4K MJPEG is it really that much better or barely noticeable.
  12. If below is true and the memory card effects timer precision causing confusion to the cripple timer...ie will be corrected with next firmware update so buy up those ProGrade cards and stick with 1.00 "There is one other significant difference that might prove more interesting than the meat drawer. Yesterday's experiment was with a Sony CFE card. Today's experiment was with a ProGrade card. In today's experiment he actually ran out of space after 60 minutes of recording on the ProGrade, so he then switched to the Sony card. Just before the switch the camera was reporting near 0:00 available video recording time left (thermal indicator, not card space). After he switched from the ProGrade to the Sony the camera immediately jumped up to 15:00, and provided 15 minutes of recording before reaching thermal shutdown. Another interesting CFE observation is the indicated available video time on the ProGrade is displayed with granularity to the second - for example at the start of the test it showed 24:23 (24 minutes, 23 seconds), whereas the Sony always shows the seconds field of zero (for example, 15:00, 10:00, 05:00). It's very interesting that the precision of the available time left (presumably based exclusively on thermals) would be different for one card vs another. This implies the thermal calculation may be based in part on the CFE interface and specific card, either due to differences in some field the card returns in a CFE/NVMe protocol or even more interesting, based on a thermal element of the card itself. More experiments will need to be performed to investigate this aspect."
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