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Is this the Fuji X-H2 sensor with 12bit 8K?

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23 minutes ago, Amazeballs said:

Same here. X-H2 with integrated grip will be a no-buy for me. Too bulky. There is just no point of sticking to APC-S for such a bulky camera for me. 

They have to distinguish it from thin, light X-T4!

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On 2/21/2020 at 8:47 AM, androidlad said:

Just received info from a source that, X-H2 (or whatever the next gen rugged flagship is called) will have integrated battery grip, like this:



Can you confirm it will in fact be this 43 mp sensor (or any other information on this camera)? Fuji Boss said their lenses only resolve up to 32mp, which would seem difficult to release many mark ii lenses at once.

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2 hours ago, Andrew Reid said:

I think the X-H1 had conventional Bayer CFA?

No, it was X-Trans (see specs on link below):

https://***URL removed***/reviews/fujifilm-x-h1

Though I wonder if one argument for moving to Bayer CFA for X-H2 might be all the software work Fujifilm have done on the image processing on the GFX cameras, which use Bayer? Perhaps they can transfer some of that work over to a Bayer X-H2? 

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I am wondering what the practical benefits are to the image with X-Trans too. Image detail closer to Foveon? Or is it better just to put more megapixels in a conventional Bayer CFA?

And when it comes to video I expect X-Trans offers zero benefit, which might be why it won't be in the X-H2.

I do like the filmic noise grain of X-Trans RAW files though, but you have to be REALLY pixel peeping to notice.

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