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6 hours ago, kaylee said:

@leslie ykno....

i haveta laugh bc i had an imaginary career as a music video director in my head for years ?

the way that my director brain works is HEAVILY influenced by music... coming to terms w licensing fees and so on has been my struggle ?

and!! im shooting my next short in ONE take!!! yes!!! one continuous 2 min take. hard... but easy?? saves a LOT of time in the edit...! ???

you know, i think there's the potential for the ultimate video challenge in here. One of those self produced underground guerilla indie one man band or in your case (women)  thingies. We could start a movement. We could rule the world. OK ruling the world might be abit ambitious we could probably leave that off the agenda, till next month ?

kaylee i seriously doubt there's a career in it, for me anyway .?

this is more like an exploratory journey, tying off a whole bunch of loose ends and learning a bunch of new things in the process. Mercer's making a movie. Kevin mcCloud built an off grid house. The skies the limit, i tells you (even then maybe not, if you can make enough of your own rocket candy but i digress) ?

Besides i seem to be accumulating alot of gear lately. The idea of a new shed to keep it all safe from the elements and will double as a set is extremely intoxicating, and to be honest the bedrooms getting a little cluttered :blush:

i might have to start a blog, total video production for the totally inexperienced. Hmm i wonder if bucket list productions is taken ?

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