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please delete


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59 minutes ago, thebrothersthre3 said:

Yes but it was that or have double threads?

In my defense something is wonky on this forum as it posted twice for no apparent reason. I also can't set my avatar for some reason ??

His rein of punishments have already begun to set in I see. If you want your avatar back (see figure 2.a), you have to buy all of his camera presets. 



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11 hours ago, ShaunC said:

What are Jasper's views on the Blackmagic Pocket 4K? Does Jasper think the superior image from BM beats the functionality of the Panasonic mirrorless options? 

i asked him, he said WOOF! ARROOOOoo... ROOF! RerOOWWWWW

which i think means "Image is everything" (????)

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6 hours ago, kaylee said:

so, not to change the subject back to dogs, but i just found out that these exist

i shrieked when i saw this puppy. HES A TINY BABY JUST A VERY BIG ONE


OH MY GOODNESS.... I WANT ONE   might have to sell the bmp4k and a kidney. i thought kaylee's dog was big but that thing is huge

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