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Sirui anamorphic

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There's a difference though...

If you just follow that link you added now, you'll see in the AI search list provided by YT "intruder videos" as mere spam on topic, as for instance:



Not related for the subject matter.


Without mention Sirui has more than one anamorphic product... ; )

So, here are more examples randomly included in the middle of results from that link you've pointed out:

- Moscow on iPhone 8 Sirui Anamorphic slow motion;

- iPhone XS with Anamorphic lens vs iPhone Ultra Wide Lens;

- IPhone 8 Cinematic video with Sirui Anamorphic lens.


My focus up there in my post is strictly the upcoming 50mm f/1.8 lens. So as you see, I have a point here ; -)

Let alone the fact no AI will beat mine, I'm sorry pal, no way : D LOL


E : -)

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EOSHD Pro Color for Sony cameras EOSHD Pro LOG for Sony CamerasEOSHD C-LOG and Film Profiles for All Canon DSLRs

Hey, you do you, but it's easy enough for people to find these videos themselves. It's worth highlighting a few of the more interesting ones, sure. But turning this entire forum into video dump topics, rather than a discussion topics, not sure we should go there... personally I prefer when I've got a bit of an overview what's going on in topics.

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Dunno, don't think so. At this point, discussion is still in its infancy. I guess the early pages of this thread already reached the purpose aimed and complied its course per se for now.

Nothing in hands so far or very little to discuss other than taking advantage of someone else's dick as Brazilians are used to say : D which ends to invariably take a glance on the sample videos available out there. Just gathered here, sorta library.

No special YT search skills will save the grace : ) I'd rather have them previously selected, organized and embedded here where I have no need to jump outside than adventure myself to sneak among the endless YT ads and random links to diverge in so many other directions defocused there. Maybe that's just me but YT search annoys me to no end : -)

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I’m actually thrilled to be a backer for this game changing lens! I’ll be using it with the GYLS300 and maybe try it on the E1. So far the best footage I’ve seen rendered with this lens comes from the users with GH5s and BMPCC4Ks. Like this one in particular:



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