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The New Panasonic G100 “vlogging” Camera to launch June 24th

Video Hummus

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On 6/20/2020 at 1:07 AM, Video Hummus said:

Hoping we will see something, anything, related to AF innovation with this new camera.

I’ve said it before but a ToF device that picks up AF duties 3 meters in front of camera would be a great stop gap for improving their AF for vlogging and in front of camera talking head stuff.

Yes, if Panasonic simply caught up with the best in AF when the subject is within 3m then even if AF beyond 3m remained at the same current standard for Panasonic, that would still be fine enough for 90% of YouTube/vlogger reviewers out there. (as who has arms longer than 3m anyway??)


On 6/20/2020 at 6:13 AM, Video Hummus said:

We don’t know anything about the camera except it’s name and launch announcement. Which is a two weeks before the R5 and A7SIII News bombs that will be coming early July. So maybe don’t expect much.

Hope Panasonic's launch doesn't get lost in the big news splashes from Sony/Canon. As honestly a sub $1K camera from Panasonic would be a far far better choice for most vloggers/YouTubers than some headline grabbing camera which costs multiple times that. 


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On 6/20/2020 at 12:54 PM, kye said:

Don't you find a 24 too narrow?

When vloggers worked out that the 16-35 was the right lens then I think vlogs got a lot more comfortable.

I found that a 24mm without using a long extender felt like having a casual conversation when the first phrase should be "dude, why so close?"

I agree that wider than 24mm is nice, say 20mm or even 18mm

But also I was wanting to imagine a P&S with a big broader appeal than just selfie-vloggers. 

Feel that 24mm is right on the edge of being usable as a "general purpose" photography lens, if you're 18mm then every shot is always a wiiiiiiiide shot. 

While 24mm (or perhaps 28mm) is also right on the edge for being the narrowest you can use for a selfie video. 

Thus a 24mm lens seems like the perfect "sweet spot" to make a P&S camera which can appeal to both vloggers (especially if sold with a screw on wide angle adapter) and a wider general audience. 

Another alternative is if you it got sold with a zoom lens (wish the Nikon DL18-50 had got launched for sale!!), but a zoom lens instead of a prime lens will mean a compromise on one or more of: compactness (or durability, if the zoom lens mechanism folds in flat. Broken a few of my Fujifilm P&S cameras that way :-/ ), price, F-stop.


On 6/21/2020 at 5:26 AM, newfoundmass said:

But even then, with how cheap you can get a G85 or even GH5 used...

Am disappointed there has only been a steady gradual decline in price of the Panasonic G85, especially when the G95 came out I hoped for a big sharp drop in eBay prices. But nope, I guess largely because the G95 release was kinda a let down. 

Ditto the Panasonic GH5, which is still holding strong at around US$1K on eBay (either a little more or a little less). Which to be fair, is cheap! But yet, this is a camera announced back in January 2017!!! Thus GH5 prices are holding up for a similar reason, due to the lack of a strongly successful successor camera, and is a reflection on just how good and relevant the GH5 is in 2020. 


On 6/21/2020 at 7:48 AM, Andrew Reid said:

Hopefully not a low-end vlog camera without VLOG

A certain amount of irony to have a vlog camera without vlog

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Based on this new info, I guess that will be a GX9 with flippy screen and mic input. The resolution of the EVF looks like a mistake, it is the same EVF resolution as the XT4 ,G9 and Z6, I doubt that Panasonic would put a top OLED evf in this price range.

But it probably uses DFD, which will make the camera DOA for the vlogger crowd. Even more if it retains the extra 4k crop from the GX9.

But if they have a PDAF or Tof AF system with no crop, even not being a vlogger I will be VERY interested in this one (but I still think that Panasonic will not do it, they only listen to the GHx line consumers).

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6 hours ago, Márcio Kabke Pinheiro said:

But it probably uses DFD, which will make the camera DOA for the vlogger crowd. Even more if it retains the extra 4k crop from the GX9.

I hope Panasonic is self aware enough to know that if they did this the product would bomb hard. They gotta address the AF issue. AF is the most important spec of a “vlogging” camera. ZV-1 and EOS R and RP case in point.

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The auto focus on the GH5 and G9, after the updates, are both usable for vlogging. The perception though, and the fact that their competitors have better AF overall, is what kills them. It's really too bad, because pretty much everything else is prefect. While it's an overblown complaint, it's really crazy that they're sticking with DFD. Even Olympus has figured it out. 

The E-M1 mk II has PDAF after that update they released, right? I've been looking at it as an option for specialized uses, given the used prices are pretty good. 

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1 hour ago, newfoundmass said:

The E-M1 mk II has PDAF after that update they released, right? I've been looking at it as an option for specialized uses, given the used prices are pretty good. 

Yes the EM1.2 always had PDAF. The firmware enabled it for video mode.

I’m convinced the only reason Panasonic doesn’t have PDAF is because they are a new player in the camera field and there was some kind of patent share/partnership or something pre-2001 with the Japanese camera companies.

Sony received PDAF patents when they bought out Konica Minolta. Minolta had a patent battle with Honeywell in the late 70s over phase detect concept patent.

Olympus has patents related to it as well, including “on sensor micro lenses”. 

Panasonic as recently as 2018 filed patents “for of multi-PD/pixel sensor for on-sensor HDR and PDAF (http://hi-lows-note.blog.so-net.ne.jp/2018-01-25). It appears the technique is similar to OSPDAF (on sensor Phase Detect AF) as Olympus and Sony,  that has dedicated focusing pixels, but uses a different design as to minimize the disruption to the Bayer pattern (you know the reason Panasonic always gives for “degraded image quality” when asked about why they prefer DfD). It also has the pixel design for HDR photosites. Not sure how this is different to Sony’s.

Canons Dual pixel On sensor enables PDaf photosites on all pixels so I guess that’s how they are different to Sony’s PDAF.

So maybe Panasonic is up to something.

I just know a GH, GX, and S camera lineup with some kind of reliable phase detect autofocus and Panasonic’s already awesome codec options, full vlog, and S1H color science would be fucking amazing.

It would be like having a Sony A7 series camera with 10-bit. Which is another weird “seems to never happen” oddity in the camera world.

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"Features That Make G100 Vlogging Ready
You'll find all the camera features you need, right at your fingertips: a 3-inch free-angle touch rear monitor and advanced image stabilization, to ensure that you can shoot a clear walk-and-talk from any angle; to the Frame Marker, which enables you to quickly and easily check the composition in the camera frame; to the REC Frame Indicator, which helps you avoid time-consuming re-dos by clearly indicating when the camera is recording. Various popular aspect ratios such as 16:9, 4:3, 1:1, 4:5, 5:4 and 9:16 are available, ready for every platform from Instagram to YouTube.

Amazing Audio and Video Performance
The Panasonic LUMIX G100 also features high-quality spatial audio recording, integrating OZO Audio by Nokia. The high-performance built-in mic is composed of three internal microphones (Surround, Front, and Back), which can be activated manually or automatically through the Tracking function to ensure clear audio whether you're recording selfies, interviews, live events, or nature. When you're ready to start editing, you can retouch, resize, crop, and more within the camera, or send to a Bluetooth or Wi-Fi-paired device with the push of a button via the LUMIX Sync app. For advanced videographers, the LUMIX G100 supports V-Log L recording.

Compact and Lightweight for Easy Handling
Compatible with the Micro Four Thirds system, the LUMIX G100 Mirrorless Camera is remarkably compact and lightweight, easy to carry even with a lens. Tripod grip makes it easy to hold the camera and connects with the camera via USB to start/stop video recording, release the shutter, and enable/disable Sleep mode. Whether you are a beginner or experienced in content creation, you will find the G100 the perfect camera for creating ready-to-share, gorgeously high-quality vlogs and still photos that bring your ideas to life."

20-megapixel live MOS (5184 x 3456)

IBIS 5 axis (O.I.S + E.I.S)

EVF ανάλυσης 3,68 million dots/ 1,46x

4K24p/30p, full HD to 120fps

3.0-inch touch screen 1,84 million dots

Nokia’s OZO Audio

3 mics (surround, front, rear),

V-Log L, s

compatible with tripod-grip DMW-SHGR1

412gr with SD card, battery and kit lens. 303gr body only.

size 115,6 x 82,5 x 54,2 mm

Kit with 12-32mm 747.99$

Kit with tripod-grip DMW-SHGR1 797.99$

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NOW I'm interested in this one - looks like a perfect concert recording camera, compact (303g), 5-axis, EVF, and good mics.

For vlogging, the AF and crop will be deciding factors. I've playing with the CAF in my GX9 and it is MUCH better than all the previous m43 cameras that I've used, but not Sony / Canon / Fuji reliable.

If there is no 4k crop and a new AF system, this could be really a winner - but I bet that this one will use DFD.

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52 minutes ago, Kisaha said:

When you're ready to start editing, you can retouch, resize, crop, and more within the camera, or send to a Bluetooth or Wi-Fi-paired device with the push of a button via the LUMIX Sync app.

Good. Making it super easy to share content is a key feature to make it a hit with vloggers. 

Likewise I am hopeful about the DMW-SHGR1 tripod/handle, hopefully it is one of those mini fold out tabletop tripods which can also fold in to be a handle. But, also with key integrations into the G100 camera: such as at least at a minimum having an easy to reach stop/start button for recordings directly from the handle itself. 



Oh well, so it is not 4K DCI. 

"MicroHDMI TypeD"

Oh well.  But to be expected.


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Full specs leaked in the 43rumors link now.

DFD (oh boy), 5 axis IBIS, 3,68k EVF (almost sure that will be field sequential), 1,840k LCD "free-angle", pop up flash, 1/50 sync speed (looks like they've used the GM5 shutter unit), V-Log L, Cinelike D and V, micro UBS 2.0 (holy shit, Panasonic), 40 min record time (which will be impressive and confirms that the limits in other cameras are just crippling).

Size, smaller than GX85 and bigger than GX850.

DFD use will make this camera a bashing fest - otherwise looks like a very interesting little camera, specially for the price.

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For anyone that hasn't used it, that 12-32mm kit lens is a very good performer albeit not that fastest and does have OIS.

On the downside, there is no manual focus control (other than via the app or touchscreen) so vloggers best hope the face detect AF works !

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Just made at home a very fast test with the GX9, using C-AF and putting / taking out a medicine box in front of the camera (changing the focal point between the box and my computer monitor - like vloggers do when showing a product). Central focal point, using the Panny 12mm f/2.5.

Worked much better than GX85 or the E-M10 MK III - there is just a little jump back nail focus, but was just one little jump, and the focus where nailed between the box and the monitor all the time, no further hunting. Far from perfect, but could be enough for a newbie vlogger.

Will test face detection with my little daughter (eye detection is already much better in the GX9 than the face detection in the Olympus). GX9 could be a good parameter - looks like the hardware base is the same.

Also, saw this test some time ago: 


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1 hour ago, Márcio Kabke Pinheiro said:

3,68k EVF (almost sure that will be field sequential),


LCD Live View Finder


Approx. 3,680k dots equivalent"

That would indicate LCD viewfinder so no field sequential.1280x960 panel. Or possible 2560x1440 but since it's "dots" and not specifically pixels that would be optimistic, unless it's a bayer type deal.
Could also be some wierd RGBW tomfoolery but at least it hopefully is LCD and not this stupid OLED crap ppl seem to like.

2 hours ago, Márcio Kabke Pinheiro said:

40 min record time

Big question is if there is a limit somewhere and if it can record "indefinitely" with USB power (if that is possible).


This may or may not be a pretty neat camera. Looking forward to see what it can do.

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The camera looks like the bastard child of the LX100 II (the back panel clearly shows that the LX100 II was the base camera) and a Canon M50. And one could be afraid that the extra 4k crop of the LX100 II / GX9 / G95 is still present...

Want to see the buttons on the top of the camera, but for me the lack of a proper rear dial is sad.

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